General Hospital Spoilers – Robin Scorpio Leaving Port Charles Again, We Want Jason Morgan But Storyline Makes No Sense (PHOTO)

General Hospital Spoilers - Robin Scorpio Leaving Port Charles Again, We Want Jason Morgan But Storyline Makes No Sense (PHOTO)

General Hospital fans have known for a while that Robin and Patrick’s reunion in Port Charles would be short lived, that doesn’t mean that they are happy about it though. Dr. Robin Scorpio was reunited with her husband Patrick and daughter Emma after being held hostage on Cassadine Island for nearly two years, GH fans were thrilled when the popular couple got back together.

Shortly after actress Kimberly McCullough returned to Port Charles as Dr. Robin Scorpio, it was revealed that she had only signed a 5 month contract, so fans knew the happy reunion would be short lived. Sure enough Victor Cassadine approached Robin shortly after her return to Port Charles and revealed that her old flame Jason Morgan was actually alive and needed Robin’s help. Robin has the opportunity to save Jason, but she would have to leave Patrick and Emma behind … again.

GH fans are not happy with Robin Scorpio’s current storyline. Fans have watched Robin for a long time on the popular soap opera, and her character would never leave her husband and daughter to rush off and maybe save Jason. There is a good chance that Jason isn’t even alive, Victor Cassadine isn’t exactly an honest man, and he always has ulterior motives.

So, why are the GH producers writing Robin Scorpio out of the show, again? Kimberly McCullough, the actress that plays the role of Scorpio even offered to stay longer than five months, but she was told that they didn’t need her. Here’s what McCullough had to say in a recent interview regarding he time on GH, “Normally, when people come back to the show, it’s usually a year contract. But mine was only five months. I actually told [the powers that be] that I would extend it if they needed more time, but they had already written the story of Robin’s exit.”

Why do you think Robin Scorpio’s character is already being written out of General Hospital, after returning to Port Charles for only five months? Are you sad to see McCullough leave Port Charles again?

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  1. Just Amazed says:

    It was a tease to have Robin come back, but for me the whole storyline just wasn’t right from the very beginning. It lacked luster for lack of a better definition. I think Patrick taking so much time to make up his mind ruined it. But let’s face it, NO ONE in soap land remains happy for long. Trouble always comes along. I really don’t like the idea of Kimberly M. coming and going. Leaving Patrick and Emma even if it is for Jason just sucks! My prediction is that the proof Victor showed her that Jason is alive in a frozen state is really Faison wearing a Jason mask! They just loved using those masks!

  2. Just Amazed says:

    Don’t like the fact that Kimberly M thinks she can just come and go as she pleases. I think the whole story line is stupid. I bet the proof Victor showed her is actually Faison wearing a Jason mask!

    • ????Mï? ? says:

      About as stupid as when Robin risked her life going back into the lab to get the protocol to save Jason?? She put Jason ahead of her family that time too, so why is it so hard to fathom her wanting to go save him again.?.?

      • celebdirtylaundry says:

        Yes but now she has been gone 2 years – so I don’t agree with you. How can she leave Emma again. It makes her look heartless.

  3. Beverly Parker Jones says:

    I’m sad to see Robin Scorpio go & was sad when she left in the first place however I LOVE SABRINA & I want to see her & Patrick get back together

  4. Beverly Parker Jones says:

    I see your point but Sabrina has a lot of fans…. They should never have even put Sabrina & Patrick together let alone make her pregnant the whole storyline made me crazy lol

    • ????Mï? ? says:

      Theresa C/Sabrina is pregnant in real life so it was written rather than hide the pregnancy like they did with Kirsten Storm/Maxie.

  5. MB says:

    Valentini and Carlivati do not want to write for GH Vets. They use them to bait the audience to watch. Then they marginalize them, destroy the character and show them door so that their untalented pets and newbies like Howarth and Castillo can be front and center. Many will leave with Robin. The show is a mess.

    • ????Mï? ? says:

      OMG….SERIOUSLY (?o?)?Ron Carlivati GH head writer has been a fan of the show for decades way before he stopped being a lawyer and decided to become a writer on a soap. Frank V is the one who brought back vets like Anna, Robert, Duke, C. Faison, Stavros, Victor, Leslie, Laura, Scottie, Lucy, Kevin and in spirit form we got to see Alan, Rick & Emily. Frank is NOT the one that got rid of the vets mentioned that honor goes to Jill Farren-Phelps. Get your facts straight before you point fingers at the wrong person next time….SMDH

  6. celebdirtylaundry says:

    Really well maybe you should read the interview SHE gave where she said she would stick around for longer but the writers told her it was not necessary.. Guess you missed that interview! If you need a reference to the interview just let me know!

  7. ROBERT says:


  8. […] Drake didn’t want to see Robin Scorpio leave Port Charles and head to Africa with Victor to save Jason Morgan, but despite his objections we can expect to see Robin leave town next week. It was announced […]

  9. […] Kimberly McCullough has played the character of Robin Scorpio on General Hospital on and off for nearly 30 years now and it seems that she never intends to stay gone for very long. As the actress wraps up her recent stint she recently said that coming and going is actually very easy for her to do. She feels sorry for the shows fabulous writers that have to figure out how to make it happen in a logical way. Bringing Robin back to Port Charles is easy but figuring out her exits are pretty tricky. […]

  10. b paladi says:

    G.H. why would you give Robin only a 5 month contract, when she offered to stay longer….Everyone loves Kimberly..Dont carehow many times she leaves and comes back….Just like Luke…..

    • Patty cakes says:

      I don’t see the purpose of them bringing her back only to take her right off. She was going to just die if Patrick chose Sabrina,she said her family was the only thing that kept her alive and now knowing her husband does love Sabrina and she’s pregnant, she risk losing them to run off and save Jason! Storyline just sucks! I’m so irritated!

  11. Pamela4 says:

    I think it shows she is following in the footsteps of her mother, Anna. Anna followed her job too and left Robin. So, she will be back.

  12. giusy says:

    Robin leaving sucks! I want the story to continue with robin going to save Jason. General hospital needs to make it happen. Jason needs to come back and so does robin. How could General hospital let Jason and robin go. The show has finally been so good bringing back the old characters and remaking the old stories once again. The show had a magIc to it when there was Anna and Robert together then Luke gets involved with sonny. Bring back the old General hospital stories . I would love to see Helena back also.

  13. Ramona Holmlund says:

    She said that she offered to stay longer, but producers of the show told her no. Also as a long time GH fan I have Always thought that Robin and Jason should have wound up together anyways. They have Always had a strong Connection, so why wouldn’t she do whatever she could to save him.

  14. Leontyne says:

    it is sad that robin left GH I feel so bad for Patrick and Emma.and poor Emma missed her mom. And poor Patrick he his so hurt right now. He don’t know what to do now. And Patrick have to raised Emma by himself. I feel so bad. I would like to give Patrick and Emma a hug

  15. Leontyne says:

    I feel so bad that robin left GH.and I feel so bad for Patrick and Emma. And poor Emma she missed her mom.and poor Patrick he is his heart broken that robin left Patrick and Emma. And Patrick have to raised Emma by himself. I just feel so bad and poor robin mom she is so heart broken that her daughter left. I just feel bad.

  16. sdp says:

    whether you liked Robin or not .. is not the question her. The “character Robin” would never voluntarily do this.. it makes NO sense and is just a show of “poor writing” .. VERY POOR WRITING… if they really wanted the character gone.. she could have been HIT BY A BUS… geez!!!