Is Robin Scorpio Leaving General Hospital To Bring Jason Morgan Back?

Is Robin Scorpio Leaving General Hospital To Being Jason Morgan Back?

Most General Hospital fans were thrilled to have Kimberly McCullough back playing Robin Scorpio but when Kimberly came back she was on a six-month contract so she was never scheduled to stay.  Now that her contract is coming to an end there is a lot of speculation on how she will leave the show.  We know they won’t kill her off because Kimberly has said she is willing to return in the future and the door is open.  She said, “I feel like the most spoiled person because of that.  I am never going to say never.  I don’t know what is going to happen.  I don’t know if down the road there will be a time for me come back or if they want me to come back.  We’ll have to see what happens.”

So how will Robin bear to leave her family who desperately missed her for the two-years she was kidnapped by Jerry Jax.  It will have to be something very serious to have Robin leave her husband Patrick and her daughter Emma after just coming back to them.  But we can already see GH is setting the stage for her departure.

Nurse Sabrina Santiago the women that Patrick fell in love with while Robin was away is pregnant.  When Patrick found out she was having a baby Sabrina lied.  She claimed her former boyfriend and Julian Jerome’s henchman Carlos was the father of her baby and her future husband.

But lying to Patrick is killing Sabrina and at the end of last week Patrick’s daughter Emma overheard Liz talking to Sabrina about telling Patrick the truth.  So now Emma knows her father is Sabrina’s baby’s daddy.  So Sabrina is going to have to fess up to Patrick, after all she is not the type to keep secrets and not the type to lie and she does not do it well.  Add to this that Sabrina is just not going to be able to lie to Emma.  If Sabrina loves Patrick, she loves Emma as much if not more.  She knows the baby she is carrying will be a full brother or sister to Emma and she won’t be able to lie to her. So the stage is set for a Patrick/Sabrina reunion, easing Robin’s departure in terms of plot.

Meanwhile, Victor Cassadine is going to be instrumental in Robin’s departure from Port Charles.  Victor is going to offer Robin a job, he knows Robin is a brilliant scientist and he needs her scientific genius to bring his family back from the dead. Of course Robin is not going to be thrilled by the offer.  The last thing she wants it to leave her family again, she just got them back.

Victor makes her a tempting offer that is hard for her to refuse.  Victor also insists that if Robin accepts his offer she cannot discuss it with Patrick.  We know, since Kimberly is leaving the show for now she will accept the offer.

Now what could Victor offer Robin that would make her leave her family again?  The first and perhaps the most obvious reason could be that Victor tells Robin that he has a cure for aids.  Robin lost her first love Stone to AIDS, and then was diagnosed with HIV herself, so she would love a cure.

But since February sweeps are starting a far more plausible story line than a cure for AIDS would have Victor use Jason to get her to cooperate.  Jason comforted Robin after the death of her first love, Stone, and helped her realize that she could live a normal life with HIV.  They were romantically involved for some time but the separated – still the two remained good friends over the years and Robin has always been fiercely loyal to Jason.

Imagine if Victor has Jason and tells Robin if she finds a way to bring back Victor Cassadine’s relatives it will help Jason too.  The last we saw of Jason he lay on the edge of the pier, bleeding, motionless as Duke (Cesar Faison) kicked him into the freezing water where Jason disappeared!  The body was never found.

We know Steve Burton is not coming back as Jason Morgan, after being stolen by Jill Farren Phelps for The Young and the Restless, so does this mean that TPTB on General Hospital will be recasting the role?  We don’t know if this is going to happen but it would be a brilliant story line for February sweeps.

What do you think?  Will fans accept this as a reason for Robin to leave?  Thoughts?

21 responses to “Is Robin Scorpio Leaving General Hospital To Bring Jason Morgan Back?”

  1. ????Mï? ? says:

    Actually Kimberly wanted to be killed off the first time she decided to leave but Frank Valentini talked her out of it when he became GH new Ex-Producer. Not many people realized this. So I think that the odds of her being killed off now are slim to none.
    Robin was kidnapped by Dr. Ewen and taken to Ferncliff Mental Institution some people seem to forget this fact. Then she was transfered to the clinic in Switzerland when Anna went snooping after Heather Webber told her about seeing Robin there. Dr. Liesl Obrecht was the second one who held Robin against her will and Liesl had not only her but the real Duke Lavery too. On a tip Anna, John McBain and Robert traveled to the Swiss clinic, Robert actually found Robin but was injected with Profavol putting him in a coma. From the Swiss clinic Liesl had Robin moved to Corinth were Jerry Jack became her capture, Cassadine Island in Greece was the last place that she was held before returning to PC. Robin’s kidnapping was orchestrated by no other than Cesar Faison one of my favorite villians.
    It would be more plausible that Robin left for a family member who had died in the past like Georgie, Jason I don’t think so. Jason Morgan was a ccharacter on GH for 20 years what are the odds that he will be recast? It makes no sense that Robin would leave Patrick and especially Emma for Jason a non-family member. Georgie yes, Jason I don’t think so.

  2. ????Mï? ? says:

    Anyone with a half of brain knew this back in 2011…sheesh
    Since you have NO knowledge of it let me explain it to you. That wound that Robin sustained on the boat after crazy Lisa Niles took her hostage was not healing remember? Since LN switched out Robins HIV medication with a placebo her body wouldn’t be able to fight off any infections she would encounter. Robin’s would was going to get worse and the infection was going to travel to her organs and she was suppose to die with her family around her. You do recall Robin leaving PC for a time for medical treatments at the time? I do. Whateved happen to the wound? It magically healed itself BUT Robin seemingly dies in the lab fire….seemingly. I knew Cesar Faison took me because Anders Hove was on his way back to GH.

  3. ????Mï? ? says:

    No but anyone with a half a brain knew this…..smdh
    Do you remember the wound that Robin received on that boat Lisa Niles was hoding her on back in 2011?? Apparently not. Well due to the fact that LN had switched Robin’s HIV medication out with a placebo the wound was not healing it was getting worse. This would have lead to full blown AIDS with iinfections reaching major organs causing them to shut down. See Robin would have died just like Stone with her family around her. Thanks to Frank Valentini Kimberly chose to stay, the lab explosion was a sure fire way of bringing her back down the road. Unlike other I never thought that Robin was dead and knew that Cesar Faison orchestrated her kidnapping.

  4. kellymitch says:

    Well, I am a die hard Jason and Sam fan, and I would ACCEPT it. I would rather have the character than the actor. There are plenty that could fill his shoes. You’d get used to it like all the other recasts.

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  6. Ceecee Lafonce says:

    SB did leave to spend time wit family.. that other crap is just rumor. Y&R made him a better offer then GH did his. Contract with General Hospital was over and Y&R made him a better offer where they would fly him out to shoot the show and send him right back home with his family verses him staying weeks at a time to shoot for GH. I highly doubt GH will give him the same offer if not better so if jason is coming back they will recast!

  7. katyMM says:

    Having a cure for AIDs would actually be more realistic than for her to bring bring people back to life. This man had blood cancer and AIDS. He got a bone marrow transplant for the cancer and it also cured him of AIDS

  8. Rena says:

    That’s terrible for Robin to leave after Patrick choosing her over Sabrina, however I don’t care for her (Sabrina) anyway! That’s a stupid way to have Robin depart after promising to never leave not happy at all so sad!!

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  10. Icleda Jenkins says:

    Keep Robin really she just got back tired of the coming n going enough is enough.

  11. chrissy says:

    Steve burton Is ungrateful and unload to the fans that have loved him for ever on general hospital I am disgusted by how smug he is for going to the young and the restless and pretending like we should all be happy for him fuck him I hope they right him off y and r and that gh won’t take him back because that is awful and to have them wrap ur story line up like that after 20 years steve burton your a douce and a benedict Arnold we don’t need u in port Charles stay in Genoa city playing ur stupid little role no one cares about

    A pissed off gh fan

  12. b paladi says:

    don’t like the character of Sabrina…I thinkshe should go…

  13. Carik says:

    I feel that noboy can play the part of Jason Morgan except Steve Burton. Give him what he wants and have him back.

  14. AmiP says:

    I’m so tired of Robin’s character going on and off the show repeatedly…It’s getting annoying. Ugh!

  15. Gloria says:

    I agree I hate that Robin is leaving again!! This just sucks!! Not sure what is going on but I hope they do put him and Sabrina back together!! Not a fan of that couple!! I agree recast Jason for Sam and Danny!!!

  16. BeBe says:

    I am so fed up with Robins character! Either sign a contract or die off because GH will be losing a fan if this is the plot!!!

  17. Angel Paden says:

    I hate the fact that she is leaving! First Jason and now Robin! I am so sad I love both Kimberly Mcullough and Steve Burton! I want them both back! It’s definitely not the same with out them and not as exciting to watch! Bring them both back as well as Maxie and Spennilli!

  18. antoinettte says:

    would love to see jason come back,and robin return also…. just seems so not fair for her to return and then go away again. I love general hospital and im sure the fans would love to see jason and sam back together and robin and patrick together,just like in the luke and laura days…. Enough is enough general hospital lets make this work. ABC lost 2 soaps already,in which i dont know why,because the FAN base is crazy,so now that we only have GH, I along with millions of others want to see this one press on with lots of love and more goods time, than bad times.

  19. Gayle Miller says:

    Do not recast Jason Morgan, kiss his ___ and bring Steve home!

  20. LindaC. says:

    I love Jason and especially Steve Burton as Jason but this storyline like so many lately is the dumbest. Robin just got back from 2 years of her family thinking she’s dead. Loyal or not to friends, why would she put her daughter through this again? Not knowing where she’s going or how long? Really? And if Jason comes back – 2 years later – no one could play the role like Steve Burton anyway so unless he comes back, why bother with the tease?

  21. JuaTan says:

    Bring back Jason and Robin fast, or recast temporarily, I don’t like the way they had Robin leave Patrick and Emma, bring her back to them soon.