General Hospital Spoilers: Lulu and Dante Frantic To Find Ben – Lulu Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

General Hospital Spoilers: Lulu and Dante Frantic To Find Ben - Lulu Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

If fans of General Hospital believed that Lulu and Dante were going to have an uninterrupted reunion with their baby son Ben then they haven’t been watching soaps for very long. Of course there is a plot twist and not long after learning that Ben really is their son he was kidnapped by Dr. Obrecht who believes that her daughter Britt should raise the boy. Needless to say, Lulu is an absolute train wreck and is falling back into thinking that she and Dante are never going to have any sort of family let alone a happy one. She thinks that they are just doomed and that every obstacle is just further proof that it’s not meant to be.

Meanwhile Dante is thinking like a cop on the case. This time around the case means finding his missing son and he reassures Lulu that he will exhaust every resource and do whatever it takes to bring Ben home but there’s a catch. In going off to find the baby he is leaving an inconsolable Lulu behind to deal with everything on her own. They are both also determined to make Britt pay for stealing their son. The need for revenge may make it pretty hard for Lulu to stay behind and wait for Dante to find Ben.

Do you think Lulu is going to take matters into her own hands? Will she be able to trust others to find her son or do you think that there will come a point where she needs to go and search for him herself? Will Lulu approach Sonny for desperately needed assistance in tracking down Dr. Obrecht? Tell us your thoughts on this story line. Have you been enjoying GH lately or would you like to see writers go in some other directions? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Racquel Garnette

    Well i hope that Ben goes home to Dante and Lulu because that doctor woman is so dangerous. Baby snatching stories on some soap operas can be kind of dangerous. I hope that Brittany and her mother goes to jail for a very long time. If Dante, Anna, Nathan and Sam have enough evidence to keep them in prison then they will stay in jail for a very long time. As for Dante i just watched a movie that he was in and his acting wasn’t that bad. Dante and Lulu will calm down after Ben is in there arms. Ava is bad news just like Stefan mother in the 90’s. Making that doctor woman punish Elizabeth for telling the truth about Ben to everyone is very bad. I hope someday Elizabeth chooses the right guy for lovelife. Nikolas and Elizabeth used to love eachother but if they fall in love with eachother then that is ok with me. Ric is dangerous just like Julian. Ric and Julian can’t be trusted. For Alexis and Sonny working together is a good idea. Alexis is a good lawyer. I never knew that Luke is that dangerous now. If Sonny goes to jail for shooting A.J. then he could explained why he shot him lol.