General Hospital Writing In Teresa Castillo’s Real Life Pregnancy For Sabrina – Star Thrilled!

General Hospital Writing In Teresa Castillo's Real Life Pregnancy For Sabrina - Star Thrilled!

Soaps operas thrive on drama and nothing brings the drama quite like a great love triangle. That’s part of the soap formula for success that will remain for as long as the shows are on network television. Teresa Castillo plays Sabrina on General Hospital and right about the time that the show was getting ready to bring back Kimberly McCullough to make things interesting, she found out that she was pregnant. Since the writers’ intended to launch a full on triangle between Sabrina, Robin (McCullugh’s character) and Patrick, they decided that writing in Teresa’s pregnancy would provide a perfect twist.

According to the Jan. 20th print edition of ABC Soaps In Depth, the actress is loving the story twist and is thrilled to have Robin back on the canvas. Teresa believes that triangles need to exist and she welcomes all of the great drama that she is being handed to play out onscreen now.

Thankfully, Teresa’s real life couldn’t be more different. She has been with her husband, Shane Aaron for ten years and the couple had been hoping to conceive. They first shared the great news with family back in October and Teresa has managed to keep her mouth shut about her real life pregnancy so that the story line twist was really a surprise for GH fans. As it stands right now, Teresa’s character is the odd woman out, as Patrick returned to Robin. Would you like to see Sabrina and Patrick reunite in the coming weeks? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

7 responses to “General Hospital Writing In Teresa Castillo’s Real Life Pregnancy For Sabrina – Star Thrilled!”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    While the Sabrina character is very likeable, really do wish the writers had gone in a different direction with her.

  2. Jody says:

    I want Patrick and Robin to stay together

  3. sharon says:

    I think patrick and robin should be together thats real love and sabrina should be with carlos and have his baby since they spent what was suppose to be her wedding night together they say nothing happened but who knows

  4. Carmen Haro says:

    I think Patrick and Sabrina are good for each other .She went threw allot with the Britzilla tormenting her , tried to change her test score so she would get her fired from GH (ETC). For the most part She loved and cared for Patrick and Emma when Robin came to the wedding i felt so sorry for her how Patrick just went to her kissed her until she fell to the floor crying. that’s why i really hope they get back together .

  5. Sheila says:

    I want to see Sabrina and Patrick to have they’re happily ever after.

  6. Kathy says:

    Patrick, Robin and Emma should always remain a family even if Sabrina is having Patrick’s baby. On the other hand, I think Sabrina is really pregnant with Carlos’ baby. I like the new Sabrina and the baby theme, but not if it includes Patrick. The writers should stop upsetting the fans, and work on ways to keep the power couples together and the fans happy.

  7. Beverly Gibbs says:

    Yes, I want a reunion story to happen for Patrick and Sabrina. I NEVER saw any romantic chemistry beteren Scrubs,.and I want Patrina back together, ASARP- As Soon As Respectable Possible for Sabrina.