Gillian Anderson Admits To Attraction and Relationship With David Duchovny During HuffPo Interview (VIDEO)

Gillian Anderson Admits To Attraction and Relationship With David Duchovny During HuffPo Interview (VIDEO)

Is Gillian Anderson the best actress ever – or the worst liar? Maybe a little bit of both. Last Thursday we had the chance to watch Gillian Anderson being interviewed live for Huffington Post and we are still trying to determine if her revelation about her relationship with co-star David Duchovny deserves an award or a frown.

When asked about last year’s rumors that linked her romantically with Duchovny, she uttered a doubtful denial. But what we found harder to believe were her “reasons” for said denial.

Let’s analize it. First she stated she and Duchovny know each other too well, better than any of their spouses ever had. Now let’s back up a little; better than spouses? In my book that means their relationship goes deeper and is way more profound than anybody else either of them have been linked with before. Interesting. Also worth noticing is the use of the verb “Have” in its past form when referring to spouses. We know for a fact Gillian officially split up with her last “boyfriend”. But dear Gillian, are you trying to tell us Duchovny is indeed divorced? I guess you are.

Moving on, Gillian managed to surprise us once more when she did confirm there’s a mutual attraction between the former co-stars, present tense, and went even further so as to say they are indeed more than friends. Her body language also betrayed her and created a convincing argument that she and David are in fact a couple.

So Gillian, do we have to believe your denial about you and David being in a relationship? Personally, I don’t.

So what about you? Do you believe Ms. Anderson? Tell us your thoughts (please no bashing).

  • Bill

    I think they are together!

  • Patrice Foreverxfiles Farmer

    GinaP, you have some issues! It’s obvious that you are on here just to bash others. You are the only one on here that thinks so. Obviously, tons of people agree with me. If you don’t like what I’m saying, move on!!!

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  • Patrice Foreverxfiles Farmer

    Math and Grammar, really? And I think English is your problem because you’re not understanding to get a life and move on. Don’t you have someone else to harass??? I mean, if you had a life, like you claim you do, you wouldn’t keep badgering me. I have to laugh at you. You seem pretty pathetic. You must have a very empty existence if you spend you’re time on here correcting others and harassing them. So sad, truly.

    • GinaP

      You are here as much as I am – look in the mirror and go back to school because English comprehension is an issue for you. You are the one badgering me! Talk about pathetic – all you do is whine!

      • Patrice Foreverxfiles Farmer

        WOW, you’re retarded!!!! WOW! I’m done. I refuse to argue with a fool.

        • Dreztkel

          im sorry but you look like the fool here