Golden Globe Award Winners 2014 – Predictions and Possibilities

Golden Globe Award Winners 2014 - Predictions and Possibilities

The 2014 Golden Globe Awards are generating much buzz as members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association weigh in on deserving motion picture and television productions.  Our own radio show specialist Cate provides us with an outline of her picks for some of the major awards below.

Drama Picture:

While Gravity was considered to be a blockbuster hit that was based mostly on the visuals and special effects. Watching Sandra Bullock talk to herself for 90 minutes meant that it lacked the emotional impact that usually is needed to take home this award. 12 Years a Slave is a raw story that was well told and it stays with you long after the film actually ends. Look for it to win here.

Best Actor In Drama:

Chiwetel Ejiofor is probably going to win for his turn in 12 Years A Slave, however Matthew McConaughey did a great job of reinventing himself in Dallas Buyers Club. There is a slight chance that he can sneak in and steal this category.

Best Actress In Drama:

As usual this category is jam packed with talent and possibilities. It has been Sandra Bullock’s year but I think Cate Blanchett’s character on the edge in Blue Jasmine is a no-brainer here. She was messy and fabulous in nearly every scene.

Best Comedy:

American Hustle all the way. It has a blockbuster cast, the buzz has been great and I think it’s one of those films that everyone wants to see. Look for Amy Adams to grab the statue for Best Comedy Actress as well.

Best Supporting Actor:

Something is very wrong if Jared Leto doesn’t win this one. He morphed himself into a transgender woman with full blown AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club and the result was crushing. This role brought Jared in off the road from touring with his band 30 Seconds To Mars and made him want to return to acting.

Best Supporting Actress:

It’s going to be Jennifer Lawrence for American Hustle. She can do no wrong, right?

Best TV Series:

Breaking Bad has to be honored for the very last nomination that it’ll ever receive, doesn’t it? If not then look for House of Cards to sneak in and steal it.

Best Actress TV Series:

It BETTER be Kerry Washington. Her work on Scandal is ridiculously good and how often do you find yourself consistently rooting for the mistress?

Best Actor TV Series:

Again it’s a tight and totally worthy field. Kevin Spacey, Bryan Cranston, James Spader – how do you pick just one? If this was The Blacklist’s second season on the air I would really hope that Spader wins because he is genius in each and every scene. I don’t think they are going to give this to him just yet though, my bet is in Kevin Spacey for the win