Gotham “Spirit of the Goat” Recap: Season 1 Episode 6

Gotham “Spirit of the Goat” Recap: Season 1 Episode 6

Tonight on FOX Gotham continues with an all new Monday October 27, season 1 episode 6 called, “Spirit of the Goat.” On tonight’s episode a killer targets Gotham elite’s firstborn children, and the case brings back painful memories for Bullock [Donal Logue]. Elsewhere, Gordon[Ben McKenzie] is forced to deal with the consequences of his past decisions.

On the last episode, Gordon and Bullock searched for the source of a new street drug that causes euphoria then death. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot worked his way deeper into Maroni’s (guest-star David Zayas) inner circle and Fish Mooney continued to plot against Falcone. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode when a killer begins targeting the first born of Gotham’s elite, Bullock is forced to confront traumatic memories from a nearly identical case he worked in the past. Later, Gordon is confronted by past decisions.

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10 years ago, a man talks to himself in the mirror. He says he is the Spirit of the Goat. He has a hammer and other implements nearby. He slips on a black leather mask and says it again in a deeper, scarier voice. The news is on about him being a serial killer and killing children of Gotham’s families. Harvey and his then partner Dix pull up outside Randall Milkey’s house. He’s the killer. Dix wants to wait for backup but Harvey insists they go on in case Shelley, the last young woman he took, it still alive.

Harvey rushes in and Dix has to follow. They see Shelley’s body strung up but don’t see the guy who’s watching them from the shadows of the creepy old house. Harvey heads into the basement and calls out that he’s under arrest for the murders of the children. Randall says that he’s not there any more. He says this body is the Spirit of the Goat. Upstairs, Dix tries to cut her down and triggers a trap door making him fall into the basement.

Randall stands over him and says he can come back from anything. Harvey tells him to come back from this and shoots him dead. Dix is in bad shape, maybe dead, as backup finally shows up and he calls out that there’s an officer down. Present day, Harvey is at the murder site of Amanda Hastings, a girl from money. She’s strung up like Shelley. Harvey says it’s a copycat of the goat killer and says she’s likely the first born of her family and Edward Nygma confirms this.

Ed is trying to tell Harvey a riddle but he silences him and then complains that Jim is late for work on this of all days. He’s at home arguing with Barbara about his work. He tells her he has no choice – he says the law and crime are all twisted up together. He says he came to be a cop, but the city needs something else. Barbara asks him to let her carry half the load that he’s carrying but he says it’s too dangerous. She says she’s ready for and can handle the risk.

Jim asks if they’re okay or still fighting and she says they’re negotiating terms. She says he has to let her in and then they’re okay. His phone keeps ringing and he agrees to tell her everything he can and says he’ll make it right. He kisses her then goes to work. Montoya and Allen show up at the riverside looking for leads. Allen asks a bum about Penguin’s shooting. He says he saw it and they show him a photo of Jim and he says he was definitely the shooter. Monty is thrilled and thinks they have him.

Jim shows up at the murder scene and asks about the Gotham Goat. Harvey says it’s a creepy copycat then asks why he’s late and looks like crap. Jim tells him to write him up and Harvey says screw off. He says someone is hinting the eldest born of the rich and powerful and that’s going to come down on them. Harvey guesses Amanda knew her killer and he wants to go talk to her family. He tells Ed to call once they’re set up for the autopsy.

Amanda’s father tells them he’s been having a dream of a dark presence. Jim asks if anyone wished her harm but Hastings says everyone loved her. He is doing a weird thing with his left hand, a grasping gesture, and they ask if he’s okay. Dr Marks is there, she’s the family therapist, and explains that Hastings is too delicate to deal with this tragedy. Harvey says no one is capable of dealing with this. He also notes she doped up Mrs Hastings with tranquilizers.

In the records annex, Ed slips in the door to see Ms Kringle. She rushes past him as he sniffs her. He says he needs the goat murder investigation files. He asks if she finds it curious that someone has resurrected the serial killer’s style. He says he would like her parents and that freaks her out – he says they must be funny to name her Kristen when her last name is Kringle. He complains about the state of the file room and offers to help but she says she doubts very much that he can help her. She leaves.

They go to the last place Amanda was seen – her home. Harvey says the Goat Man stole kids from their homes and worked as an A/C maintenance man. Jim calls to get a roster of any workers with access to the house and tells Harvey they’re ready for the autopsy. Oswald comes to see his mom Gertrude. He asks why she thinks he’s always running off with a woman and she asks why he hasn’t called. She says he got tangled up in a hussy’s naught parts.

He says that’s not true. He says he just wanted some respect and was treated cruelly. His mom is happy to hear she’s his only woman and says people come after him because of envy and spite. She flatters him and he tells her he’s going to be someone in Gotham and she says she always knew this. The coroner tells the cops that she was asphyxiated. Harvey tells him to check for an incision at the base of her neck. Harvey says it should be a penny stitched in there. The coroner finds it.

Harvey says this isn’t a copycat since no one knew that detail of the prior case. Harvey tells this to Essen and Jim and he says they left it out of the file as an Easter egg. Jim asks why he did it and Harvey says he didn’t talk to him, just shot it. The only others that knew that detail were Dix and the former coroner and the coroner has been dead for years. Bruce listens to the news about the goat killer slaughtering first borns.

Alfred reminds him that he’s a firstborn son himself and says they may want to leave town for a bit but Bruce says he can’t go anywhere because he’s got work to do. He then says the goat has no reason to take him because there’s no one to take him to. Kristen comes back and is annoyed finding Ed has reorganized her files. She rails and asks why he comes to her all the time with notes and riddles and asks if he’s trying to take her job but he assures her he wants her there.

She crosses her arm in anger and he says he’s getting a sense that what he did was inappropriate. She says he’s odd and he says he’ll go and leaves her file room in chaos and shuts the door behind him as he leaves. Jim asks Harvey how long it’s been since he’s seen Dix but he doesn’t want to talk about it and doesn’t want him to go in with him but Jim won’t be stopped. They are in an institution of some sort – maybe an old folks home.

They find Dix sitting playing solitaire complaining about life. Dix reminds him the golden rule in Gotham is that there are no heroes. Harvey says they need to talk about the case and asks who Jim is – he introduces himself. He asks if he ever told anyone about the pennies and tells him the new killer is doing the same thing. Dix says he never told anyone and neither did Ed, the coroner. He says they were wrong about Milkey and he wasn’t working alone.

Dix says what they have is a conspiracy. Harvey asks if he means a conspiracy to hang rich kids off local landmarks. Dix tells Jim that Harvey thinks he’s the smartest person in the room and Harvey says he’s in a room of idiots and stomps out. Dix tells Jim to be careful and says Harvey is a loose cannon who thinks he’s a white knight. Jim is confused. He comes out and finds Harvey talking to the clerk – apparently he pays for Dix’s living arrangements.

A young woman talks to her mom as she packs and tells her she’ll be at the marine to leave shortly. She asks her maid to bring her some snacks for the trip then she heads upstairs to grab something else for her safe journey out of town and away from the killer. The maid, Anita, hears a noise and calls out for Ember. The goat man grabs her and takes her down. Ember comes back down and calls for the maid then the goat man puts a cloth over her mouth to knock her out

[9:01:57 PM] Rachel Rowan: Harvey gets a call that Ember has gone missing. He talks to Jim and says the goat guy has her and they presume he had kids too. Harvey says the timeline is tight – it’s about eight hours from capture to kill. Jim has the staff list and says there are a lot of people to go through. Harvey tells him to pull Ed in on it since he’s freaky good with puzzles.

Barbara shows up to see Monty and tells her that Jim is trying to protect her but isn’t a bad guy. Monty tells her that who he knows could kill her but she says Jim will be arrested tonight and says when he does, she has to leave but Barbara says she’ll stay by his side. Monty tells her to go. Ed and Jim tell Harvey they’ve narrowed the list to Raymond Earl. He squats near a cannery and Harvey says he thinks that’s their guy. They head out to the place he’s squatting to see if they can nab him.

They roll up to the creep building and Harvey says this is where they got Randall Milkey a decade ago and where Dix was injured. Jim tells him they have to go in. The goat man tells Ember he’s going to put her to sleep now and says she’ll be a sacrifice. She’s alive but groggy as of now. He hears the cops come in and is distracted from the kill. They have their flashlights out and are poking around the place. They hear noises and see the guy backlit on a landing.

Harvey tells Jim to get the girl and he goes after the goat guy. Jim cuts her loose and tells her she’s safe. His partner creeps up on goat guy who gets the drop on him. They grapple and Harvey falls into some plastic sheeting. The guy tells Harvey you can never stop the goat and says he will always come back. Jim comes to join in the fight since Harvey is down and beats up on the guy and then knocks him out with an elbow to the face as Harvey staggers to his feet.

Jim places him under arrest and Harvey tells him – not bad. They sit to catch their breath and wait on backup. At Wayne Manor, Selina opens a window and sneaks in. She hears a noise and sees Bruce snoozing on the sofa likely in a nightmare. She creeps close and then hears steps on the stairs. She looks at the board of information he’s assembled and creeps closer to rad his notes on Maroni, Falcone and the mayor. She lifts a silver box of some sort of the desk and pockets it then smiles at Bruce.

She hears the steps again and creeps back to the window and goes out through the open curtains. Oswald soaks in a tub with his rubber ducky and his mom comes and says his suit is ready. She hangs it up then takes the sponge and washes him. She asks if he’s doing anything illegal and he says it’s just business. She reminds him he can trust no one but his mother and he says he knows. He says he thinks he found someone he can trust – a police man.

Geraldine says the police are liars but he says this one can be trusted and will help him come out right in the end. He offers his mom a creepy smiles. The cops have Raymond in interrogation. Harvey tells Essen the guy has a history of mental illness and she says thank God they caught him and tells them good job. Harvey says Raymond and Randall have almost identical histories and yet never knew each other. He says it’s like something found them and changed them.

Harvey says they’re missing something and if they don’t figure it out, this could happen again. Jim says they can look into it but Harvey says it can wait until tomorrow and tells Jim to get some rest. He leaves. Harvey watches Raymond who starts saying – no, no – and acting scared all alone in the room. This triggers some sort of realization in Harvey who says – holy ghost on a bicycle.

Jim comes home and Barbara tells him that Montoya has a witness that will say that he killed Oswald and says she’s got a warrant for his arrest. He tells her he didn’t kill Oswald. She asks what has changed since he took the job. She begs him to leave with her. There’s a knock at the door and he says he can’t run. He goes to the door and finds Allen and Montoya there. They arrest him and take him away while Barbara watches.

Harvey goes to talk to Marks who is in session with her patient Hastings. He says he’s there to see her and wants to pick her brain about the case. He says he didn’t know she was a hypnotherapist. He asks about her work at pro bono outpatient clinics. She’s been doing it for 12 years. He says the guy they arrested was a patient of hers at the pro bono clinic. He then asks her about the hand gesture that Hastings was doing.

He says he heard that a hypnotherapist can teach a patient to take a small action like fist clenching instead of taking another action like screaming in a room full of people. He asks her about Randall and Raymond and says he thinks a hypnotist turned them both upside down and inside out. He thinks she has something to do with the Spirit of the Goat. She says she underestimated him. He accuses her of looking for borderline patients to create a monster and asks why.

She says he wouldn’t understand. She says it’s therapy, not murder or madness. He asks for who and she says for Gotham. She says the rich and powerful have pathological greed that’s eating the city alive. She calls killing their kids negative reinforcement to curb their bad behavior. She says you can’t hypnotize someone to do that they really don’t want to. He says she’s nuthouse crazy. Hastings comes out and asks if she’s okay. Harvey tells her she’s under arrest.

Marks tells Hastings – the golden temple is open – and tells him to kill Harvey. He attacks Harvey and he yells heel, heel, but the man won’t stop. He tries to push Harvey over the landing but he fights him back and shoots her in the leg. Then he has to explain to Essen about the doctor and is struggling because she doesn’t get it. They hear Allen and Montoya drag Jim in and then they arrest Harvey for conspiracy. Essen pushes back and says they can’t take her people. Then Oswald walks through the doors of the police station. That ends the murder accusations but Harvey curses at Jim for lying to him and putting their lives at risk with Fish and Falcone..