Gotham Recap – The Penguin Plots: Season 1 Episode 7

Gotham Recap - The Penguin Plots: Season 1 Episode 7

Tonight on FOX Gotham continues with an all new Monday November 3, season 1 episode 7 called, “Penguin’s Umbrella.” On tonight’s episode Gordon [Ben McKenzie] comes face-to-face with the consequences of his decision to spare Penguin’s life. Meanwhile, tensions between Maroni and Falcone grow more violent.

On the last episode, Gordon and Bullock searched for the source of a new street drug that causes euphoria then death. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot worked his way deeper into Maroni’s (guest-star David Zayas) inner circle and Fish Mooney continued to plot against Falcone. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as violence between Maroni (guest star David Zayas) and Falcone continues to escalate, Penguin reveals a new component of his manipulative strategy, forcing Gordon to deal with the consequences of his decision to spare Penguin’s life.

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Oswald walks down the streets of Gotham with two bodyguards protecting him. Fish gets the news that he’s alive and working for Maroni and flips out. She tells her sidekick to bring Jim to her to explain why he didn’t kill him. Jim calls Barbara and tells her to get out but then Harvey punches him. He says he has to kill him and take his body to Falcone to save his own life. Jim says he has a plan and asks him to help. Harvey refuses and threatens him. Barbara’s phone rings but she doesn’t answer it because Butch is there and not letting her get it.

Barbara asks what they want and they tell her that Jim was supposed to kill someone but then didn’t and someone is mad. She says Cobblepot and the guy tells her she’s hip. He says Jim is lucky then flirts with her and then sniffs her. He asks if she’s ever been with a criminal and tells her it can be a turn on. Jim comes in with gun drawn and tells him to back off. He says he knows he was told to bring him in alive or else he’d be dead already. Jim tells him to have the other guy drop the gun or die. He does.

Butch says since he wanted to play it that way, after they kill him, they’ll kill her. Jim shoots one and knocks the other out then takes her to the bus station and says she has to go. She says she can’t leave him but he says if she’s safe, there’s nothing they can do to him. He promises to come join her as soon as it’s safe. He tells her to never come back to Gotham even if he doesn’t make it. She cries, they hug and have a goodbye kiss. He puts her on the bus and watches it go to make sure she’s really gone.

Jim comes back to the police station and everyone stops to stare at him. They wonder why he’s back and if he’s gone off the rails. He speaks loudly to Alvarez asking for a blank warrant. He hands a stack over to Jim nervously. Jim takes them and goes. Fish goes to see Falcone and says Penguin, Jim and Harvey all need to die today. Falcone says Penguin is a nobody and doesn’t matter. She says he was on her hip all the time and heard things. He asks what but she won’t elaborate.

He asks where Jim is and she says he’s gone back to work. He says he’ll send Victor to pick him up. Falcone is playing with chickens and Fish and Niko wonder what he’s up to. Niko says maybe Liza is making him happy but Fish says she just cooks and cleans and he hasn’t laid a hand on her. Fish thinks he knows something he’s not letting on and she’s getting paranoid but Niko says the old man is done and they need to make a move. She’s not ready to.

Jim sits down at his typewriter with the warrants and Essen asks what he’s up to. He says he’s arresting the Mayor, Falcone and their cronies. She asks if he’s insane and he says they’re trying to kill him anyway so he may as well try and make something happen. Essen says no one will help her serve or pursue the prosecutions. She says she has a family to worry about and can’t help him. Essen tells him to get out of town but he says this is home and his father’s. He says he’s not leaving.

Victor shows up to the police station with some other muscle and they rough up the cops. Victor steps up onto a desk and introduces himself. He says Falcone sent him personally on an important matter. He says he’s there just for Jim. He asks where Jim is and everyone glances over so he knows where he is. Victor calls out tauntingly to Jim and he walks out of Essen’s office. He tells him he can relax because Falcone wants him alive. Jim says to tell Falcone not today.

Victor says alive is a broad category and he can take him in without hands. Jim says there are 50 cops there and to try it. Victor tells them all to leave and they go. Jim tells Essen to go. She hesitates but he says he can handle it. She leaves as well. Jim shoots at Victor and Victor and the two girls with him return fire. Jim takes two to the torso but makes it to the stairwell.

He runs down to the motor pool with Victor and the killer chicks close behind him. They go car to car looking for Jim. He’s behind a SWAT van bleeding and weak. Victor calls out his name and whistles. Victor looks under a car then hears a noise as Jim scrambles further away. Victor creeps closer and then a female cop sees him.

She wasn’t in on the station incident. They shoot at her and he goes running but takes a shot from Victor in the shoulder. Allen and Montoya pull in and take on the bad guys and extricate him from certain death. The female cop is bleeding and crying and begs Victor for mercy. He shows her none and puts one in her head then carves a new hash mark indicating she’s the 28th cop he’s killed.

Jim wakes up in shock and the doctor asks how he feels. She says she’s a friend of Montoya and Allen. She says she took two bullets out of him and sewed him up. He asks why there are rats and she says it’s a dissection lab at the university. She says he was very lucky that all vital organs were missed. She says he has to lie down or die but he insists he has to go. Allen tells him it’s okay but says he needs paints.

Fish tells Maroni that snitches need stitches and he needs to hand Oswald over. He says he gets that but says Oswald amuses him. She asks if he wants to start a war over him. He asks why he’s so important. He calls Penguin out and tells him to not be afraid of Fish. Maroni tells him that Falcone and Fish feel disrespected by him. Penguin says he never meant that and Maroni tells him to offer a sincere apology. He does. Maroni says that’s good enough. Fish tells him it will be bloodshed and says that works for her.

She calls Penguin a scaly faced bitch and tells him torture is too nice of a word for what she’s going to do to him. He says he sorry she fills that way and calls her Fish and she smacks him for using her first name then goes. Maroni has a good laugh over this but Frankie seems less than happy. A car pulls up beside a group of nuns that are walking by. It’s Butch and he asks them how it’s hanging.

A Maroni moving truck speeds under an overpass and finds the group of nuns handcuffed to the road. They take their cargo and tell the guys that Falcone said none of Maroni’s stuff gets across the bridge. They shoot the guards in the leg and says this is it until he gives Penguin back. Penguin asks why they want him back and Maroni says he’s a golden money-making goose and they don’t want him to have him.

Frankie says maybe they can pay Falcone off and Oswald says since the other crew is number one, it’s the safer option. This provokes Maroni into saying they’re going to fight back (as Penguin wanted). Oswald says he knows exactly where to hit them and Maroni claps him on the back. Montoya offers Jim a sincere apology for misjudging him and says her feelings for Barbara were in the mix. He says it’s okay.

Suddenly Allen’s face is at the window being held by Alfred. Jim says it’s okay. They go inside Wayne Manor. Jim tells Bruce he may not be able to find his parents’ killers. Bruce says to tell him the truth and not treat him like a child but says he may not make it through. He says Montoya and Allen will take over the investigation if he dies and tells him he can trust them. Bruce thanks them.

Alfred asks how they can help Jim and he says he has to go it alone. Alfred says he can hardly walk but Jim says he’ll be fine. Bruce hugs him. Oswald leads some armed men into a warehouse area and points them to a specific warehouse. Frankie puts a bomb on the warehouse doors and it blows spectacularly. The men follow up with machine gun fire. Oswald limps in after them smiling. He says he told them it would be easy. There are drugs and cash there.

Frankie says Oswald is a snitch and not a golden goose and says he should shoot him and blame it on one of Niko’s guys. Oswald says Frankie’s problem is his motivation. Oswald asks what drives him and says if you know that you can control him. Oswald says he knows he loves money more than respect or power and calls Frankie a cheapskate. The other guys grab Frankie and Oswald says he doesn’t pay his people enough and there is no loyalty among thieves.

They stab Frankie repeatedly and Oswald explains giving them a small pay raise made Frankie’s greatest passion his greatest weakness. He tells Frankie that love conquers all. He kisses Frankie’s head as the man dies. The other thugs are mystified at this weird action. Later, Maroni and Falcone meet and swap hugs. Falcone says they each lost someone – he lost Niko and Maroni lost Frankie. Falcone says they need peace and tells Maroni that he can have Penguin as a gift.

He asks for something in return and Falcone asks for a warehouse on the river. Maroni says he doesn’t like Penguin that much. Oswald steps up and whispers in his ear and Maroni says he can have Indian Hill. Fish tells them it’s in Arkham and is a toxic waste dump and worthless. Falcone says he’ll take it as a gesture of respect. Maroni says he heard Victor shot up the PD and asks if he’s found Jim. Falcone says they’re working on it and Maroni says there’s nothing more dangerous than an honest man.

Jim arms up, loads gun and prepares when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Harvey who tells him he’s not there to kill him. Harvey introduces the fat whore he’s with and tells her to go change into her birthday suit. Harvey says he thinks Jim is a douche bag but has the moral high ground so he’s decided to join him since he’s going to die anyway.

Jim says he’s going to arrest the Mayor and Falcone and Harvey asks how much crap he smoked to come up with that plan. Harvey says he’s game since he’s doomed anyway and goes to get busy with the Duchess – his pay by the hour lady friend. Next day, they arm up and approach the Mayor’s limo. Jim hops in and offers the arrest warrant and the Mayor says that’s not funny. Harvey turns around wearing the chauffeur’s hat and says – that depends on where you’re sitting.

The Mayor’s limo rolls up to Falcone’s house and the Mayor says he’s there for a chat so they let him through. Jim brings the Mayor in wearing handcuffs and tells Falcone he’s under arrest too. Harvey has his men under guard. Falcone says he won’t make it past the drive and Jim says it’s a lawful arrest so if he shoots him, it’s fine.

Falcone asks Jim if he would be so brave if he had a knife to Barbara’s throat and Jim says he’s lying. He says Victor has Barbara because she came back to beg him for Jim’s life. Jim says to prove it but Falcone says he won’t. Harvey says he’s lying and Falcone says to believe him or not and says Barbara will be killed in a horrible way even if Jim dies.

Liza is making muffins and tells Victor he can’t have one. She calls him a creep but offers a muffin to Barbara who says no thank you. Victor gets a call and tells Barbara it’s a shame. Victor brings Barbara in tied up and Harvey tells Jim he’s killed them. They have given up. Falcone says Jim needs to die and the Mayor says he needs to get to work. Falcone tells Jim he’s not the enemy, anarchy is the enemy.

Falcone says today was a good first step since he finally believes what he says. He tells them to go unharmed before he changes his mind. Victor protests but Falcone tells him to stow it. Falcone tells Barbara he admires a strong woman. Jim asks what’s the catch and Falcone says he wants him to understand the truth and tells Jim soon he’ll see that he’s right about Gotham.

At home, Jim limps inside and finds Barbara crying. She tells him she’s sorry and says she was just trying to help. He kisses her and she says she loves him so much. They embrace as the rain starts to fall outside. Falcone sits eating one of Liza’s muffins and compliments her cooking. She tells him he was right, that cooking is easy.

He apologizes for the unpleasantness earlier and she says she knows that business is business. He goes out to check on his chickens. Oswald waddles up to the coop in the rain and Falcone hugs him, calls him friend and says he was just thinking about the night they met. We see a flashback of Falcone talking to Oswald and asking what he can tell him before he kills him.

Oswald says he can tell him a secret of great value in exchange for him assigning his death to Jim Gordon. He says he’s the only one with a conscience. He tells Falcone that he will come back to Gotham and worm his way into the Maronis and snitch for him. He says he has a gift for this. Falcone says it’s a deal. Oswald thanks him.

He tells Falcone the big secret is that Fish and Niko are pretending to hate each other but are lovers and that Fish is pushing Niko to take his place so she can then take over from Niko. Falcone says that is a good secret. Now, Falcone tells Oswald he does have a gift and says things have played out just like he said. Falcone says he isn’t sure about letting Jim live but Oswald says it was necessary and says that Jim will see the light one way or another.