Gotham Spoilers and Synopsis ‘The Baloonman’ Season 1 Episode 2: Preview, Sneak Peek, Video, Photos

Gotham Spoilers and Synopsis 'The Baloonman' Season 1 Episode 2: Preview, Sneak Peek, Video, Photos

A detailed, scene by scene, blow by blow, Gotham Season 1 episode 2 ‘Selina Kyle’ recap and review and an exciting episode 3 spoiler, synopsis, video and photos. SPOILER ALERT! Bruce is holding his hand over the of a candle. Bruce lowers his hand little by little until the flame is on his skin. Alfred walks in and tells Bruce he has been looking for him everywhere. Alfred questions Bruce as to what he has been doing. Alfred need not wait for answer however because he notices Bruce’s burned palm. Alfred calls him a stupid boy. Alfred then hugs him and tells him everything will be alright.

Cat (Selina Kyle) is in the alley playing with a necklace she no doubt has stolen when a woman comes by in a van. The van stops and the woman gets out and introduces herself as Patty and the man with her as Doug. She claims she is from the Mayors outreach program. Patty says she has food for them. All of the kids flock over to her except for Cat. Patty starts injecting the kids with a syringe which causes them to pass out. A hobo tries to help and Doug promptly shoots him. Doug then chases down one of the kids and throws him through a window.

James is standing over the body of the hobo that Doug shot. He notices he has dog tags. Cat is watching from a hiding position so that they won’t see her. Harvey could careless and points out that bums die all the time. While waiting for the crime scene team to get there a beat cop shows up. The beat cop explains he was at Chez Vous taking care of a kid who jumped through a window. James wants to know if the kid was high. Then he tells the beat cop blows at his job. They get into a beat of a tussle and cause Harvey to spill his coffee.

At the police station they are questioning the kid who took a nosedive through the window. The kid tries to tell them that there are homeless teens being abducted. Harvey doesn’t believe him and thinks he killed the hobo. The teen insist he is telling the truth and tells them to find and talk to Cat. James wants to follow it up and Harvey doesn’t.

Oswald is waddling down the street trying to hitch a ride with someone. The car stops but when Oswald grabs the door handle the car speeds up a little bit. The car finally stops and lets him in. They tell Oswald he smells and spray him with their air freshener. They give him a beer and then ask him what happened to him. Oswald explains that he was foolish and arrogant and that it led him astray. He tells them that he has now learned his lesson and plans on coming back stronger and smarter. One of the guys tells him he walks like a penguin. The comment infuriates Oswald and he breaks the beer bottle and stabs the guy in the neck with it. The driver starts screaming in terror.

Harvey and James are talking to the Captain. Harvey bitches a bit about James. The Captain tells James he needs to learn there is no I in team. I was waiting for James to say no but there is a me in it. James tells the Captain about Patty and Doug and how they are taking the teens. Ed is lurking outside the door and they call him in. Ed informs them that they found ATP in the kids blood stream. Ed tells them it was used at Arkham. Ed lets them know that is never been a street drug used to get kicks. James wants to warn the the people of Gotham. The Captain says no can do might scare people. She wants James and Harvey to look into the Arkham business. Harvey tells her that it’s been closed for ten years. Harvey tells the Captain Arkham is located on Fish Mooney’s turf. Harvey wonders if it’s safe to go there.

Fish Mooney is watching a band play. Falconer comes in and she is surprised to see him. Falcone wants to talk. Falcone tells her that he talked to Oswald before he was killed. Falcone tells her there will be consequences for the deaths of the Wayne’s. Falcone then tells her Oswald told him she was going to try and take him out. Fish tries to ease his mind and denies it telling him how he is like a father to her. Falcone is glad to hear that and he makes a toast to her. Falcone looks around and wants to know which one is her boy toy. One named Lazlo comes over when Falcone waves for him to. Falcone tells him to take good care of Fish because if he doesn’t he will take care of him. Then as if to give him a taste of what will happen to him Falcone has his men beat him. Falcone takes Mooney by the hand, kisses it and then walks out. Mooney yells for everyone to leave. They do and she explodes in anger.

Montoya and her partner are questioning Oswald’s mother. Oswald’s mom is slightly bent and tells them she can’t imagine who would want to hurt her son. So obviously there is a girl involves somehow. She ask who they are. They show her their badges and tell,her they think Mooney is involved in her sons case.

Mooney is talking to Butch. Butch thinks she made her move on Falcone to soon. Mooney agrees but tells Butch someday she will kill him with her bare hands and her teeth. Mooney gets all nostalgic and says she should have made Oswald suffer more.

Oswald drives up to a farm in the truck he hitched the ride in. Oswald wants to know about the trailer that is for rent. The man tells him it will be a hundred a week. Oswald pays him. The man then becomes curious about the truck but Oswald manages to keep him at a distance so he won’t see the two bodies in the back.

A boy and girl that Patty and Doug kidnapped wake up in a room filled with other kids. The girls ask the boy where they are. The boy tells her he has no idea.They see a hole in the floor and there is a sound rising up from it.

James and Harvey go and see Mooney. Harvey ask her if she is still ticked at them for that one tIme they did that one thing. Mooney tells him she is fond of him and intrigued by James. Mooney also says she is sorry she tried to have them killed. James cuts to the chase and ask about the abductions. Mooney puts on the brakes and congratulates him for dispatching Oswald. Mooney tells him he is now like her and everyone else a sinner. James tells her about the kidnappers and Harvey tells her about the poison. Mooney tells them about a overseas buyer who wants kids who are young and healthy. Mooney tells them she doesn’t care to know what they want them for.

James wife Barbara gives him a drink. James tells her about his case. Barbara tells him that newspapers are always getting anonymous tips. James can’t call it in to the newspaper. Barbara however can and does. James is upset at first and then admits she did the right thing. Then he tells her she can’t ever do it again.

The Captain is livid when she sees the paper the next day. She ask both Harvey and James if they had anything to do with it and they both tell her no. James then tells her they have a slight lead that involves three drug companies. James calls to get the warrants.

A guy is throwing a world class fit over the story in the paper. Apparently he is their drug/kid smuggler. He tells Patty he wants another five grand. Patty tells him the Doll Maker don’t play that. He points out that isn’t his problem. Patty then injects one of his guys with the poison. The guy becomes worried about his own life span.The glow of flashing lights announces the arrival of the police much to Patty’s disgust.

Harvey knows James wife called in the tip the newspaper got. Harvey tells James he is a monkey riding a racehorse. Patty comes running out she calls the guy up front to see them. When asked the guy claims he doesn’t sell the drug anymore. Patty flips the lights off and they all begin to shoot.

They get away in a van. The janitor is told to dispose of the kids and then hose down the room. Before he can carry out his orders James shoots him. The janitor falls in the hole and screams all the way down.

The Mayor thanks James and Harvey and lets them know the city is going to take care of the kids now.

The police start gathering up the kids Cat included. James wants to know where the kids are being sent. The Mayor tells him some will go to foster homes while others will go to a juvenile facility upstate. James says the Mayor is using the crime as a excuse to lock the kids up. They Mayor can’t be bothered with what James thinks.

Alfred comes to see James. Alfred tells him Bruce isn’t doing to well. Alfred wants him to come at tea time and see Bruce. We see Bruce drawing dark things and listening to emo music.

Meanwhile all the teens are being loaded into a bus. Cat tries to explain she was to supposed to talk to James Gordon. One of the police offers tells her she can have her one phone call when she gets to where she is going. They write her down as Jane Doe.

Cat is sitting by a kid who is in tears. Cat tries to comfort the kid and says that it isn’t so bad. Cat tells the kid a few rules like not making friends with anyone and when in a fight always go for the eyes. Patty gets on the bus. Cat tries to get off but when Patty threatens her she has no choice but to sit back down.

The Captain is getting yelled at by the Mayor. He tells her about the bus and kids missing. The Mayor wants to know if it could be the kidnappers. The Captain doesn’t rule that out. The captain tells him they are working on it.

Harvey is beating the crap out of some guy with a big ass phone book. The guy finally tells them that there was a picture on the side of the bus. James wants to know what it was. The guy tells them it was a blue plate and a silver fork. James tells him to draw the logo.

Patty and company unload the kids into a factory. Patty realizes they are missing one kid. Patty goes back to see if one is hiding in the bus. Cat hides behind a seat and Patty doesn’t see her. Patty gets out her gun and starts walking toward the back of the bus. Cat sneaks out and hides underneath the bus. Patty can’t find her and decides they made a mistake counting.

James and Harvey have no idea what the picture is of. Finally James realizes it’s a trident.

The kidnappers meanwhile are loading the kids into a crate that says Trident Shipping. They tell the kids to zip it and lock it. A guard comes flying in with his eyes bleeding. Cat really does go for the eyes. His eyes were completely ripped out. Patty tells him he will be just fine and then shoots him in the head. Patty heads into the warehouse to find who did it. Cat hides behind some crates.

Patty gets closer to,where Cat is. When she turns a corner she sees the necklace Cat had earlier. Patty knows she is hiding above her. Just as she aims the gun at her James knocks her down. James ask Cat her name. She answers with a it’s none of your business. Harvey has Doug. They ask them where the rest of the kids are.

James is talking with Alfred about Bruce. Alfred tells him that he won’t sleep. When he does he has nightmares. Alfred also tells James that Bruce has been burning and cutting himself. James suggest he take him to see a psychiatrist. Alfred nixes that idea saying the Bruce’s father had a rule about that and he will uphold it. Since Bruce is a Wane Alfred has no choice but to let him choose his own path. James ask Alfred what it is he wants from him. Alfred just wants him to try and talk some sense into Bruce. Bruce has been listening and Alfred is not pleased. Bruce tells Alfred he worries to much. Bruce then turns to James and admits what he has been doing. James says talking can help. Bruce ask if talking helps James. James says it does a little. Bruce explains he hasn’t been hurting himself but rather testing himself. He then tells James he knows about the kids and feels sorry for them and would like to help. Bruce offers to buy them all new clothes.

Next we see the teens dresses to,the nines. Cat is arguing with the cop,about her name. Cat tells him to get her James Gordon or she will accuse him of touching her. Cat tells him she will scream in the next three seconds. The cop gives in.

Oswald is laying in his trailer looking at his map for taking down Gotham he has on the ceiling. The phone rings and he answers. He tells the woman on the other end that he has her son and things aren’t looking good for him. It’s the kid that was driving the truck. Oswald,tells,her he plans on poking his eyes out. The woman doesn’t believe a word and Oswald tells her the video he sent should cure up any misgivings she has. Oswald tells her if the ten grand he asked for is to much they can negotiate. The woman hangs up in him. Oswald tells the guy he must have been quite the handful if his own mother doesn’t believe what Oswald says.

James if finally face to face with Cat. Cat tells him she has information he wants. Cat wants him to get her out. Cat tells him she knows he is friends with the boy. James ask of she means Bruce. All Cat will say is she knows who killed the Wayne’s.

The End, episode 2



Detectives Gordon and Bullock track down a vigilante who is killing corrupt Gotham citizens by attaching them to weather balloons. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot returns to Gotham and gets a new job close to an influential figure in the underworld in the all-new “The Balloonman” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Oct. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-103) (TV-14 D, L, S, V)

Cast: Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney, Sean Pertwee as Alfred, Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Erin Richards as Barbara Kean, David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle/the future Catwoman, Zabryna Guevara as Captain Sarah Essen, Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma/the future Riddler, Victoria Cartagena as Renee Montoya, Andrew Stewart Jones as Crispus Allen, John Doman as Carmine Falcone

Guest Cast: Dan Bakkedahl as Davis Lamond, James Colby as Lt. Bill Cranston, David Zayas as Maroni, Jack Koenig as Arnold Danzer and Clark Middleton as Gerrick

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