Graceland Recap 7/16/14: Season 2 Episode 5 “H-A-Double-P-Y”

Graceland Recap 7/16/14: Season 2 Episode 5 “H-A-Double-P-Y”

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with another episode of its second season called, “H-A-Double-P-Y.” On tonight’s show Mike is put in a precarious position; Tuturro risks his cover with Carlito.

On the last episode Jake payed his way into a garage with secrets while Briggs and Charlie tried to atone for past transgressions. Elsewhere, Tuturro contemplated how far he was willing to go for a case after a night on the town with Carlito. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Mike rushes everyone’s undercovers when Jessica visits while Jake’s personal life continues to create problems, and Johnny takes a risk to solidify his cover with Carlito.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.

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Johnny walks up to Carlito’s place. He hears shouts and breaking glass sounds. He tries the door but it’s locked. He finds a side door and comes in. He sees Carlito’s sister throwing stuff at him and him hitting it with a bat. He asks what’s going on and Lucia tells Carlito that he scare off every guy she brings around. She throws something else and it hits him in the face. Carlito freaks and tackles her.

He tells her to say she’s sorry and chokes her out. Johnny begs him to stop and then finally knocks him off of his sister. Lucia tells him he shouldn’t have done it. Carlito yells at him to leave. He does.

Mike tells Paige he’s reading a report on contraband and isn’t happy. She tells him a win is win. She sings him a Shirley Temple song about smiling and being happy. He laughs at her. She says he should be cheering her up since she’s upset she still hasn’t found the Tinker Bells. He kisses her and tells her that he knows she’ll catch them. She asks if he’s headed back to DC after this and he says he doesn’t know yet.

Briggs sleeps. He hears buzzing and finds Charlie in the bathroom inking herself. He asks what it is – it’s a ring of fire and he wonders if she’s a closet Cash fan. She says there’s no such thing. She tells him she loves him and they kiss. Next day, Jakes shows up to the coffee shop and asks the hooker he was with why she’s sleeping on a bench. He tells her to come inside and eat. She asks if he has a place she can get cleaned up and she hops in his truck.

Mike finds Foster in the house when he comes in and is surprised. She hugs him warmly then Paige bounces in and he introduces them. Paige tells her that Mike makes a mean fritatta and Foster says she’ll try it. Charlie comes in and asks what he did wrong since he’s cooking breakfast. He introduces Charlie to Jessica (Foster) and Briggs asks why she’s there. She says she’s there to celebrate them getting eyes on the contraband.

Johnny comes in and asks to talk to Mike alone and introduces him to her. Foster says she’s here to shut down the buses and they tell her they can’t do it. They are close to finding the girls and getting Carlito. She says the next bus is their last and says they only have until the end of the week no matter what. Johnny admits to Mike that he punched Carlito and that his cover may be blown.

Jakes brings the girl to his apartment and it smells because he hasn’t been there. He takes the trash out while saying sorry. She sees the smashed up kid’s room and he comes up and tells her he had a bad day. She says they have that in common. He closes the door on the room and she kisses him. His phone vibrates and he tells her to hang on. He answers and Mike asks why he’s not fixing buses.

Jakes says fine and tells her sorry but she’s already in the shower. He tells her he has to head out to work and leaves her there. He pulls up and finds Mike and Briggs waiting. Briggs says they need to know about the next shipment and tells him it will be the last and says that they need some lead time. Mike gets pissy with him and Jakes says he’s glad it’s almost over. He tells him to give him $20 and he does.

Jakes heads into the bus shop and pulls a liquor bottle out of a bag and takes a slug. Foster shows up where Mike is doing surveillance and says she thought he could use the company. Jakes swigs some more then stashes the bottle in the back of a bus. He staggers past his boss who says hey. He asks Jakes what’s up. He sniffs him and tells him to get into his office now. He follows him in and tells him he’s shitfaced and is fired.

Jakes says he needs to talk to him and then vomits on him and says he doesn’t remember eating that. He leaves to go clean the barf off him while Jakes hurriedly ransacks the office then checks his laptop. He says the next bus is coming in two days. His boss says that was the last bit of charity he has and kicks him out. Foster says two days isn’t a lot of time. She tells Mike they need everyone they can get.

She says they are getting the LAPD to help and also wants the trafficking team to help. She say the buses are a priority but he wants to keep them looking for the girls. She says no then reminds him that both of them have a lot riding on this. She says he has two days and walks out. Jakes heads back to his apartment and sees a bike outside. He comes in and sees a boy.

The girl tells him the floor is lava and he hops onto a pillow. It’s his son and he asks how he found him. He says it was on some lawyer stuff. He asks if he’s a cop and he says he’s immigration – a Fed. He kneels down and tells Daniel that he’s glad he came to find him but says the piece of paper says he can’t see him and says he needs to talk to his mom.

The girl pulls Jakes into another room and asks what he’s doing. She says he rode 10 miles on his Huffy. He says there is a restraining order and she says he needs to take him to the park or out for ice cream. He asks her to come along and she says she has to get to work. He offers to pay her and says he’ll be her John for the day. She says he has to tell Daniel they are just friends and he agrees.

Mike comes in and tells Paige that there won’t be a team on trafficking and she says it’s her only shot. He says they are pulling three agencies plus local PD and Jessica is driving this. She asks how long he’s been screwing her. He says that’s his boss and then he admits he was but says it was a passing fling. She says he’s good at that and he tells her that she’s more to him than that.

Paige tells him to do whatever he has to do convince Jessica to give her the team. She implies he should sleep with Jessica if he needs to and he asks if she’s thought about what she’s saying and she says she definitely has and that he needs to get her team back no matter what he has to do. He’s aggravated and walks out.

Jakes tries to tell Daniel that he’s sorry for how things turned out. They are at a carnival. Daniel just wants to have fun so the three of them hit the bumper cars. They spend the whole evening there.

Johnny comes to Carlitos and he asks why he’s there. He says he came to say sorry. Johnny comes closer stepping over broken glass and sits down. He asks Johnny if he likes hitting him and tells him to be honest. He says a little. Carlito thanks him and says people are rarely honest with him. He says he is and Carlito asks if he’s honest or terrified. Johnny says he thinks he might try and kill him.

Carlito lights a smoke and tells Johnny his dad would make them kiss his fist at bedtime, the same fist he used to hit them with. He says one night he stole a box of bullets and he and Lucia ran outside and they made a suicide pact. He says he wanted his dad to find their bodies but Lucia couldn’t go through with it. He says later he realized why she couldn’t do it and says it was because she couldn’t bear to hurt him.

He tells Johnny that Lucia means everything to her but the reason she’s there is because his Dad doesn’t trust him and no one does. Carlito says he’s not pretty on the inside like Johnny but he deserves trust, loyalty and a chance to prove himself. He tells him he will run the family. He moves closer to Johnny and asks if he believes in him. He says yeah. Carlito puts his face close to him and strokes Johnny’s face. It’s weird. He tells him he’s going to sleep now and says goodnight Johnny. Johnny leaves.

He comes back to the house and Jessica asks how it went. Briggs says it appears that Carlito has feelings for him. Johnny is embarrassed and says that may not be what’s going on. Mike wants him to try and get Carlito to personally pick up the shipment tomorrow. Briggs takes offense that he would want Johnny to trade affection to make it happen and Charlie reminds him that female agents do it all the time.

Johnny thinks about and then says he’ll do it. Mike asks if he’s sure and he says yes. Briggs looks a little uncomfortable with the idea.
[11:03:59 PM] Rachel Rowan: Jakes pulls up a little ways away from Daniel’s house and pulls his bike out of the back. He tells Daniel it was fun and they agree they’d like to see each other again. He hugs Daniel and kisses him and tells him to go on home. He waves then hops back into the truck. The girls is crying from watching them and then tells him she wants $200. She says it’s lower than her usual.

He tells her he has $80 and they can hit an ATM but she grabs it and just hops out. She tells him he’s going to be fine and leaves. Jessica answers her hotel door and finds Mike there. He tells her that he agrees that they need to shut down the corridor. He says she’s right and she tells him he will get all the credit. She kisses him and pulls his shirt off. He says good and they undress each other.

She walks to the bed and he sighs. She asks what and he says he can’t let the traffickers walk and asks her for some additional resources. She promises to make a call in the morning and he continues undressing. They kiss and he pushes her back onto the bed. He stops and says he’s sorry. He says he can’t. She says he cares about Paige and that’s why he’s there. He nods.

He comes back to the house and tells Paige that her case is off. She asks if he went to see Jessica. He says he went and she made him a drink and they kissed and then got into bed. She asks why she didn’t approve her team and he says because she knew his heart was somewhere else. Jakes sits in his room at the house. Paige comes in and asks what he’s doing. She asks for his help with the trafficking and he says he heard the case was off. She says she’s pulling a Mike on Mike. Jakes says that sounds hot and says Candy Crush can wait.

Johnny meets Carlito at a club. He hears them talking about the pickup and tells them he’s not an idiot. Johnny says he wants to go and Carlito says all in good time and tells him to stick to what he knows. Johnny says he doesn’t know what he knows. He asks Carlito if he believes in him echoing his words. He pulls Johnny into the back room and slams him into a wall.

He tells Carlito that he has to show him his place. He tells him he’s killed men. Johnny kisses him and Carlito pulls a gun and calls him a madacon. He hits him with his gun and Johnny tells him he’s the one that needs to be honest. Carlito says he knows who he is and Johnny stares down the barrel of the gun and tells him he’s not afraid of him. Carlito grabs him and kisses him. He grabs a cloth and cleans the blood off his face.

Carlito tells him he’s crazy and Johnny says coming from him that’s a compliment. He asks Carlito if he’s going to give him what he wants and says he wants to do the pickup just the two of them. He tells Johnny he can’t say no to that pretty face. He walks off. Johnny breathes a sigh of relief and leans his head back.

Paige comes and sits by a Tinker Bell girl on a bus. The girl tells her her name is Anica and she shows her the badge. She asks Anica how much heroin she’s swallowed and tells the girl they are going to sell her but she says they are going to get her citizenship. The girl looks sick and asks what she wants her to do. Paige gives her something and says she needs to wear it.

Johnny goes outside and sees Lucia smoking and asks for one. She lights him up. He thanks her and walks off. She thanks him for saving her and asks if his family is as messed up as her. She says she didn’t think he was gay when they first met. She says she saw them go in the back. She says it’s an open secret that Carlito is gay and he says he’s not and that nothing happened.

She says she can’t blame Carlito for trying. She grabs his junk and kisses him and says maybe he’s not after all. She walks off and the Carlito pulls up and Johnny hops in. Briggs radios and tells Mike it worked and that they’re following them now. Paige tells Anica what to do and she tells her that she nees to do what they say and says the wire will do the rest.

She tells the girl that her partner and her will be behind her the whole time. The bus stops and Jakes pulls up. The girl isn’t looking so good and Paige helps her into the bus stop. Mike, Jess and the DEA and others are waiting. They hear that Johnny and Carlito are five minutes out. Paige takes the girl into the bathroom and helps her throw up.

A cop comes up and asks Jake to step out of the car. He says he’s making a mistake. They ask him to get out. The girl is seizing because one of the bags burst. She tells Jakes to call the cops. Carlito gets a call and then pops a u-turn. He asks what’s wrong and he says the pick up is off. Briggs relays the u-turn to Mike. The cops tell Jakes they have a warrant on him for violating a restraining order.

The cops move in to grab the product even though Carlito isn’t coming. As they near, the barrels explode. We see Paige doing CPR on the Tinker Bell and Jakes getting tased by the cops. Paige tells Jakes that the girl is dead and tells him that she’s going to take her place and wear the wire and she needs him to follow. But he doesn’t hear her because the radio is in the truck and he’s been hauled away.

Mike says the leak is one of their own and says no one knew Carlito was coming until he announced it on the radio. She says he can’t know that and he says they can’t trust anyone. He takes a guy they had arrested away. There is a pounding on the door. Paige rushes to hide her phone and stuff. The cowboy comes into the bathroom and asks how the trip was and she says it was long – she speaks with a Russian accent. We see she stashed the girl’s body in the corner of the stall.

The End!