Graceland Recap 7/9/14: Season 2 Episode 4 “Magic Number”

Graceland Recap 7/9/14: Season 2 Episode 4 “Magic Number”

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with another episode of its second season called, “Magic Number.” On tonight’s show Jake pays his way into a garage with secrets while Briggs and Charlie try to atone for past transgressions.

On the last episode Jake, along with the team, tried to find a contraband-smuggling bus; Tuturro got in over his head after selling an antique gun to the son of a cartel leader. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jake pays his way into a garage with secrets while Briggs and Charlie try to atone for past transgressions. Elsewhere, Tuturro contemplates how far he is willing to go for a case after a night on the town with Carlito.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.

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Jakes works on a truck and Mike says it’s a good thing that he chose him over Zelansky because there’s going to be a lot of bus-related questions. Charlie grills him on bus diagnostics. They review his cover with him. His cover is a bus mechanic and he says he’ll study more tonight. Charlie tells him to remember the wheels on the bus go round and round. Paige asks what Mike’s plan is and he says they have to figure out how to tear one apart to find out how they’re stashing the dope.

Paige is reading a letter from Lena, one of the Tinker Belles and she says she doesn’t think she was just a mule. She says pretty isn’t a prerequisite for muling and maybe there’s a sex trade tie-in as well. She wants to go kick in doors in Solano and he agrees. Jakes is told by several attorneys that he won’t have access to his son because of his behavior. Jakes gets defensive and the attorney says he’ll send him some other attorney referrals and that’s the best he can do. Jakes grabs a bottle of booze.

Briggs and Kelly leave an AA meeting together. He says he’s bored with meetings and he asks about her job. She says she’s a part-time receptionist and she misses working at the law firm. She says when her hubby died, she fell off the wagon. He asks if her husband was law enforcement, didn’t he have good insurance. She says because his body hasn’t been found, the FBI won’t pay out the death benefits. He says that’s BS. Kelly says it’s $230k worth of BS.

Briggs asks if there’s something she can do and she says she wonders if he’s alive and ran off with another woman. She says all they found was a key on a psychopath’s keychain. We see a flashback to the desert and Briggs digging in the sand. He sees his own face. He wakes and Charlie tells him he was gasping in his sleep. He tells her he saw Kelly at the meeting. He says she hasn’t gotten Juan’s death benefits but because there’s no body, they aren’t paying. Charlie says they need to get her what she’s owed.

Jakes is barfing violently and Briggs hassles him. Charlie gives him a towel to clean up and Briggs offers to hold back his dreds. He asks Briggs to run interference for him with Mike. He tells Jakes he has food poisoning but Mike isn’t having it. Jakes says he got the devil out and feels good. Briggs offers to tag along and be a buffer and Mike tells him to get him in the shower and cleaned up.

Foster’s boss barges in and says he’s taking heat because Mike hasn’t found anything on the buses. She asks him to wait til the end of the week. He says they are out on a limb and she tells him to put Mike under her and she’ll run the op and take the hit if it goes bad. He says, yes you will. Jakes goes in for his job interview. He tells him he’s been in Birmingham. The guy says he has warning signs and says he can smell the whiskey on him. Jakes says he had a couple last night but it’s not illegal.

Mike glares at Briggs who says he put him in the shower but didn’t scrub his taint. The interviewer tells him he had to quit cold turkey. Jakes congratulates him and then says he had one bad night and says it’s not a regular thing. He says he needs mechanics he can rely on and Jakes says he is but the guy says he isn’t, not yet. Mike says he should have stuck with Zelinsky.

Briggs goes to talk to Jakes and gives him something. Jakes goes back in to see the interviewer. He shows him the six months chip. He says he’s trying and says he goes to meetings all the time. He says he got shitty news and the guy says he needs the right environment. He says he knows he can do the work and Jakes says he’s the guy. The guy says he’s not hiring a project and they agree he’ll start in the morning bright and fresh.

Briggs finds Charlie getting ready to go out on a job. She says she’s hoping to find out something for Mike. She also tells him she called the FBI and pretended to be Kelly’s lawyer. She says she told them to give her the money. Charlie says they have to get the money for Kelly. She says she has to do something. She leaves. Paige is waiting on Johnny to give the code word and he finally does. They rush the brothel. They haul out the madame and the woman says they’re only hostesses.

Paige offers her a deal to cooperate. She asks about the pink backpack girls. The woman says to talk to her lawyer. Johnny tells her to find a loophole. Charlie is at the tattoo shop. Johnny plays a recording of him talking to Carlito – they’re going out to some clubs together. Briggs says they need to remember he shot his own buddy for fun. Briggs tells him to blend in and just be one of the posse. Charlie does some ink when Larezo comes in for another dagger.

Her client wants to meet him and she asks if he’s a junkie. He says he’s lefit and has a stable of horses that need good homes. Charlie asks how much H they’re talking about and he says plenty, plenty. Jakes tells his boss that he’s up for any extra help they need and he tells him to keep his pants on. He says he likes overtime. He tells Jakes that if he shows him stability, they can work something out. Jakes sees the guy use a key card to get into a closed garage that a Cal Coast bus pulls out of.

Jakes says the bus 118 only goes into one bay. Mike says they need to get into it, tear it apart and trace some trackers. He asks what security they have on the bay and he says a key card. He says he can get close enough to his boss to dupe the card. The madame asks where her lawyer is and Paige says with Homeland Security threats, there are special concerns. She says she found suspicious email and the woman insists they’re from a nurse.

She says a year ago she had a girl knock on her door – an Eastern European – that escaped from a slave auction but they messed up her face so she couldn’t use her and sent her on her way. She says that’s all she knows. Johnny heads to the club to meet Carlito. He says to make sure he has fun and they give him two pills. He says he needs something to wash it done. It’s not clear if he takes the pills or cheeks them.

Briggs comes in with some smoking cessation stuff for his girl. Charlie tells him she’s working on getting Kelly her money from the FBI. She tells him about the guy – Gibson – that has a shit ton of heroin he’s looking to sell. She says the FBI and DEA don’t even know about him. She says her informant will get 10% and if they buy $2.3 million worth, Kelly can get her $230k. She tells Briggs she’s not asking for his help and he says it’s too high a risk but she says she can’t have this weighing on her anymore. Briggs says to sleep on it and she says she found the answer and is doing it.

At the club, Carlito tells Johnny to bring him the two girls he pissed off earlier. He heads over. He points out Carlito and tells her he bought Maseratis for his last four girlfriends. The girls blow him off and he says she doesn’t realize how much fun she’s missing out on. He offers them the pills he was given and they each take one. Later, Carlito and Johnny are getting busy with the girls who have stripped down to sexy lingerie. They each have one.

Carlito stops and says he has a little surprise. He pulls out a baggie and offers some to the girl. He calls to the other girl who gets off Johnny and comes over too. He tells them to kiss to get candy and says to kiss each other. They do then snort blow off of him while Johnny watches. He goes to leave but Carlito tells him to sit there and watch and enjoy himself. He laughs. Johnny is pissed off.

Next day, Briggs tells Charlie that he won’t let her do the deal alone. He says every Bonnie needs a Clyde and she says she’s the Clyde. Mike talks to Foster and she says she needs some concrete evidence. He says they are just about to have it and she says to get something she can take upstairs soon. Paige comes in from a run and he says DC is cracking the whip on him. He asks if she tied the girls to the cartel and she says they’re being sold like slaves.

She says she has it on good authority. She says she’s used to cookers, bangers and dealers but hasn’t dealt with this before and he says human trafficking is a different monster. She says they have to save the girls and he promises they will. Jakes comes to see his boss and says he needs to talk to him. He says he wants to ask him about motivation. He says they’ve been talking about it in meetings. He asks if he keeps a memento then says he can’t see his son anymore and his mom cut him off.

His boss says fighting for something real is good. His boss says he got sober for his niece. He shows him a photo. He takes the wallet from him and lowers it to his lap. He says he crashed his car into a river and his niece was in it. He says he even went to prison. He hands back his wallet and his boss tells him he’s rooting for him. He thanks him for sharing.

Charlie tells Briggs she told Gibson she knew someone that could flip his H for quick. She says she gave Kelly the code name Widow as the informant. She and Briggs head out with money to meet at the guy’s GF’s house. She says his uncle in Thailand is his hookup but has developed dementia. Briggs and Charlie come to meet Gibson. She says they swap drugs for money and they’ll all get arrested at the same time. He shows them the stuff and Briggs says they have a deal. She asks to talk to Briggs.

She pulls him aside and they see that he has more. Charlie says that the TAC TEAM will find more and it will end up with Kelly getting a check that’s too big. She and Gibson go to count the money and Briggs goes and destroys the extra H. He puts it down the sink. She and Gibson sit while he goes through the money. Briggs is hard at work destroying the extra dope. He puts some into the washing machine. He notices what’s going on and Charlie knocks him out.
[11:43:40 PM] Rachel Rowan: one more part left
[11:52:35 PM] Rachel Rowan: She and Charlie start dumping the extra dope and the GF comes in with a gun and asks what they’re doing. He tells her he works for Larezo and that he doesn’t like it. The TAC TEAM bursts in just then and they arrest the girl and take Gibson into custody. Looks like they got rid of the extra in time. Charlie glues the check to the letter she wrote that says that it’s death benefits. Jakes sees his boss go into the bus garage and watches 118 pull in. He alerts Mike that it’s there.

“Immigration” shows up and corrals everyone while Mike, Jakes and the team work over the bus. They have 20 minutes and Mike says to try and do it in 15. The crew goes to work tearing the bus apart looking for the drugs. They pull off the tires and Mike asks where it is. They didn’t find it and Mike says to put it back together. Mike starts to bash the bus and then Jakes whacks it too for good measure. They found nothing.

Later, Jakes hears Briggs and Charlie fooling around and gets annoyed. He then sees Paige and Mike. He knocks on Johnny’s door and asks what he’s up to. Johnny says he’s going to scrub the pukey toilets and he asks if he wants to spray while he scrubs. Jakes says no thanks. He drives back to the bus site and parks. He pops open a beer while he waits. A girl asks if he’s looking for company. He ignores her and she walks away. He rolls the window down and calls to her to hold up.

Briggs come to see Kelly as she’s opening her mail. She says it’s a letter from the FBI. She says she can’t open it and he tells her it could be an answer. She opens it and is stunned. She says they paid the benefits. She says it’s $30k more than she thought it would be. He tells her it’s great news. She cries and says this is it, now it’s official. She cries and says, he’s gone. Briggs tells her he’s sorry and hugs her. She cries into his neck and he tells her it will be okay.

Later, he tells Charlie that Kelly was happier than he’s ever seen her (he lies). He tells her she fixed it just like she said she would. He holds her tight. She’s relieved. Jakes is offered overtime. He notices that bus 118 is leaving and the scratches are gone from where they hit the bus. He’s told to load the barrels of waste. He lifts the lid on one and sees the drugs. He sees more barrels in the back.