Graceland Detailed Recap: Season 2 Episode 10 “The Head Of The Pig” 8/20/14

Graceland Detailed Recap: Season 2 Episode 10 “The Head Of The Pig” 8/20/14

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with another episode in its second season called, “The Head Of The Pig.” On tonight’s show Briggs and Paige plan to use Briggs’ cover to end Mike’s operation.

On the last episode Johnny helped pitch an idea for a different way to traffic drugs to the head of a drug cartel in Mexico, making sure that they arrived with no problems. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Briggs and Paige send Briggs’s undercover after Mike, who they believe has pushed the boundaries too far. Unfortunately, a dirty cop’s commitment to corruption causes the operation to go awry.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.

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In the desert, a convoy of cars speeds down the road. Johnny drives one and talks to Jakes about how shit could go wrong. We see Jakes telling them he can deliver. He says he’ll stay off radar because there’s a hole between the two that acts as a sweet spot. He says they’re dropping flour to demonstrate. Carlito and Solano watch the pallet get dropped. They eye it on binoculars. The parachute gets a little hole and it drops right on the spot but then busts open.

Johnny says it was a fluke and Solano says he’s wasted his time. Carlito says he can have the cruise ship ready in 10 days but they’ll need help from Markham. Solano says he’ll call him. Paige pulls up near Mike and he says he’s picking up lunch. She tells him he needs a shave and she’s upset that it’s been two weeks and she can’t find Lina.

She tells him it went bad in Mexico and Solano won’t go for the plane. Mike says they have to hold out, They part ways. Briggs is at the police station listening to stories from the other cops. Markham asks to talk to the others and tells Briggs to clear out. He comes in and says Solano called about cruise ships from Mexico. Briggs sits outside, disgruntled to be out of the loop.

At the house, he hears steps and calls out for Charlie, but it’s Paige. She says she can’t find Lina and has put posters up everywhere. She says she has dogs and birds out but nothing. She tells him Mike had three cuts on him and it doesn’t align to a tire iron attack. He asks what she’s saying and she says nothing. She says she can’t bust in without his green light.

She asks Briggs to help her shut Sulla down and says he can supersede Mike’s orders. He says he thinks he knows someone who can help. He says Markham is keeping him on the other side of the door but she may be the key. ‘

Lucia tells Johnny that her brother will put him in the ground since he’s lost her dad’s favor. She asks if he’s that desperate for money. He says he has no choice. She calls him greedy and walks away. Johnny finds Jakes and says he needs help saving his life. Johnny says Lucia chose him over her family and then complains that Jakes is pissing in the buckets in the warehouse.

He says he can’t get the math to work on the parachutes then asks him to take a bucket out. Johnny is disgusted and leaves. The corrupt cops notice Briggs talking to Paige and wonder if she’s a fed. Markham comes out and asks who she is. She says she’s Bradford, FBI. She says they have long term surveillance and needs replacement coms she can borrow.

She flirts and he says to bring them back whole and call first if they need heads busted. She takes them and go. Briggs says he doesn’t know what she’s working on but heard part of her phone call and says it’s Solana. Markham tells him the Feds have their own agenda and they could undo some of the work he’s doing. Briggs says to tell him what’s going on.

Markham tells him he wants to lean on the FBI gal to see what she’s up to. Briggs says he can do that. He heads out. Charlie checks out the mock boxes and Amber blows up at her. She says the explosions are too loud and too tough and says she’ll blow the contents. Charlie says she has a week and will do it.

Solana talks to Johnny about his wife. He says she had pancreatic cancer she fought for two years. Solana tells him he learned from her that we have no time to waste. Johnny says he can fix the parachute. He says Carlito is working the cruise ships and when he’s back they will have a family dinner then Johnny will go away.

Briggs calls Johnny who says he can’t make the plane work and Carlito is working on the cruise ships. Briggs tells him to not be a hero and get out if he needs to. Briggs hears music and comes into the bathroom and finds Charlie in the shower. He sneaks up on her and watches her shower. He sees the pregnancy test lying on her clothes and is taken aback.

He goes into the shower with her, clothes on and all and kisses her. She turns and he kisses her. Later, he’s in his room when there’s a knock – it’s Paige. He tells her that she’s got to get Mike out of the warehouse before Markham goes in. She reminds him he needs to get the girls out safely and he says he’ll do whatever it takes.

Briggs tells Markham she’s on a sex trafficking ring and he says it’s definitely Solana’s set up by Carlito. He says they would have busted it a while ago but the guy has a cop in his pocket. He says they’re just waiting to try and get the guy to talk. Markham asks for the address and says sooner the better.

At dinner, Carlito asks Johnny what he’ll miss most about Mexico. He tells them there’s a morning fog he likes. Carlito calls him a woman but his dad says it is beautiful and Carlito would know if he didn’t sleep all day. Carlito announces the spit roasted pig. He asks if he wants to carve. Carlito stabs the pig. Markham calls Solana and tells him about the women that Carlito is running and says that it’s getting busted.

Solana says he wouldn’t do it without his permission but Markham says he went behind his back. He comes back to his son and tells him he’s looked away too many times and now he’s jeopardized everything. He tells his son to put the knife down and then he punches his son in the face and gut. He’s spitting blood and begs his father not to be mad. His father kicks him and asks if he thinks he can lie to him.

He kicks him again and again. He tells Johnny to figure out the plane and says he no longer does business with those that betray him. He walks off wiping his son’s blood off his hands while Carlito lies on the floor suffering.

down. He says he doesn’t know what it is, but it’s mot about Carlito being gay. He says either way, they have their second chance. Jakes says he doesn’t know and says they need to find out why Solana is busting skills. Johnny leaves. Jakes gets a call from Briggs and tells him that Charlie’s pregnant. Jakes is shocked and asks haven’t they heard of condoms.

Briggs says he called for advice. Jakes says he wouldn’t trade it for anything despite the trouble. Briggs sees Markham up to something and says he has to go. Paige meets with Mike and tells him he looks like crap. She says she’s not asking him to pull the plug on Sulla and says he needs to go to Graceland and take a rest. He says he needs to be on the inside.

Paige tells him she forgives him for everything and tells him if he’s going in there for her, not to. He says his own bed and some real rest sounds good. He says she’s right and puts on his sunglasses. She says she’ll see him tonight. He heads out. She pulls out her phone and calls Briggs and tells him it’s done. He tells her to hold off tactical as long as she can and says he’s giving him the address now.

Briggs hands him the address and says no one can find out he gave it to him. Markham calls for blueprints and says he wants approaches in an hour. He says he wants to move on it today. Archie says blindie will be there with backup and they agree they can get creative to get their first. Briggs asks to go along and Markham consents. Mike sees he’s home alone and flops down on his bed and conks out.

Johnny finds Carlito in the chapel and he asks if he’s there to glad. He tells him he never wanted to be his enemy and Carlito says the things you want and what you get aren’t always the same. He asks him to work on the plane with him. Carlito says it’s too late and his dad thinks he’s a betrayer. He asks what he did and Carlito says his dad doesn’t see women as a commodity like he does.

Johnny calls Mike and tells him he’s got a second run with the planes since Solana found out about the girls. He goes speeding off and Paige runs into him. He says he has to get Sulla out and she tries to talk reason but he won’t hear it and speeds off. Mike races in and asks the girls were Sulla is. They point into another room.

There are sirens outside and the cops discuss keeping the civilians safe. Paige and some others are there as well. The cars pull up and all are there armed to the teeth. They kick in the door and head inside. Mike races down the halls looking for Sulla. Paige suits up with the others with her. Mike tells Sulla they have to go. SWAT is there with lasers.

Sulla hears gunfire and then checks the cameras. He pulls a gun on Mike and asks what it is. He says it’s a police raid and that he has to get him out of there but Sulla says he’s not going anywhere with him. He tells him Solana sent them and they’re there to kill him, not arrest him. Sulla finally gets some sense and tells him the infirmary is the best shot.

The cops find girls along the way. They shoot down a woman that was armed. Outside Paige points out entries and they head that way. Some girls come running out and Paige tries to calm the girls. She speaks Russian to them and tells them it’s okay. She says they’re there to protect them and sends the girls off to the medics. She heads up and tells the others to protect the girls.

Paige creeps inside. Markham is lurking around looking for the guy he needs to kill. They work through the place room by room. There are more girls crying and a guy has one of the girls with a gun to her head. He tells them to put their guns down and the woman cries. Markham sneaks into the office to look around. Archie says they can all put them down on three and counts.

Briggs moves his gun to the side and so does Archie then Archie pulls a side piece and puts one in the guy’s head. Briggs tells the girl to run and points to which way. Mike and Sulla break a window to get out in the infirmary, Markham is hot on them. He comes into the room. The guy guns down Sulla and puts his gun sight on Mike.

Paige comes in and says hands up. Markham says it’s all good and walks out leaving Sulla dead and Mike annoyed. He has to know that his team went behind his back. Paige walks through the rooms. Markham does an interview outside. Briggs says the tip came from one of the girls that got away. Mike tells them this was Markham cleaning up Solana’s mess and says that’s why they killed them all.

Paige goes to the burned device where Mike destroyed Lina’s body and opens it up. She looks then closed it. Mike says tactical ops don’t have 100% fatality rate. He says Markham said Sulla drew a weapon and that what he did was murder. Briggs tells Markham he doesn’t know what to tell the FBI chick about why everyone died. Markham says to tell her nothing and tells him good job.

Mike tells Paige that Markham murdered everyone and his one lead is in the morgue. Paige says she hates it as much as he does but at least the girls are out safe. He asks how they found out and she plays dumb. She says she asked the other girls about Lina and says they didn’t know anything about her escaping. He says he didn’t tell the girls everything.

Briggs comes in and Mike asks how Markham got the tip about Sulla. He says there was no way to stop it and Briggs says he couldn’t because he was busy earning the guy’s trust as ordered. Mike tells him they screwed him and Briggs says they gained everything and that he’s all the way in. Mike says Markham murdered seven people and Briggs says once his safety deposit box is cleared, he’ll act again.

Lucia tells Johnny that she felt for a long time she was obligated to love her family but she says they have no love and her father could do to her what he did to Carlito. He tells her one job and he’s out and promises he’s not lying to her. She says after this she wants to take the money and go and he agrees. She kisses him and says they have a lot to talk about.

They’re out trying the plane gig again. Jakes tells Solana he added an exta feature. The chute with the goods gets dropped and we see they have it on a life raft. It lands perfectly. It’s an inflatable raft with a rip cord that inflates. Solana tells Johnny to go North and get it ready. He asks to stay in Mexico but he insists he has to go. Jakes asks what he’s doing and says he needs to his job and not worry about Lucia.

Charlie cuts up some veg when Briggs comes in and asks if she’s making sauce. She says it’s been too long since she cooked. She says Johnny and Jakes are headed home. She says she thought Graceland used to be a safe haven for all of them but they lost it. He holds her and tells her to look at him. She does. He says he wants her to keep the baby. She laughs and asks him to help her cook.

Briggs gets a call from an unknown caller. We hear Juan’s voice saying he’s undercover and is meeting with Briggs about the deaths of some undercover agents. His face falls and he starts to panic.