Graceland Recap 8/13/14: Season 2 Episode 9 “Gratis”

Graceland Recap 8/13/14: Season 2 Episode 9 “Gratis”

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with another episode of its second season called, “Gratis.” On tonight’s show Johnny pitches an alternative way to traffic drugs to the head of a drug cartel in Mexico.

On the last episode Charlie tried to bond with a bank robber while Johnny struggled to contain his feelings for the daughter of a cartel leader. Elsewhere, Briggs’ personal life complicated an undercover assignment. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Johnny helps pitches an idea for a different way to traffic drugs to the head of a drug cartel in Mexico, making sure that they arrive with no problems.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.

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In Tecate, Mexico, Lucia and Johnny show up to her dad’s compound. She sends him to a coach house and drives off. Carlito is there waiting with a hug. He says he’s excited to have him there and thought he might never see him again. He asks Carlito what happened that night and he says trouble. He invites him in and tells him to leave Lucia’s stuff. They head inside and Carlito shows him a nice room for the guest of honor. Carlito says he misses him but Johnny backs up. Johnny says his father would kill him if he found out and he says his dad is sleeping.

Carlito touches him and says he’s not afraid of his dad and knows he can’t see through walls. He asks if he’s afraid and Lucia comes in and tells him to leave him be since he’s been driving all night. Carlito leaves and Lucia shuts the door. She says he didn’t waste any time and Johnny asks if she can blame him. She says she’ll be across the hall and tells him good night after calling him an idiot.

Mike lies awake to the ticking of a clock. He gets up and gets to work. He tinkers with a drill and then stops when he hears a noise. He’s out of his room. He goes to find Sulla and asks what he’s doing. He says counting because sometimes the girls get ideas. He asks if he wants a taste but Mike says they’re not for them. Sulla says he got word from Mexico that a new batch is coming and says when they arrive, he can take his.

Mike asks how they’re getting them and he says a cruise ship. He tells Mike to enjoy himself and leaves him looking at the girls. He hones in on Lena thinking about Paige’s concern for the woman. Mike sleeps when Paige knocks on the car window. He tells her about the new shipment and the cruise ship. She reports to Johnny who says he’ll figure something out.

Johnny is called to breakfast and comes out to see Lucia and Carlito with their dad. Her dad asks if the men who held his daughter cried when they killed him. Carlito tells him how he stepped up when he shot Esteban. Lucia wants to show him the stables but Solano tells him to sit. Johnny tells him it’s an honor to be there. He asks how long Johnny plans to stay. Both his kids say he needs to stay.

Lucia says Johnny has been loyal and he says he’s thinking of driving West. He says his family took cruises down the coast and it was fun. Solana asks what they told him and the two kids play dumb and say they didn’t talk to him. He says he had a cousin who worked in a travel agency so they got discounts.

Solana asks if they go through customs easily and Johnny says no, they are very diligent and go through with dogs and individually search cabins. Solana sends Johnny away and Carlito tells him that Johnny is just a tourist and knows nothing but his dad says he seems to know more than Carlito.

Charlie comes looking for Amber and finds her with a blowtorch. She asks if she needs a hand but she says no. Charlie says it’s coming along and Amber says the skeleton is the easy part. They need bond boxes, armored face plates, the works. Charlie asks how she learned it and she says her old man. Charlie says her dad was connected. She asks if he’s doing time and they both find out their dads are behind bars.

Amber asks men or women. Charlie plays dumb and Amber asks again. She asks if she wants to know for personal reasons. Amber says Greg Dyson is a guy many women get stupid over. She says he’s coming in an hour. Charlie looks freaked. Ed Salazar brings the cassette tape (from many episodes ago) to the police station and says it sounds like someone getting murdered. They promise to listen to it.

Charlie calls Briggs and tells him Greg is going to blow her cover. He says to find out what he’s driving and let him know. She says to hurry.

Johnny gushes over the big old church in Lucia’s backyard. She asks what he mentioned cruise ships and he says it was weird. She asks if he’s trying to get in bed with her father and is just using her. He says no. He says he wants her despite her family, not because of it. She seems mollified. She says her dad doesn’t like the idea of God watching and keeping score.

Johnny asks if she’s lost her faith and she says she wouldn’t know anyone in heaven even if she got there. He says she’d know him. They kiss. Briggs speeds down the road and gets a call about Greg being in a white Porsche. He pulls up next to the guy and glances over at him. Greg throws it in reverse and peels out driving backwards. Briggs is on him hot and heavy.

They speed off in a chase that takes them into a parking deck. Greg tucks into a parking space and Briggs speeds past him. Greg pulls back out and Briggs goes on foot and takes shots at him and stops him. He puts up his hands. Amber just lost her get away driver. Amber says she doesn’t like that he’s not answering and Charlie asks if she’s got a plan B. She doesn’t. Charlie says she’s got a guy.

Jakes comes in and looks at the setup and says it looks like a vault. Amber asks when the last time was he worked. He says he does mostly legit celeb chaffeuring and Charlie says driving Miss Daisy. He calls her racist then suggests a transit van because it’s fast to load and blends in. Amber says they’ll be in touch. He calls Charlie a racist again on the way out and she tells him to shut up.

Johnny finds Carlito sitting in the dark in his room. He tells Carlito that it’s hard being so close and not being able to do anything. Carlito asks if he thinks he’s a fool. He gets rough with him and pulls a gun. He says his dad was really listening to him until he showed him up about the cruise ships. He says he won’t let an LA twink advise his dad. Carlito says he’s losing patience.

Johnny tells him that he knows he wants him. Carlito says the moment he becomes an impediment, he will leave him in pieces. He leaves on that threat. Johnny is sweating bullets.

Charlie is up early throwing up. She sighs and looks at herself in the mirror. She cleans up. Mike comes to check on the girls. He has a bag of money and notices a door. He opens it up and presses a nearby button. It shoots flame. It’s some sort of flaming box of doom. He hears screams and runs down the hall. Sulla is yelling at Lena because she bit him. Mike tells him they’re not his.

Sulla says he will vouch for his merchandise and will sample it once in a while. Sulla zips up but tells Mike until he pays in full, they’re his. Mike says he can get laid somewhere else if he wants to get paid. He smacks Mike and says he won’t be the bitch in his own home. He walks out and leaves him bleeding. Mike curses.

Johnny finds Solano at the table. He says he sent his kids into town because he was tired of their bickering. Johnny sits and Solano says he’s not blind. He says he sees the way Carlito looks at him and honks about him like a little goose. Johnny says it’s not what he thinks. Solano says his mom raised him since he was in jail and that’s the problem.

Johnny says he’s not interested in Carlito and he says he must be interested in Lucia. Johnny says he’s not interested in either of them, but in doing business with him. Johnny tells him he has a friend who works in international aid. He says they put stuff in crates then shove it out like dandelion fuzz. He tells Johnny it would be smart to keep his distance from Carlito. Johnny nods.

Charlie folds clothes and puts them in a bag when Briggs comes in. He tells her Greg was under the lamp for 20 hours and never cracked. She says she’s going to go stay with Amber. Briggs says she can’t go and she says the others are – Mike and Johnny – and she says she’s in it too. She says it’s something she has to do. She says she’ll call him and goes.

Mike doctors his injured eye. Sulla watches TV with his goon – an old Marilyn Monroe movie. He tells him women were better back then. Mike says he’s taking Lena. He says he’s taking just her – he says of she’s used up before she hits the market, his customers won’t stand for it. Sulla says it’s not happening. Lena says she’ll be a good wife. Sulla mocks her and then tells him Lena isn’t for sale, not now or ever.

Mike says it’s not a negotiation and Sulla says he’s right and calls him an arrogant little prick. Sulla gets angry and Mike stares at him then looks around. He says they’re going and takes her arm. He walks off. Sulla telsl him to look at him. He stabs the girl over and over. Mike tells her to stay with him. She bleeds out rapidly and is gone.

He glares up at Sulla then cahrges him. He tackles him and chokes him. His goon hits Mike and knocks him off of him. He tells Sulla if he shoots him there’s no money. He tells him to take care of her but Sulla says it’s his mess so he can clean it up. Mike goes back to check on her and he’s bloody too. He pulls out his phone and calls Paige. He can’t get a signal there. He’s frustrated.

Amber is surprised to see Charlie at her door. She asks if she can come in and she says not if she’s running. She says she’s not – she says there’s somewhere she just doesn’t want to be. Charlie flops down on the love seat and Amber asks if she wants to talk about it. Charlie says no and just wants to sleep.

Johnny wakes to a knock. He opens the door to find Carlito. He pushes his way in and tells him to get dressed. He asks what’s going on and pulls his clothes on. Mike cleans up in the bathroom and washes all of Lena’s blood off him while he breathes in and out angrily. He calls Paige and says he’s bringing Lena out. She asks what’s going on.

He says Sulla wanted her so he pulled her out and says she’s in the trunk. He drives past her position and tells her to meet him somewhere else. He opens the trunk then smashes himself with a crowbar in the head. Paige pulls up and freaks out. She asks what happened and he says she ran. He says he didn’t expect her to come out swinging at him. She calls it in for a search for her. He says he has to get back to Sulla. He reminds her Lena isn’t the only girl in there.

Johnny tells Carlito this feels weird and he asks if Judas felt weird counting his silver. Lucia sees they’re gone and is alarmed. Carlito takes him to the stables and says he knows he went to his dad. He calls him a snake. Lucia creeps out after them. Carlito brings him to his dad. Solana says he doesn’t know what to do with him. He says he has something with his dandelion fuzz idea but says Carlito won’t work with him. He says this is a dilemma.

Lucia sees Johnny through the window and he sees her. Johnny says there’s no dilemma because he can run it wihtout Carlito. He says in two weeks he can have a flight plan mapped out. Mike carries Lena’s body and lays her on a table. We hear the tape playing that went to the cops. Mike pushes her into the box of fire. The tape plays and the cop listens.

He listens to it as we see Mike immolating her body. There’s sounds of a struggle then a gunshot. The cop takes off his headphones and puts them down. He makes a call. He says he’s got a tape, old school, and asks if he knows Paul Briggs or Juan Badillo. He plays it for the person he called.