Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Break Up: Wedding Ring Off – Couple Split In Secret Separation (PHOTOS)

Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Break Up: Wedding Ring Off - Couple Split In Secret Separation (PHOTOS)

Did Halle Berry secretly break up with husband Olivier Martinez? It’s been less than a year since they were married and had their first child together, Maceo. However, she was noticeably husband-less at the post-Oscar party last week, and she avoided all the high-profile events such as Vanity Fair and Madonna‘s party. Maybe she wanted to keep a low profile and avoid speculation about a possible divorce? If so, mission failed.

The speculation was mainly sparked by the fact that Halle wasn’t wearing a wedding or engagement ring. Although she wasn’t with Olivier, plenty of spouses were absent that night due to other commitments. However, if that was the case we’d still be seeing Halle wearing some ring, no?

Halle also spoke to People Magazine the other night, and she discussed her baby son, Maceo, revealing, “You know, I’m working on a television show now. So I’m juggling working and being a mom and breast feeding while I’m working. It’s a whole new life for me now all over again, having a new little baby again.” No mention of Olivier? The way she discusses juggling her motherhood and her career seems to signify that there’s no one else in her life helping, even though she definitely mentioned Olivier in the past.

From all the evidence, it really does look like splitsville for the couple. There’s not a lot of reasons that Halle would show up alone during awards season, without a wedding ring, and then not mention her husband in interviews at all.

What do you guys think? Have Halle and Olivier taken a break? Or is Olivier otherwise held up, and Halle just didn’t mention him out of convenience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

 Halle Berry stopping by a friends house in Beverly Hills, California on March 4

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • drdebo cherry

    duh….and she let him- an amateur boxer- get close to her daughter and then, beat her father to a pulp- this women is a nut and I fear for both of her children– when she has them.

    • Flirt

      like that entire drama wasn’t orchestrated by Halle herself with the citizen’s arrest and everything.

  • Angel

    No,No! Halle and Olivier were meant to be together! Most beautiful couple in history!

  • Flirt

    I heard in January that he moved out of the house and back into his own apt. Word is he was fed up with her “lies” and constant manipulation. She tried to get him back at first but they might be over now. I mean, it seems evident that she only married him for her own disordered agenda anyway ..there didn’t seem to be a lot of real love there. You can inquire deeper into these rumors yourself Robyn. The couple I heard it from are credible. Halle will wait of course and spin the media in her direction of victimization as per usual I am sure. She has done this for over 17 years. I wish her the best, but she really isn’t the purest heart around. If she feels he wronged her, she will use everything in her power to malign his character like she has with others. Unless, of course, he has these “lies” over her to promise to play nice.

    • Guest

      Who is Robyn? There’s no Robyn commenting on this site, unless I am missing something.

      Didn’t you post this on another site? Who knows what’s true or not?

      • Flirt

        I haven’t visited many other sites, so I doubt it. Perhaps somebody else with ties to LA …I dunno. and you are certainly right, there are always many, many sides to a story. The spinner with the most experience usualy gets their own out there first.

  • Sherry

    OMG! My friend was at this same party as Halle and she noticed that Olivier was not with her and Halle was not wearing her wedding ring. She also said that Halle seemed sad and depressed. I didn’t want to believe my friend but wow looks like she was right.

  • Aya

    see this is how rumors and s*** start.assuming things., no ring ,no olivier
    its separation ,or divorce. Hes working on
    a project so is she. They just had a baby he probably wanted to stay home with the children.Papparazi have no lives,spreading un truths about people stiring up shit and get paid off lies. This country is sick.

  • FeeFiFoeFum

    Martinez is working on a tv show. He’s busy. Maybe Halle’s not wearing her rings because her fingers are swollen? Maybe she just doesn’t like them? I’d hate to be a celebrity and have people playing photo assumption just because I left off a piece of jewelry!

    • Chiryder

      Halle Berry is. I didn’t think he could breastfeed.
      “Maybe she just doesn’t like them?”

      WHAT?! A year into your marriage. Her husband is a billionaire. You’d think she would tell him and he’d simply by a new one.

      Fingers swollen? Come on.

      • Guest

        He supposedly has $20M to her $70M according to celebritynetworth.com—but do understand your point.

    • Flirt

      I read that he is just slated for four episodes.

      • Guest 2

        That doesn’t surprise me…I was under the impression it was a small re-occurring role.

  • aliendreams

    Maybe she should not consider getting married to anyone. I have seen enough people go from spouse to spouse in some sort of search for a savior or a spouse that will fix all of their problems.

    Here’s a clue. IF you have been married AND divorced 2X or more then you NEED to take a few years off and learn how to live with yourself. Because all you are doing is running from one spouse to another looking for someone to fix what’s broke. Learn how to live with yourself for a few years before you get married again. Learn to love and be comfortable with yourself, FIRST!

  • Angel

    Thanks, I feel better. Love this couple, hope they stay together forever.

  • Guest 2

    Hey CDL you forgot to mention that she was wearing her rings Jan 30th at the Acupulco FF and that there are a bunch of pix on the web via Google images of her pre/post pregnant w/o her engagement/wedding ring on.BTW she was w/her manager not husband at the AFF and no one said anything…regardless of it being true or false at the present time.

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  • ally

    I really think Halle has a problem it NOT the men its HER!! She’s had every type of man and still can get it right! I think girlfriend is feeling herself a little too much!!!