Hannibal LIVE RECAP: Season 2 Episode 11 “Ko No Mono”

Hannibal LIVE RECAP: Season 2 Episode 11 “Ko No Mono”

NBC’s hit show HANNIBAL returns tonight with a new episode. In “Ko No Mono,” Truths about a vanishing emerge. Elsewhere, Alana grows concerned about Will’s mental state; Mason believes that his sister is scheming to wrest control of his power; and Hannibal discloses information about Abigail to Will.

On last week’s episode a disturbing partnership emerged as Hanibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) assisted Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) through a dark transformation, while Jack (Laurence Fishburne) and the team investigated a disturbing tableaux – Michael Pitt guest starred as Mason Verger. The bond between Hannibal and Will grew after Will demonstrated his willingness to go to dark places, a shift that does not go unnoticed by Jack. Jack and the FBI team investigated a tableau made of Randal Tier (Mark O’Brien) and his animal exoskeleton, fully realized as the vicious hunter he yearned to be (episode 209). Hannibal advised Margot Verger (Katherine Isabelle) regarding her concerns over her brother Mason’s violent nature, a fear that intensified when Mason demonstrates how he has trained pigs to consume human flesh. Will agreed to an interview with Freddie Lounds (Lara Jean Chorostecki) for her upcoming book, and learned that she is looking into his allegations of Hannibal’s possible guilt. Also starring Caroline Dhavernas and Aaron Abrams.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jack and the team learn the truth about Freddie Lounds’ disappearance, while the lives of Will (Hugh Dancy) and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) get further entangled with Mason (Michael Pitt) and Margot (Katherine Isabelle) The truth of Freddie Lounds’ disappearance is discovered by Jack and his team. Alana expresses her concern over Will’s mental state, but he confuses her fears by encouraging her to arm and protect herself. Mason Verger suspects that his sister, Margot, is plotting to usurp him by getting pregnant with an heir. Hannibal reveals to Will how much Abigail reminded him of his sister, making it even harder for Will to understand why she had to die. Also starring Caroline Dhavernas, Aaron Abrams and Scott Thompson.

Tonight’s season 2 episode 11 looks like it is going to be amazing, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s new series at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new series so far.

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The antlered Hannibal creature stalks a dying elk. Something is coming out of a chrysalis of sorts and screaming. It looks like Will has been reborn with a set of his own antlers in Hannibal’s nightmare image. Hannibal brings a flaming platter of food in and serves it to Will. He says it’s considered a rare debauchery among gourmands. A songbird is drowned alive and then set aflame.

Will says he hasn’t been gorged, drowned, plucked and roasted yet like the birds. Hannibal says you would traditionally wear a shroud over your face to hide from God while you eat it but Hannibal says he doesn’t hide from God. They each pick up their bird and Hannibal instructs Will to eat it bones and all. They each pop their bird into their mouths and crunch the tender delicacy. Hannibal closes his eyes to enjoy it as does Will.

Hannibal says it’s a stimulating reminder of our power over life and death and Will tells him he was euphoric when he killed Freddie. Hannibal asks if his heart raced when he did it and he says no. Hannibal tells him that means he’s evolving and Hannibal says killing is changing the way he thinks. He tells Will that blood and breath are elements undergoing change to fuel Will’s radiance. Will takes this all in.

A security guard at a parking lot hears a sound and then sees a flaming body in a wheelchair come hurtling down the ramp. He chases after it. It crashes into Freddie’s assigned parking spot. Dental records confirms that the flaming body was Freddie and that she had been dead for a day before she was set on fire. Will says she always wanted to be noticed and Jack says her failing was her inability to stay out of her stories.

Hannibal is there and they point out a cut from a hunting knife. Hannibal says this is not about her work but something sacred. Will says she had to burn because she was fuel. He says fire destroys and creates. He says her killer will rise from the ashes and Hannibal says her killer is the one to be noticed now.

Margot looks at her positive pregnancy test. She tells Hannibal about it and he says she’s made Will an unknowing accomplice. He’s the baby daddy but has no idea. Margot says she’s not proud of herself and Will says she shouldn’t be. Margot tells Will she lied. Will looks at Hannibal and asks if he knew. He says he knew only that she wanted a child, not that Will was the means to achieving it. Will asks what she wants and she says nothing or as much as he would like to give. She says she’s not opposed to a male influence as long as it’s not her brother. She says he’s not good with children.

There’s a school tour at the stables and Mason asks a boy if he likes horses. He offers him a carrot and let the boy feed it. The boy tells him about his foster family and Mason asks if he loves them. He tells the boy Franklin that he can’t stay with them anymore and says he has to go away.

Mason says the government says so because his foster mom lost her job and the government won’t let him. Mason is freaking the kid out and then asks him if there’s something wrong with him. The child is tearing up. Mason wipes away a single tear from the child’s eye and puts the tissue in a little box he carries. He offers him a chocolate. Mason drops the little tissue with the tear in it in his martini and drinks it with satisfaction.

At Will’s, he’s having a nightmare. He sees Freddie’s flaming body hurtling down the ramp. There’s a knock at his door. He finds Alana on his porch and he lets his dogs out to run with hers. He asks if she’s there for a friendly visit and she says it’s not that. She says she’s there to convince herself of something and he says she’s worried he killed Freddie. She asks if he did and he asks what she thinks.

Will tells her that he told everyone that Hannibal was a killer and no one believed him. He says in the same way no one will believe her if she says he’s a killer. She says his relationship with Hannibal isn’t good for him and he says he’s not good for her either and that she should be afraid of Hannibal. Will says he has something for her and brings her out a gun. He tells her not to be afraid to use it on whoever she’s afraid of. He tells her to buy a box of 9 mm rounds and find a range to practice. He goes back in his house and shuts the door.

At Hannibal’s, Mason comes in and lies down. He says he wants to talk about camp at Lake Michigan. He says his father paid for all the campers and Mason says he’s continued the good works and says the campers are unfortunate and will do anything for a candy bar. He says he got a slap on the wrist for what he did and had to do some community service and see a therapist.

Hannibal asks Mason to come sit across from him and he does. He leaves his jacket lying and Hannibal glances at it with interest. Mason tells him that his father could look at a man and see his weakness. Hannibal tells him that a boy’s illusions are no basis for the life of a man and tells him that Margot is the only family he has left.

Mason says Margot has to love him or she’s destitute. Mason says he’s the sole heir and Hannibal says – unless biology provides another. Hmm…

At Freddie’s funeral, the pastor reads a verse. Alana stands apart from the others watching. Will walks up and joins her. She says she’s there to mourn Freddie and asks why he’s there. He says there are all sorts of reasons for him to be there. He says killers come back to funerals and crime scenes.

He asks if she was expecting him and he says he isn’t there to dance on her grave and she says he’s not there looking for her killer because he’s not interested in the crowd. He asks if she’s profiling him then says he’s there because Hannibal told him it would be therapeutic. Alana walks away from him and toward the crowd.

Will tells Hannibal that he’s having a hard time thinking about making a life when he’s been focused on taking them. Hannibal says that fatherhood changes you and asks what sort of father Will would be. Will says he would be a good father and Hannibal says he seems attached already. Will clarifies that he’s anticipating attachment.

He asks Hannibal if he’s been a father and he says he was a father to his younger sister. He says her name was Misha and she taught him a lot about himself. He says she’s dead and that Abigail reminded him of her. Will asks why he killed her and Hannibal says what happened to Abigail was the only way but Will says there was another way but there isn’t now.

Hannibal asks if he will protect this new child in a way he couldn’t protect Abigail and Will says he dreams about her still. He dreams about teaching her to fish and Hannibal says he’s sorry he took that from him and wishes he could give it back. Will says he wishes that too. Hannibal says sometimes he deliberately drops a teacup to shatter on the floor and isn’t satisfied that it never puts itself back together. He says he hopes one day it will. We see a visual of a fine teacup reassembling itself from its broken pieces.

Will stands at Freddie’s grave with the police. Alana ducks under the police tape and Jack tells her the killer is trying to get attention. Her body has been posed and there are holes in her. Alana says that whoever killed Randall Tier killed Freddie. They were both mutilated and put on display. Alana points out to Jack that Will is the connection between them both.

Freddie was investigating Randall’s death when she dies and Will points out she was investigating many things. Alana says it’s a psycho that’s incubating and that he is building himself up or someone else is. Will says that Shiva – as Freddie has been posed – is destroyer and benefactor. Alana says the killer has been guided and Jack says it’s a sign post. Alana says Freddie’s killer may not have done it – it may be his benefactor because there is a courtship.

Mason greets his sister and says she has a bloom in her cheeks. He says he was lying in his bed composing and he thought that for a family concerned with breeding, they’re not doing much of it. Margot says she’s just trying to survive this generation. Mason tells her their dad would pull her out of school for weeks at a time to teach him about that music. He asks her if she wants an heir and he says he wants a little baby of his own.

He says it would be his and she could be Auntie Margot. He says a child may be what they need to bring them closer together. She says maybe it is. He tells her that she has a bloom to her cheeks. He wraps his hand in her hair and demands to know her secret. He walks away and Margot glares at him.

Hannibal tells Will that Shiva is destroyer and creator. He says who you are yesterday is laid waste to who you will be tomorrow. Will asks how many lives were sacrificed and Hannibal says as many as were necessary. Will says that Hannibal cared about Abigail as much as he did and Hannibal says maybe more. Yet he killed her. Hannibal says God sacrifices in this way.

Will asks what God he prays to and Hannibal tells him he doesn’t pray at all and isn’t concerned with deity other than to notice how his own modest actions pale in comparison. Will says he’s prayed that he would see Abigail again. Hannibal says it has come true in a way since he saw part of her. Hannibal says should time reverse and teacups come together, a place could be made for Abigail in his world and Will asks what place that would be.

Hannibal tells him he lost a child and is now likely to gain one. Hannibal says God is unmatched in malice and in irony. The antlered creature is there with them and spreads its arms like Shiva – like Freddie’s posed burned corpse.

Mason is back at Hannibal’s for a session. He says he remembers walking the swine fairs with his father looking over the competition. He says his father had a little silver knife he kept ready to check the depth of the fat of the pigs. Hannibal says he had an odd education and Mason laughs. He says those were good, funny times. He says his father would stab 4H show pigs that thought everyone was their friend. He says they were coddled things.

Hannibal says a concern with show pigs is happiness and Mason says if were concerned with their happiness we wouldn’t eat them. Hannibal asks what about Margot’s happiness and Mason says his dad taught him to stick his knife in just enough to check the thickness of her skin and Hannibal tells him he miscalculated and struck a nerve.

Mason says Margot would love to stick a knife in him and Hannibal reminds him she tried to kill him once already. Mason says she has found a loophole in their father’s will and didn’t take into account her resourcefulness. Mason says if Margot isn’t pregnant she will be. Hannibal says the child would be his family and an heir to carry on his name. Mason says he would have an heir only if he dies. He laughs again.

Hannibal sits with Alana and drinks a glass of wine. He asks what’s on her mind. Alana says she’s feeling pressure to believe something she doesn’t and it’s making her paranoid. He asks who’s pressuring her and she says Will. Hannibal says they’ll never really be alone and that Will will always be in the room.

Alana asks if he thinks he’s helping Will and Hannibal says he’s finding himself and getting better. She says he doesn’t seem to be getting better and Hannibal asks if she’s questioning his therapy. Alana says she’s questioning everything. She says it’s all blurry and subjective. She says she feels empty like she’s given blood. Hannibal kisses her hand and says she’s given more than blood. He kisses her hand and smells it. He smells the powder residue from the gun she’s been firing. He kisses her on the mouth and asks if she’s been firing a gun and she tells him she’s been feeling paranoid. She kisses him back.

A car is packed with the plate MUSKRAT3. It’s Margot. She drives down the road but her car is struck hard from the side by another vehicle – a truck – on the driver’s side. The driver of the truck gets out. It’s the crazy pig torturer that works for Mason. She comes to and is shocked to see him standing there. She comes to and is lying on a table with a light shining in her eyes. She hears the beep of life support equipment.

Mason is there with her, dressed in red surgical scrubs. He tells her poor Margot just can’t win. He takes off his surgical mask and tells her that he has to remove this temptation. He looks down at her and says she’s going to find something wrong with her lady parts or so the record will state. He says a doctor will advise him that it’s best if they take everything.

Mason says he’s afraid the only person she’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day with is him. He sops up one of her tears with one of his creepy little tissues. The scene back up and we see she’s being knocked out and there’s a team there to do some sort of damage to her.

Alana tells Jack the most terrifying thing in the world can be lucid moments. She asks him what he’s up to. She sits and says she thinks she knows and he can’t fool her. He says he’s not trying to fool her. She says they are all lying to each other. She says Will and Hannibal are lying to each other and to him. He asks what she believes and she scoffs and asks what he believes.

Alana asks if he thinks Will killed Freddie. He says no. She asks if he thinks Chilton was the Ripper and he says the evidence… She interrupts yelling at him to stop lying. She says he thinks he has moved his pieces around so cleverly. He asks what has changed and she says she has no confidence that she really knows Hannibal anymore and says he doesn’t know him either or Will.

She tells Jack he’s going to lose if he hasn’t lost already. Jack says she needs to come with him. He takes her into another room. Freddie is there and asks Alana how her funeral was. Alana gasps and tears up.

Will comes to see Margot in the hospital. She’s all banged up from the wreck. Hannibal joins him outside her room. They look at each other then Will walks away. Hannibal stares at her with consideration.

Will comes running at Mason’s torturer – Carlo – from behind. Mason sits in his chair above his killer pigs when his music stops. He calls out to Carlo. He stands and Mason tells him he must be the baby daddy and tells him to forgive him for not offering a cigar. Will punches him and Mason says he’s going to feed him to his pigs.

Will lunges at him and holds him tipped out over the pen of flesh eating pigs. Will asks him if he thinks it was Margot’s idea to have a baby, Mason’s idea to take it from her and Will’s idea to come kill him? He tells Mason the only thing that the three of them have in common is the same therapist. He throws Mason aside and then puts a gun to his head. Mason laughs.

Will says if Hannibal has his druthers, he would have a bullet in his brain right now. He tells Mason that Hannibal is the one he wants to be feeding to his pigs.