Hart Of Dixie RECAP 1/27/14: Season 3 Episode 11 “One More Last Chance”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 1/27/14: Season 3 Episode 11 “One More Last Chance”

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns with a new episode called, “One More Last Chance.”  On tonight’s season 3 episode 11, Lynly (guest star Antoinette Robertson) is having some trust issues with George, which starts to create tension between them. Did you watch the last episode ? If you want to catch up before tonight’s episode there is a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last  show when Brick was asked to help with the local cabaret, he nominated Zoe to save the day. Lavon felt defeated about the possible merger with Fillmore, so it was left up to AnnaBeth and Lemon to motivate him to put up one last fight. Lynly (guest star Antoinette Robertson) continued to become more jealous of George’s close friendship with Tansy (guest star Mircea Monroe), and kept a close on eye him. Meanwhile, Wade was excited about his new romance, but grew concerned when he noticed that she was pulling away. John Stephens directed the episode written Kendall Sand.

On tonight’s episode In a last ditch effort to stop the merger, Lavon enlists the entire town’s help to try and convince the Lt. Governor (guest star Dondre Whitfield, “Mistresses”) that BlueBell should be named a historic town. Zoe and Joel continue to debate where to live, but the best option lies with Zoe’s relative, who does not like New Yorkers. Wade takes a big step in his relationship by meeting Vivian’s (guest star Lauren Bittner) son, but he soon realizes he has a long way to go to win him over. Meanwhile, Lynly (guest star Antoinette Robertson) is having some trust issues with George, which starts to create tension between them. Kevin Mock directed the episode written Jamie Gorenberg.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Joel and Zoe are house hunting and he says they’ll have more options if the merger goes through. She tells him to pick one but then isn’t happy when he picks the one she didn’t like. She wants the house near Cricket but he says she and her hubby sing show tunes and he can’t take it. Wade joins them and says Vivian is introducing him to Harley today and tells Zoe it’s a test to see if he’s serious so he can bed her. Joel and Zoe cry TMI and he explains that he’s been dating her and even talking to her crazy Aunt Winifred.

Zoe says Vivian wouldn’t let her meet Aunt W and Joel had been pushing for it because she has a house to rent that he’s interested in. Wade tells them they must be too embarrassing. Lavon explains to the town folk that Lt Governor Byrd will be there for a short visit about the merger. Wanda says he’s a hottie. Lavon says they need to get the merger halted by having the town declare a historical landmark.

He says the big challenge is that there is actually not a lot of historical significance there. Tom says his mom has a really old toilet he was saving for Antiques Roadshow. He tells everyone to be on their best behavior with no fighting, whining or drama while Byrd is there.

Linley and Tansy make plans for a mani-pedi party. They’ve been hanging out since she broke up with Scooter but George freaks out a little about it. Zoe comes to see her uncle and cousin and tells Vivian they are in a fight. She asks why she won’t let her meet Aunt W. They explain that she’ll hate Zoe because she’s from New York. They tell her there’s no way she’ll ever rent to her and Joel. Uncle Jacob tells Viv he can’t babysit Harley for her date with Wade and Zoe volunteers she and Joel for the job.

George is watching the crazy Don Todd golf show – today he’s on Easter Island golfing near the big heads. Linley comes in panicking and says it was an accident. They had back to Tansy’s trailer and she’s fuming because Linley caused a hair disaster.

Wade meets Harley and offers to help him with a soapbox derby car. Harley lets him hold his lizard Cecil. Vivian says that’s a good sign and goes to get him ice cream. When she leaves, Harley tells him the lizard hates everything about him and is going to kill him in his sleep unless he breaks up with his mom. Wade says the salamander is very articulate.

Shelby shows Brick some baby stuff she likes and he tells her about the reality of how babies are when they first pop out. He tells her he has some work to do to help with the save Blue Bell project. She smooches him bye and goes to talk to Anna Beth. AB hangs up a photo of the Lt Governor and Shelby is suspiciously nervous.

George asks Linley how she burned off Tansy’s hair. She says it was an accident because Tansy has a really hot professional iron that clamps down tight. He seems skeptical and she gets angry that he thinks she would do it on purpose. She stomps off.

Lavon and everyone rehearse for the Lt Governor visit. Dash is filling in for him and so far isn’t impressed with the performance. The Belles are bickering. Zoe and Joel watch it all and he asks her where Harley will sleep at their place. She says the couch and he says they will have to tiptoe around him all night. She says they should take the place by Cricket and Joel refuses again.

Lavon comes to see Zoe and Joel and she flops and then he says Joel is a famous writer penning a novel about the town and when Joel prevaricates, Lavon snaps. Joel reassures Lavon but then Linley comes by crying and Lavon has even more stress on his plate.

Vivian and Wade are out to dinner and he admits that Cecil told him that he issued a death threat. She says it’ll be okay and asks him to a crab boil at Aunt W’s. She advises him to bring a gift. Wade promises to make it work with him and Vivian asks to get dessert to go. Wade nearly chokes and calls for the check.

Harley fusses about Zoe and Joel’s B&B living and asks to go home. He tells them their place isn’t very kid-friendly. He asks why they don’t live somewhere they can have a kid or at least a dog or cat. They tell him all about their requirements. He asks if they’re fighting and says he watches Dr Phil and asks which of them is afraid of commitment. Then they really do start arguing. The kid watches, fascinated.

Wade and Vivian are making out and undressing each other at her place. He starts to carry her upstairs when the doorbell rings. It’s Zoe and Joel with Harley and she says he has a stomach ache. Wade says they got played and Joel agrees saying they got psychologically waterboarded by the kid. Joel and Zoe leave, shell-shocked and Vivian tells Wade she’ll have to have a rain check. He is not happy.

Zoe wakes when Joel comes in with a peace offering of doughnuts. He says he’s sorry and she says the kid prodded them. Joel says he could be a CIA interrogator. They also agree that they don’t like any place but Aunt W’s. He says he senses a scheme coming on and she says she’s going to get them an invite to the crab boil and they’ll take it from there.

Lavon wakes up George angry and he tells him Linley was up all night crying because she thinks he’s about to break up with her. Lavon doesn’t want to hear it and says he’d better get it together to fulfill his and Linley’s roll in today’s big Lt Governor scheme.

Zoe calls to tell Joel she got them an invite to the boil and says maybe he can fake a seizure and she can impress Aunt W saving him. Wade hears and mocks her. They agree they’re both having Wilke’s issues. He says he can talk to Aunt W for her if she’ll work on Harley for his benefit. Thy shake on it.

The Lt Governor is there and everyone is ready. Byrd says he’s heard good things about the town. Lavon mentions the historical significance but then glosses it over. The Belles come up all dressed up nice and sweet talk him. Frank comes up and tells a tall tale about inventing the apple fritter there but Byrd calls him on the fib. Joel and Zoe are next and Joel does a passable job.

Zoe tells him they need to leave town for the afternoon and Lavon is only too happy to have them gone. AB stops by when Shelby calls and says she’s hungry. AB asks why she doesn’t go into town and Shelby explains that she is avoiding the Lt Governor because they slept together eight months ago… and she’s about eight months pregnant… Whoopsy!

At the boil, Aunt W sees Wade and calls him over but Joel is excited about the food and less excited about her Jane Austen-esque antics that seem to prevail at every family outing. Aunt W hugs and kisses Wade and then Vivian introduces them. Joel introduces himself and Zoe offers up some garlic butter sauce. Aunt W is offended and says she brought it because New Yorkers think they know how to do things better.

Wade gives Harley the truck he bought him and the kid says Cecil’s going to use it to murder him. Wade and Zoe exchange a look and then each heads off to try and smooth things out with the other’s problem person.

AB is having a panic attack and is gulping wine while Shelby explains it sounds better to say you used a sperm donor than getting knocked up by a stranger after too much tequila. She makes AB promise to keep it a secret but AB thinks she should tell Byrd he’s got a baby on the way. She says she just needs doughnuts and AB agrees to go get the food. AB says one day the baby will ask about their Dad and she’ll have to tell him or her that he doesn’t even know they exist.

Wade goes to talk to Aunt W and tells her that she loves Blue Bell and Sweet Home Alabama. Winifred isn’t having it. Zoe tells Harley that Wade has a great video game collection and he says that makes him a sociopath. Aunt W fusses about Zoe monopolizing Harley and ruining his birthday. Wade tells Aunt W that Zoe has a good heart and she’s missing out by not getting to know her. Zoe tells Harley that Wade is an acquired taste but worth it. Winifred comes to talk to Zoe and even tries her butter sauce and Harley finally opens up to Wade!

AB gets to the office and Brick says he knows why Shelby is out of sorts. She tries to play dumb and he says it’s just because she wants him to be excited too so he went to get a onesie he wants her to help him wrap.

Wade and Harley build a furniture fort and he moves the kid’s backpack out of the way but then Cecil escapes and makes a break for it!

Wanda tells everyone at the Rammer Jammer that the Lt Governor is coming and tells everyone to get ready. Linley and George are acting awkward but they are supposed to be a happy anniversary couple. Tansy comes over and chews Linley out again. Wanda tells Byrd that the RJ is hallowed ground.

Tansy has a chocolate shake and announces that it’s George and Crazy Eyes Tansy’s six week anniversary. She slams the shake down and Tansy says to explain to George that when Tansy said she smelled something burning, Linley insisted it was popcorn. Linley thinks George is taking her side. The crowd calls for them to kiss and they finally do, albeit awkwardly.

Tom comes in to tell the Lt Governor about his historic toilet – one of the first indoor toilets in the state and Andrew Jackson not only used it but autographed it. Lavon gestures for him to hush but he doesn’t – the good news is, Byrd is intrigue by the potty and wants to see it!

George tells Linley they need to talk and she bursts into tears and tells him not to dare say it.

Winifred apologizes for misjudging them and she even agrees to rent them the house. Wade comes over and tells Zoe he needs help. He only caught the salamander’s tail – which popped off – and he can’t find the rest of the lizard!

AB and Lavon sit with the Lt Governor who tells them that Blue Bell is special and that he’s ready to grant them historical status to block the merger. But before he can sign, Shelby bursts in and tells AB she took her advice to heart. She asks if he remembers her and he says it was eight months ago and then notices how pregnant she is. Shelby says she’s not expecting anything from him and then rushes out. AB asks him to sign the papers and then process what happened but he puts down the pen and picks up a tumbler of Scotch.

At the boil, Harley is devastated about the lizard and right as Wade is about to confess that he lost it, Zoe interrupts and says she lost the lizard. Harley tells her he hates her and Winifred retracts the offer of the house.

George comes to see Tansy and she admits that she subconsciously burned her hair because she overhear him and Tansy talking and thought he was going to dump her. George tells her it was nothing. Linley says she knew he was damaged goods and that she’s damaged too. He tells her that she brought him back to life and he’ll be forever grateful. She tells him she’ll give him a call from Houston and tells him bye and kisses his cheek.

Byrd sits dazed and staring. AB asks if she should hand him another pen and Lavon says he’ll just stir his Scotch with it. They asks how he’s doing and he says he went for a convention and now is having a baby that he may never see or know. They tell him that just because Shelby says she wasn’t expecting the help doesn’t mean she wouldn’t expect it and he asks if they know where he can find her.

Wade finds Harley and tells him that he has to be honest with him and says he lost Cecil. Harley says he should have known. Wade tells him he cares a lot about both him and his mom and he’s very sorry about losing Cecil. He tells him he shouldn’t hate Zoe. Just then Vivian and Zoe come up and tell him they found Cecil. Harley tells Zoe that she’s okay. Harley tells him he knows it’s not the same lizard and then tells him Cecil 2 also wants Wade dead.

Shelby explains to Brick that she’s having the Lt Governor’s baby and she will move to Montgomery so they can co-parent. She begs him not to be mad at her and he says he can’t be for very long. She kisses him and tells him he’s the best. She leaves and they’re both teared up.

At the Rammer Jammer, Lavon tells the town folk that they all did a great job and that he’s sorry he couldn’t seal the deal. But then Byrd shows up so sign the paperwork for the historical landmark and says he’s stopping the merger. The town erupts in cheers, hugs and all-out merriment. Zoe tells Joel that it’s okay that Aunt W won’t rent to them and Joel says he can live with living next to Stanley and Cricket. Just then, the same couple comes by singing. Then Zoe says they should rent the termite house. But Joel says they should buy it. Zoe is gleeful and kisses him.

Vivian comes to find Wade to cash in her rain check and he tells Wanda she needs to close. He leaves with Viv smiling.

The End!