Hart Of Dixie RECAP 1/20/14: Season 3 Episode 10 “Star of the Show”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 1/20/14: Season 3 Episode 10 “Star of the Show”

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns with a new episode called, “Star of the Show.”  On tonight’s season 3 episode 10, Wade is excited about his new romance, but grows concerned when he notices that she is pulling away. Did you watch the last episode ? If you want to catch up before tonight’s episode there is a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last  show when Zoe learned that Wade was interested in dating someone close to her, she tried everything she can do to put a stop to it. Lavon enlisted George  to help save BlueBell from merging with another town. To help keep the town in the dark about the planned merger, Zoe used Joel and AnnaBeth to create a scandalous distraction to throw people off the trail. Meanwhile, Brick started dating again, but found himself in a tough predicament when someone from his past resurfaced.

On tonight’s show when Brick is asked to help with the local cabaret, he nominates Zoe to save the day. Lavon feels defeated about the possible merger with Fillmore, so it is left up to AnnaBeth and Lemon to motivate him to put up one last fight. Lynly (guest star Antoinette Robertson) continues to become more jealous of George’s close friendship with Tansy (guest star Mircea Monroe), and keeps a close on eye him. Meanwhile, Wade is excited about his new romance, but grows concerned when he notices that she is pulling away. John Stephens directed the episode written Kendall Sand.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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At Lavon’s, Annabeth surprised her BF with a power breakfast and encourages him to get back out in the real world. He’s down because he feels like he has failed the town and let them get swallowed up by the evil Fillmore. He takes rocky road ice cream and goes to eat and pout.

George mutters Tansy’s name in his sleep and Linley knocks him out of the bed. She forces him to admit he was dreaming about her but he swears it was just about her involvement with the merger and promises Linley she’s been the only one in his more interesting dreams. She’s not certain she believes him.

Zoe is annoyed that Joel rewrote the toast for her Uncle Morty’s birthday at her mom’s request. He reminds her he’s an award-winning writer and she’s offended. Wade comes by and Joel calls out to him. He says him eating breakfast at the Butter Stick isn’t an endorsement for the Rammer Jammer and Wade says he’s hung over and they have better coffee. Wade and Joel team up to tease her and she’s annoyed.

Brick is finishing up with Delma (a patient) when Shelby comes in all in a panic because Dash quit as director of her cabaret. She says all her hopes, dreams and money are riding on it and she begs him to drop everything and help her find a director. She wheedles and he caves. She tells AB to cancel all his appointments and AB tells Brick he’s a wimp. They agree that if Lemon was there she would know exactly what they both need to do.

AB calls an emergency meeting of the Bells and has Lemon on a video chat. She tells them to get the governor’s sister down to Blue Bell to fall in love with the town and save it. Cricket remembers that his sister was in a sorority with one of the bell’s sisters. She’s got them on track to stop the merger and then swaps over to take care of Brick’s problems. The Bells get to work on their scheme.

Brick tells Lemon that Shelby is ruining his life and Lemon recommends running her out of town. Lemon says that if the cabaret fails, she’ll be gone. Brick reminds her that Shelby has a great voice and will make a success of it. She recommends him finding a director who is long on confidence and short on talent to take it over. He tells her that it’s too diabolical and she tells him to live with it and hangs up.

Zoe comes in babbling and Brick hits up Joel and Zoe for help. Zoe leaps at the opportunity and puffs up some ridiculous and nonsensical reasons why she’d be good. Shelby comes in to haul him off for more errands and Brick hands Zoe off to her and shares the ridiculous assets Zoe claims she has. He tells her that Zoe will be a fresh addition and Shelby welcomes her with a hug.

Shelby tells the cabaret players that Zoe will be directing and says she has some changes. She hands out new songs about cellular biology. Some of the players are thrilled, some less so. Joel comes by to drop by her megaphone. She talks up One Cellular Sensation and Joel sees it’s trouble. She doesn’t know stage right from stage left and he offers to help but she shoos him away.

George finds Tansy whose eating ice cream in a depression over a fight with Scooter. He tells her that Scooter is a jerk and Tansy defends him. He says that Fillmore is the Death Star and Gainey is the Emperor and Scooter is Darth Vader. He tells her that they plan to bulldoze the town square to put up a mall. She tells him he’s dating Linley “crazy eyes” and that he should be careful. Linley comes up and Tansy heads off after making crazy gestures behind her.

AB and Cricket lunch with the governor’s sister and they try to get her to love Blue Bell. Cricket says the town is so beautiful and it’s a shame when a lovely town gets eaten up by an ugly one. The sister catches on and says she doesn’t appreciate being used. AB tries to sweet talk her with a sweet tea but she heads out angry.

Cricket runs into Joel and says she’s hiding from Lemon on the internet. She says she thought Lemon was helping Brick get rid of Shelby by making Zoe director but she says the cell musical is great. Joel is surprised. Cricket runs off to try and stop the governor’s sis from leaving.

Wade and Vivian make plans and then she smooches him and leaves. Tansy tells him that Viv isn’t happy with him and doesn’t want to be hanging out in dive bars with him. She tells him to step up his game.

Zoe finds Joel and tells him that rehearsal is going great and she finds his lack of support rude. She tells Wade she’s directing and orders 17 coffees. He laughs and says it should be “interesting.” He says he’ll bring Vivian. Joel tries to tell her that Brick chose her for a reason and she interrupts and then disses his writing and he gives up and wishes her luck. She tells Wade and Joel they’re going to be wowed.

Cricket shows Anna Beth the parts she pulled out of the governor’s sister’s car to keep her in town. She tells AB that Lavon needs to get busy and help try and save the town.

[8:44:12 PM] Rachel Rowan: AB greets Lavon the next morning and tells him she has news. She tells him about Cricket’s sabotage that kept Marion in town and says he needs to get out and sell her on Blue Bell. He tries to go back to bed but she forces him onto a video chat with Lemon. She tells him that today is his defining day in his Mayorship. She tells him to get busy and he agrees to get dressed and go if he can end the call.

Scooter is in the Rammer Jammer and says as long as Tansy works at the crap hole, he’ll be hanging around. Then he asks Linley when she’s going to dump the loser. He tells George he’ll be getting most of his law business once the town merges. Wanda brings over a tablet with Lemon on it and she tells George and Linley to keep Gainey and his lackeys away from the governor’s sister. George says he’s on it. He tells Scooter he’s ready to settle their differences and they end up making a double date plan to go hiking.

Zoe is rehearsing the cabaret to some dissatisfaction when Joel shows up with donuts. She asks if he’s there to apologize for doubting and he says he has something he has to tell her. He says that Cricket told him Brick is trying to get rid of Shelby by using her to tank the cabaret. Zoe doesn’t buy it and says Cricket is clueless and Brick wouldn’t set her up like that.

She invites him to stay and watch the show and see for himself. He tells her to imagine she’s on New York City looking for a night of great entertainment. The singers do their opening number about cellular reproduction of blood cells. Zoe tells him he’s right and that he show sucks.

Lavon finds Whitney looking for the bus station and he tells her that their whole town will be lost if the Governor signs off on the merger. He asks her to spend some time there. She sees the cabaret sign and says if he can get her a table front and center she’ll stay.

Zoe comes into Brick’s office yelling and she asks how he could set her up. He apologizes and says he’s going to man up and tell Shelby to delay the show for a couple of weeks to do the show she wants. But then Lavon comes in and says the show has to go on that night no matter what. One of the actors stops by to ask what his cell’s motivation is and Zoe asks if they think the governor’s sister likes cellular biology. Uh-oh!

The two couple are out on a hike and Linley says she is thinking law school, medical school or design school. She says she has problems making decisions. She tells them that her last boyfriend loved his lawn and cheated on her so she limed his lawn and killed it. It’s not going well.

Wade meets up with Vivian and invites her to the cabaret. She says her baby sitter is sick and she has to cancel their plans. She does the hair flip that Tansy says was her tell for not being happy. He thinks she’s lying to him and she gives him a smooch and leaves.

The hike is getting worse. Scooter says Linley has crazy eyes and George is mad that he’s with Tansy. George confronts him about the shopping mall plan and Scooter accuses Tansy of spying on her. He tells her to stay in Blue Bell and that he’ll feed her dog but is going to tell her that her mama is a liar.

Brick and Zoe try to talk Shelby into going back into her old show. She demands to know what’s going on and he finally admits that he was trying to get rid of her because she’s taken over his life and he can’t resist her – he says she’s like a tractor beam (more Star Wars references)! She collapses and everyone runs over in a panic.

[8:59:51 PM] Rachel Rowan: Zoe gets a call from Brick who tells her that Shelby is on bed rest. Zoe tells Joel they have to find a way to keep the show going on and she begs Joel to use his theater experience to help out. Zoe tells the actors that Shelby is out and that Joel is taking over.

Shelby tells Brick that the cabaret was her childhood dream and asks if she can start bed rest tomorrow. He says her blood pressure is too low. She tells him she doesn’t mean to make him crazy and he says it only makes him crazy if he resists and he says he should stop resisting. He kisses her and then says they can’t tell Lemon. She says she needs his help with one more thing.

Linley, George and Tansy are drinking heavily and Linley tells Tansy she owes a much better man than Scooter before she passes out on the sofa. George covers her with a blanket and asks Tansy to go outside and get some air.

Lavon escorts Whitney to the best table in the house. The sheriff (an actor in the play) tells Lavon that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for Blue Bell. She hears and approves. The cabaret is off to a bad start with some stinky jokes between Wanda and Tom. Then Cricket and her hubby come out for a poorly sung number. Joel covers his eyes in horror and Lavon’s mouth gapes open. Then there’s another voice from offstage – it’s Shelby – singing from a boa and sequin covered gurney and tearing it up.

The town goes wild while she belts out some amazing tunes. She gets a standing ovation. Whitney tells Lavon she’s never seen anything like it and the town is amazing. She says she can tell how much the people of Blue Bell love this town. She tells him the mergers are the Lieutenant Governor’s project not her brother and says she’s going to get him to come to town.

Wade knocks on Vivian’s door surprising her. He tells her that he’s confused and thought she was into him. He asks what’s happening and she says she’s embarrassed to tell him. She says she’s a working single mom and just can’t hang because she has to be in bed early and get her son to school and get to work. He tells her it’s 9:45 and asks what she usually does at this time and she says TV. He asks to come in and watch with her. She agrees.

Tansy apologizes to George for calling Linley crazy eyes and says she might have been a little jealous and he admits he’s a little jealous over Scooter. She says maybe he’s just a jerk and she shouldn’t be with him just because he’s good to her dog. George gives her his hoodie to keep warm as they sit on the deck talking. She lays her head on his shoulder and says she never should have let him go. Linley peeks around the corner and sees this and looks sad.

Joel tells Zoe that he believes in her creative abilities and she says she wants him to believe that she can do anything. He says he’s sad because he didn’t get to hear more of her songs. She turns on her iPod and sings a horrible song about e coli that’s really disgusting. He applauds when she’s done.