Hart Of Dixie RECAP 11/18/13: Season 3 Episode 7 “I Run to You”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 11/18/13: Season 3 Episode 7 “I Run to You”

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns a whole new season and a new episode called, “I Run to You”  On tonight’s season 3 episode 7, George George (Scott Porter) and Lynly (guest star Antoinette Robertson) discuss whether they want to talk to Lavon about their feelings for each other.  Did you watch last week’s episode ? If you want to catch up before tonight’s episode there is a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s episode Zoe and Joel was ready to find a more permanent place to live and find the perfect place is actually owned by a relative of Zoe’s biological father’s relatives. After tracking the relative down, Zoe was unsure whether she was ready to face her extended family. Due to the success Lemon and Wade have had with the Rammer Jammer, Lemon received an offer that she may not be able to refuse. AnnaBeth seems eager for Lavon to go out of town, causing him to wonder what she is up to. Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) and Lynly’s connection continues to grow, but George is still reluctant to make a move.

On tonight’s show Zoe (Rachel Bilson) begins to grow leery of how much time Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) hang out, especially when it begins to interfere with Joel’s writing. Ready to blame it all on Wade, Zoe does her best to entice Joel back into writing. Lavon (Cress Williams) is using the excuse of coaching his track team to avoid talking to AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black). Meanwhile, Lemon (Jaime King) encourages Brick (Tim Matheson) to start dating again. George (Scott Porter) and Lynly (guest star Antoinette Robertson) discuss whether they want to talk to Lavon about their feelings for each other. Brandi Bradburn directed the episode written Sheila Lawrence.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Early morning in Blue Bell and Tansy and George are spooning on his houseboat. He tells her he has to get to cross country relay practice and they can’t lose another year. This is their last year to get a win or else they won’t get invited back. He’s coaching and she’s on the team so he insists they need to go. George asks if it’s weird that they haven’t told Lavon about their hooking up. He’s not ready to call it a relationship but realizes telling Lavon they’re having non-committal sex is a bad idea.

Zoe watches Joel sleep and he wakes because she stared him awake… again. She wants to know what time he got in last night. She thought he was writing but he was drinking. He rattles off a list of writers that drank but then admits he was playing pool and boozing with Wade. She doesn’t understand why he likes hanging out with him and he says he’s hilarious and he likes spending time with him. Zoe heads out to work.

George coaches the runners for the Mobile Bay relay. Lavon and Tom are concerned. Tom insists he can step in but Lavon discourages him. Lynly gets a cramp and Lavon orders him to give Lynly a massage. He tries to get out of it but has to give in. Meatloaf is even on the team! AB brings snacks for the runners and Lavon tells her no jam for the runners.

Lavon and AB haven’t seen each other for a few days and their talk is awkward. She asks him to dinner and he says he can’t because he’s in training. She plays nice and says it will give her more time to make her homemade jam.

Wade is watching Don Todd’s funky golf in the wildlife show when Zoe comes in to ask him what he’s doing with her honey. She says she will figure it out.

Brick and Lemon are eating in Fancy’s and Brick says he’s worried about her because she doesn’t have the Rammer Jammer anymore and lost out on Fancy’s. She tells him she’s looking for her next great thing. Lemon reminds him he hasn’t gotten back on the dating bicycle either. Neither is happy with the other’s progress.

Zoe comes in to the office and finds AB setting up a jam display and tells her that she and Lavon are having a strange interlude. She tells her that she told Lavon she wanted to know they’re on the same path but he’s treating it like she gave him an ultimatum. Zoe gets a call from Joel’s agent – turns out he’s ditching her calls and his new chapters are overdue. Zoe says it’s Wade’s fault. AB sends her out with a jar of jam.

Zoe finds Joel and Wade playing video games. She tells Joel that his chapters are overdue and his agent called. Wade laughs and says he didn’t know Joel had homework. Wade says he was hard at work when Joel came in and dragged him off. Joel says he thinks he’s a one hit wonder and that he’s mired in writer’s block. Zoe tells him they’ll get through it. Wade tries to get him to play some more but Zoe drags him out as Wade boos her.

Joel comes to find Zoe and tells her that working in her office isn’t working. He asks for prescription medication to help him and she offers him a lollipop. Tom is distressed that Joel has writer’s block because he’s been dying to read his next book. He tells Zoe that she’s Joel’s Yoko Ono and that everyone will hate her if he can’t finish his book. He tells her book fans can be brutal.

George is motivating the troops but tells Lynly to slow up because she’s making others look bad. The Filmore Mayor drops by to tell Lavon he’s letting his runners train in Blue Bell so they’ll be used to winning there. Lavon says that he’s got a secret weapon – his cousin Lynly who went to college on a track scholarship and won state twice.

Tansy’s brothers are trying to con Wade out of free beer at the RJ based on their prior in-law connection. They’re there because they didn’t pay their tab at the old bar. Wade tells them they’re drunk and to go back wherever they were already drinking. They leave, but leave mad.

Zoe tells Wade that she needs to create an environment of success and wants to redo the RJ as the same New York café where Joel wrote his first hit book. He tells her this is another of her classic dumb ideas in a history of dumb ideas.

AB brings Lavon pastry that he can eat while he’s coaching. He insists he has no time for the pastry. The runners are aggravated because Lavon won’t decide on the run order. He’s freaking out and George asks what’s up. He says that AB gave him an ultimatum and when he looks at her he just sees a question mark and a clock. George says to let him know if he can help and Lavon says he’s always got his back. They hug and it gets weird.

Edward comes into the Butter Stick and sees Lemon. He tells her he’s sorry that she lost the bid for Fancy’s. She asks who the buyer is and he says he can’t tell her. He acts weird and runs out.

George tells Lynly that he feels weird about lying to Lavon about seeing her. Lynly wants to wait until after the race. George agrees but says that runners shouldn’t get busy before a race. But then they’re smooching and she falls and hurts her knee. She says she won’t be running in the race because she’s injured her knee before.

The Filmore team is training in Blue Bell aggravating Lavon. The mayor introduces a new runner – Dusty – who earned the name by leaving other runners in the dust.

Zoe shows Joel how she’s remade the RJ over as his fave NYC hang out – Luna – so he can be comfortable and write. Wanda is even acting like a goth waitress who gives him attitude. Zoe tells him there’s a homeless guy eying his cookies – she got Tom to fill in for that crucial role.

AB can’t find Mrs O’Connell (Carolee) on the appointment schedule but offers her some jam for her inconvenience. She tells him she got rid of her awful mole (the one he was bad mouthing to Lemon about) and says that it was Lemon who told her to come in to get a “booster shot.”

Lynly tells Lavon she’s sorry about busting up her knee right before the race. Lavon tells her that she could never let her down and that nothing she does or says could ever let him down. She looks thoughtful and then says she has to tell him something.

George gets a call and Lynly tells him she told Lavon about them and that he’s headed his way. Lavon busts onto his house boat and seems angry. George makes excuses and Lavon yells at him and says she’s vulnerable and that he’s damaged goods. He says that Lynly wanted to be there for him while he heals. Lavon tells him to quit seeing Lynly or he’s out of the race. George asks if that’s an ultimatum and says he can’t do that. Lavon fires him and George yells that he quits.

Zoe comes to check on Joel and he says he got some writing done – he wrote a list of 100 reasons he sucks – but he could only come up with 97. He says he’s going to call his agent and tell her to find him a job writing menus. Wade tells Joel that he can come to his house because he gets a lot of creative stuff done there. Zoe says he needs to knuckle down and Wade tells her that she can’t force him into creativity. Wade gives him his house keys and Joel heads out. Zoe isn’t happy. Tom asks her for spare change (still imbedded in his role as a hobo) and she tells him to get a job.

Zoe wakes alone. She calls for Joel but gets no answer. She heads over to Wade’s and he answers shirtless but says Joel isn’t there. He says Joel was gone when he got in. He says maybe he hopped a plane back to NYC. She can’t believe he’s gone missing.

Lemon sees Edward again and demands that he tell her who bought Fancy’s. He asks her to let it go and she says that’s not in her nature. He refuses and ducks away.

Lavon times the team and isn’t happy. The times are suffering. He chews Wally, Wanda and Meatloaf out and Cricket hasn’t even made it across the finish line. She finally shows up and says she’s not feeling well because she’s been spreading AB’s jam on everything and is suffering. Lavon tells them all to rest up for the race and stalks away.

George tells Lynly he doesn’t understand why she would tell him before the race. She says she was listening to George’s logic and had to tell him. He’s mad that he’s spent four months training and strategizing and it’s all gone. She asks if he quit the race because of her and says he likes her. He act cool and she says he’s not as damaged as he thinks and he says maybe they are in a relationship.

Lavon finds AB making jam and tells her that Blue Bell is going to lose the race because of her jam and says it’s all anyone can think about it. She says she worked hard on the jam and wanted to take it to the next level. Lavon says you can’t just jam your jam down people’s throats. She tells him if he doesn’t want her jam she can take it elsewhere. She grabs up her jars and goes!

Wade tells Zoe he found Joel but there’s bad news. Turns out he was kidnapped by the Truett brothers (Tansy’s brothers). The text that came with the photo of Joel tied up says “ha ha, we’ve got your friend” and explains they’ll return him once their debt to Wade is forgiven. Zoe is outraged that he got her boyfriend kidnapped!

The runners are setting up for the race and Cricket is struggling. She says she’s going through coffee and jam withdrawal and can’t feel her toes. Filmore’s mayor comes over to hassle Lavon about his team. Meatloaf says he didn’t come this far to give up now. Lynly tells George that she knows Dusty from college and says he ran for six years. She says – God doesn’t give at both ends – to explain how he was good at running but not so good at academics.

George comes to tell Lavon to grow up and deal with AB’s ultimatum and his relationship with Lynly. Lavon looks at Dusty – the Filmore ringer – and puts George back in the race! Wally starts off on the first leg of the race, Wanda takes leg two, Cricket takes off in leg three and George is ready for the last lap – up against Dusty. George takes off and they are neck and neck. George is ahead and takes the win for Blue Bell! Filmore’s mayor is devastated… but tells Lavon not to get cocky because they’ll be getting the trophy back next year and Lavon says – in your dreams. Lavon looks everywhere for AB but doesn’t see her.

Brick comes to find her dad and he tells her he’s headed out for a date with the now mole-free Carolee. He says he won’t let the past hold him back. She says she has something to show him first.

Wade tells her that she did the same thing to him with his music that she’s done to Joel – push, push, push. He says he’s just trying to help her be a better girlfriend. She says he’s sabotaging Joel to get him back. He says she’ll come back to him anyway. She says he’s delusional. They get to the cabin where the Truetts have Joel and she yells in to them to give them proof of life!

The brothers come out and say they’ll return Joe-Ell when Wade forgives their bar debt. Wade says he won’t negotiate and Zoe says they could offer something in trade. She asks if they can work it off and asks what they can do. They say they can’t do anything. Zoe says they’re scary and Wade is bad at collecting bar debts. She proposes that the brothers act as Wade’s collectors.

The brothers also want a dish named after them at the bar and Wade refuses. They let Joel go and he says it’s been amazing. He says he didn’t know people lived like this – he had string cheese and moonshine for breakfast. He wants to get to his computer so he can start writing it all down.

Lavon thanks AB for coming over and she tells him she wished she didn’t say what she did. He says he made a mess of things with Ruby and Lemon but doesn’t want to rush with her and mess up. AB says it’s hard to be in limbo. Lavon cleared out a space for all her jam making stuff as a sign that they’re moving forward. She thanks him but says she doesn’t think she’ll be making quite so much jam anymore. They kiss sweetly.

At the RJ, — is playing. Zoe finds Wade and tells him that Joel’s writer’s block is broken. He’s been writing in the bar for hours. She says that both she and Wade were wrong – that he just needed an adventure.

George smooches Lynly as AB and Lavon walk in and she asks if Lavon knew about it. He scowls but says yes. Zoe asks Joel how it’s going and he says it’s going great and he likes what he’s writing and that he couldn’t have done it without her support. She says she didn’t mean to be pushy and he says she’s a doctor and she fixes things. Wade asks Joel to come play a new video game and Joel says he’s going skeet shooting with the Truett brothers.

Lemon brings Brick to see the new owner of Fancy’s. It’s Shelby and she’s very pregnant! Lemon asks him how long ago they broke up and he says about seven months and she tells him that looks about right. WOW! Brick’s going to have another baby (or so it seems).