Hart Of Dixie RECAP 2/10/14: Season 3 Episode 13 “Act Naturally”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 2/10/14: Season 3 Episode 13 “Act Naturally”

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns with a new episode called, “Act Naturally.”  On tonight’s season 3 episode 13, George is determined to prove to Tansy (guest star Mircea Monroe) that his nemesis Scooter McGreevy (guest star Matt Oberg) has not changed and is fooling everyone.  Did you watch the last episode ? If you want to catch up before tonight’s episode there is a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last episode Zoe and Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) finally bough a house, but soon realized neither of them made enough money to fix up the place. Brick agreed to help Zoe out but only if she could get the townspeople to lose 500 pounds collectively for Health and Wellness Month. Joel was struggling with his novel and decided to follow Wade around for research, but when Wade left Joel to alone run the bar, Joel found himself in some trouble. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth struggled to mask her feelings by throwing a last-minute bachelorette party for a friend. Scott Porter and Cress Williams also starred. Les Butler directed the episode written Sarah Kucserka and Veronica West.

On tonight’s episode Zoe reluctantly agrees to allow Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) to throw her a birthday party at Lavon’s to help cheer him up, but things go awry when her mom (guest star JoBeth Williams) surprises her with a visit. Vivian (guest star Lauren Bittner) wants to meet Wade’s dad, but Wade is leery of how she might react. AnnaBeth gets an interesting request from the Belles that she was not expecting but, in light of recent developments might be the perfect distraction for her. Meanwhile, George is determined to prove to Tansy (guest star Mircea Monroe) that his nemesis Scooter McGreevy (guest star Matt Oberg) has not changed and is fooling everyone. Patrick Norris directed the episode written Dan Steele.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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Zoe wakes to see boxes everywhere. Joel kisses her and she says she can’t believe she’s back at Lavon’s carriage house. Joel reminds her that it’s rent free so they can spend on their new house and so she can support Lavon in his time of need. Joel reminds her that her birthday is coming and she refuses a party yet again. She says each birthday is one more year closer to death and that her mother has always hyper-controlled then. Joel tells her that he throws a great party and loves her and she finally caves. They smooch and Wade and Viv come in to drag them to breakfast. Zoe says she hoes the renovation goes fast.

Cricket comes to see AnnaBeth but didn’t bring a break-up pie – but everyone else did. Cricket tells her she’s doing well and then begs her to come to the Belle meeting. She says that since she almost bankrupted the Belles, they’ve turned on her. AB says she’s just not in a social place and Cricket begs her that when her head rolls, to please return it to Stanley.

Lavon has made a ton of food – he’s stress cooking and the two couples try to sneak away. Wade tells him time and rebound sex heal all wounds and Viv laughs and smooches him. Zoe goes to work and Joel tells them they have to plan her party. Wade and Lavon remind him she hates parties. Lavon volunteers his place and Viv is in charge of the playlist, decorations and inviting the Wilkes. Viv asks Wade if his Dad can come and he says he has to work nights. Lavon says Wade’s dad works so hard some nights he just “passes out.” Viv seems to buy it and the matter drops.

Tom brings George his coffee – he’s working as his assistant. Tansy comes in with pastries and tells him she’s been thinking about the kiss and wants to ask him to dinner – and dessert! They make plans for Saturday and she kisses him and goes.

Zoe comes to work and AB tell her she’s got powdered sugar on her mouth and she almost mentions Lavon and then hesitates. AB tells her she doesn’t have to apologize for living or eating there. AB gets a text and says she sees that her party is also at Lavon’s but insists she can handle seeing him. Zoe goes to work and AB calls Cricket to tell her she’ll take on the distraction of being a Belle again.

Scooter accosts George with a hug on the street. He’s dressed like a hippy and tells George he’s had an epiphane. He says he’s just come back from a walk about and knows he’s been an ogre. He says he’s quit working for Mayor Gainey and has gone to work for Green World defending the environment. Scooter tells him not to mention to Tansy that he saw him and George says that he’ll try to forget it. Scooter wishes him harmony and rocks on.

Joel tells Zoe that half the town and all the Wilkes are coming. But then Zoe’s Mom is there and they are shocked. She says she’s been waiting for an invitation to come visit and since she didn’t get one, she thought she’d come for her birthday. Her Mom asks if Zoe has insisted on skipping the birthday and Joel starts to tell her about the party but Zoe cuts him off. Her Mom leaves and Zoe tells him he has to cancel the party because she hasn’t told her Mom about the Wilkes!

[8:40:45 PM] Rachel Rowan: Next day, Joel tells Zoe he hasn’t cancelled the party. He tells her she can’t keep the Wilkes hidden from her Mom and Zoe insists she can and orders him to cancel the party. Her Mom comes over and Zoe says she’s going to take her to see their new house. Joel says he has fun to dismantle and leaves. Wade come up and Zoe’s Mom gives him a hard slap in the face.

The Belles have a cake for AB to welcome her back. They tell her she was terribly missed. Cricket calls them to order and the other Belles immediately attack her for all her flaws. AB interrupts and disrupts them with a revenge plot against another town’s little social group.

Lavon is busy ordering food for the party. His home is decorated insanely for the party and Lavon says the party was exactly what he needed to bring him back to life. Joel doesn’t have the heart to tell him about the cancellation (not yet anyway).

Earl (Wade’s Dad) is working on the house and thinks that Zoe will still be his future daughter-in-law. She tells Earl that she and Wade are not together and she bought the house with her boyfriend Joel. Earl says he thought Joel was her brother. She tells him that they kiss and he says he just thought they were close. Earl leaves upset.

Tansy and George come out of the restaurant and are talking about the crazy golf show George likes – she watches it too! Scooter is out front wearing a sandwich board protesting foie gras. He tells her he has changed and is fighting fro the rights of animals because she inspired him. George tells him to get lost but Tansy seems to be buying it. She says she has a headache and ends their date – uh-oh – there goes the dessert offer.

Zoe and her Mom sit in the Rammer Jammer and she asks if she hates her house. Her Mom says she doesn’t dislike it, but is upset that she’s putting down roots in Blue Bell and there’s no room for her. Joel comes up and asks to talk to Zoe – he tells her he can’t stop Lavon because it’s the only thing holding it together. Zoe tells him about her Mom’s meltdown and says that her Mom can’t handle the truth about the Wilkes. They try to figure out a way to plot around both her Mom and Lavon’s issues. She briefly considers a Mrs Doubtfire type scenario and Joel tries to rein her in.

Joel wakes Zoe with a surprise breakfast and vintage earrings she wanted. She tells him she loves him but he’s not getting out of the plan. She has a Lucille Ball type of escapade planned where she gets called away from dinner with her Mom while he stays and she heads to the party but then leaves early because of Joel’s headache.

Tansy comes to see George to tell him that she really believes that Scooter is trying to change and that she owes him the courtesy of dinner and a chat. George isn’t happy but she goes anyway.

The Belles find AB and tell her that Cricket is tanking their organization. They tell her they’re voting Cricket out and want to vote her in. AB says it’s tempting and agrees to think about it. They Belles sneak away so Cricket won’t see them plotting.

Earl comes to see Wade at the RJ and asks when he and Zoe broke up. Wade says you couldn’t miss it because he was getting slapped every day for a long time. Wade tells him he’s got a new girlfriend, but he’s not planning on letting his Dad meet him.

Tom tells George that Scooter is doing tai chi in town square and George is outraged. Tom agrees to find out what’s really going on with Scooter.

Joel meets Candice and Zoe for her birthday dinner and he’s nervous and oddly chatty. He compliments her Mom’s teeth and then turns around and calls her phone. Zoe pretends like it’s a medical emergency. She says she can see the patient later but her Mom insists that she go see her patient while she nad Joel go to the restaurant ahead of her. Zoe says she’ll meet them there. Candice says Joel looks clammy – he’s nervous – and he stumbles an excuse. Zoe runs off.

[9:02:49 PM] Rachel Rowan: At Lavon’s, Zoe talks to Joel on the phone and tells him to just focus the conversation on Candice and to hang in there. Zoe tells him the party is amazing. She asks if they can do the cake and he asks where Lavon is and she says he’s thick. She also tells him that the Wilkes have to leave soon because of a charity event. AB shows up and Zoe is thrilled. Then they notice that Earl is there and very drunk. Dash shows up to gossip with AB. Wanda says if it was her, she’d be out lying on the railroad tracks. AB makes an excuse and goes to the bar.

Zoe asks Earl why he’s there and he says he’s there to meet Wade’s new girlfriend and she’s horrified. She shoves him into the study.

Candice asks Joel how Zoe’s patient is and he stammers and says he doesn’t really understand the medical mumbo jumbo. She tells him she’s very disappointed with what happened and what he’s allowing to happen. She’s upset that he let Zoe put down roots in Blue Bell. She says she wanted her back with her and she blames him. Joel says this is fun. He’s upset and swigs some wine.

Zoe’s party is in full swing and Tom finds George to give a report. Scooter did resign from the mayor’s office but he hasn’t gone to work for Green World. Instead he’s at a law firm in Mobile. George is relieved and runs off.

Wade invites Viv to run to his place for a quickie. Meatball comes over and drags Wade into the study with an armadillo excuse and finds his drunk Dad. Wade tells him he’s in no shape to be making new friends. Earl gets upset and says he doesn’t want to meet his new girlfriend because she’ll never measure up to Zoe. He says it’s a tragedy that they broke up like Romeo and Mrs Romeo. Wade helps him stagger out.

AB runs into Lavon and is surprised she came. She asks if she thought she’d be home feeling sorry for herself. She tells him she’s tired of hearing how civilized their break up is and that she’s mad because he used her like a dish cloth. He says that’s not true. She tells him when she finds someone new to love, he’ll be sorry because he’ll realize he’ll never find anyone as good as her. She raises her voice to a shout and the whole party gets quiet. She stomps out.

Joel mentions Shula – Zoe’s patient’s name – but then Shula speaks up – she’s at the table next to her. Zoe’s Mom recognizes her daughter’s scheme and demands to know what is up.

Zoe is trying to get out of the party but it’s like an obstacle course and then she runs into Lavon and he looks devastated. He asks her why he hurts everyone he cares about and needs her to diagnose him. Joel calls and Zoe tells him to hang in – that she’s going to be a little later than she expected.

Cricket finds AB shoveling in ice cream and AB tells her she lost it at the party. Cricket tells her she thinks the Belles are going to vote her out and AB confirms. Cricket says she knows AB has always had her back. Cricket asks if she wants her to make Lavon some cookies to make him poo and AB laughs and says no thank you.

Lavon tells Zoe that there’s something wrong with him. He says he loves her but something just pulls him back. Zoe tells him that marrying someone that you’re not 100% sure about is a bad idea. Lavon tells her she’s right and thanks him. Zoe tells him she has to go infuriate her mother.

George finds Scooter and Tansy giggling over dinner and George says he needs to talk to her right now. She asks him to talk later and George demands that Scooter tell her the truth. He tells her that Scooter is going to work for a big evil law firm in Mobile. Scooter denies it and then Tom comes in and says that he made a mistake – it’s actually Scooter’s cousin who works there. George is flustered and apologizes and leaves with Tom. Tansy isn’t impressed.

Zoe calls Joel and tells him she’s got to break the truth to her Mom. She tells him to bring her Mom to Lavon’s, but turns out, they’re already there. Her Mom glares and wishes her happy birthday…

Candice chats with Wilkes and it’s going well. Vivian tells Candice they love Zoe and that they want to get to know her too. They drag her off to meet the rest of the Wilkes. Joel asks Zoe why she’s worrid and she says she’s waiting on the other shoe to drop. He tells her she’s a pessimist.

Cricket calls the Belles to order and they say they want done with her. They nominate AB to take her place and AB says she accepts. She tells them that she thinks Belles should stick together and wants a co-leader. She nominates Cricket and the vote is unanimous.

Wade brings Vivian to meet Earl and he says he didn’t want him to meet her because he can be odd and drunk. He was worried that it would change what she thinks of him. Viv promises him it won’t and kisses him. Earl comes out of his house and he’s sober and clean and looks good. Vivian says it’s great to meet him and Earl returns the kindness. Aww…

George comes out to Tansy’s trailer and apologizes. He says he’s sorry for everything. She tells him that she’s going to give Scooter another shot because she still loves him. She tells him that Scooter changed for her and that no one has ever done that for her before. He wishes her well and she tells him that she’s moving to Mobile to work in a hair salon and be near Scooter. George is upset that she’s going but tells her good-bye kindly.

At the RJ, Zoe finds her Mom and offers to buy her breakfast. She asks if Zoe had a secret breakfast with her other family. Zoe tells her Mom that she was worried but she’s glad they met her. Candice says she won’t let the Wilkes win and if Blue Bell is where she’s going to live her life and have her babies, then that’s where she’ll stay too. Joel sits down and asks what he missed and Zoe tells him it’s the other shoe!