Hart Of Dixie RECAP 2/3/14: Season 3 Episode 12 “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 2/3/14: Season 3 Episode 12 “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns with a new episode called, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy.”  On tonight’s season 3 episode 12, AnnaBeth struggles to mask her feelings by throwing a last-minute bachelorette party for a friend. Did you watch the last episode ? If you want to catch up before tonight’s episode there is a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last episode in a last ditch effort to stop the merger, Lavon enlisted the entire town’s help to try and convince the Lt. Governor (guest star Dondre Whitfield, “Mistresses”) that BlueBell should be named a historic town. Zoe and Joel continued to debate where to live, but the best option lied with Zoe’s relative, who did not like New Yorkers. Wade took a big step in his relationship by meeting Vivian’s (guest star Lauren Bittner) son, but he soon realized he had a long way to go to win him over. Meanwhile, Lynly (guest star Antoinette Robertson) was having some trust issues with George, which started to create tension between them. Kevin Mock directed the episode written Jamie Gorenberg.

On tonight’s episode Zoe and Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) finally buy a house, but soon realize neither of them make enough money to fix up the place. Brick agrees to help Zoe out but only if she can get the townspeople to lose 500 pounds collectively for Health and Wellness Month. Joel is struggling with his novel and decides to follow Wade around for research, but when Wade leaves Joel to alone run the bar, Joel finds himself in some trouble. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth struggles to mask her feelings by throwing a last-minute bachelorette party for a friend. Scott Porter and Cress Williams also stars. Les Butler directed the episode written Sarah Kucserka and Veronica West.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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Zoe is leading a workout close in the town square. AnnaBeth says that Zoe’s health and wellness month was a great idea and Zoe says she thinks the town is on track to lose 500 pounds collectively. Z congratulates the others and reminds them of two more classes later that day before the big weigh in. She’s excited about her initiative and of her and Joel getting their home.

Tom reads Joel’s first few chapters and tells him his main character makes no sense. Sounds like it’s based on Wade but Tom says the character is too whiny and not bad ass enough. Plus he uses the word ennui. Tom says he needs to write a character he understands because he clearly doesn’t understand badass cowboy types. Joel runs off upset and Tom says artists are so sensitive.

One of the ladies shows AB her engagement ring and asks her to be a bridesmaid. AB has instant engagement envy. Her gal pal says she’s got to go plan the wedding and AB goes looking for a crueller in her upset.

Tansy sneaks some bacon to George but Wade confiscates him. He tells him he needs to go ahead and ask Tansy out since Linley has been gone a month. He reminds him that Lavon is still unhappy with him over the break up. Lavon comes by and the mayor ditches him after some awkward small talk. Wade agrees it’s awkward. Wanda tells Lavon that the lack of junk food is killing them and that Tom has been sneaking out of town for fries.

At the house, the contractor tells Zoe and Joel how much the remodel will cost them since their inspector was a liar and a cheat. Joel says he can do some of the work himself but Zoe wants to just pay the contractor. He tells Joel to stick to jenga and cooking. Joel kicks him out and says he’s going to do the work himself and Zoe demands that he rehire him pronto.

AB tells Lavon about the engagement and she tries to play it off. She tells him she’s fine and is good with the plan they agreed on. They eat their kale and head to spin class.

Zoe tells Joel she can’t let him destroy their house as a character study. She says she’s rehiring Duke and he says they’ll need the money because his new book isn’t going to sell and she’s not making near enough working for Brick.

Wade gives Joel tool lessons and the yankee is intimidated. Wade demonstrates how to use the drill and Joel tells him he’s manly. Wade tells him that’s weird. Joel says that he needs to get inside his cowboy character and asks to shadow Wade for a month. Wade agrees to one day only as long as he doesn’t act weird. Wade tells him there’s an 80% chance he’ll be dead by sundown and Joel is thrilled.

Cricket gives Brick a sign to put up. Zoe comes in with some low cal bread for Brick and asks him to be partner again. He tells her he’s making more money and gets to boss him around. She reminds him how hard she works and they make a wager. If the town lost the 500 pounds she’ll get her half of the practice back.

Joel is stalking Wade and he’s amazed that he has a tab at the butter stick and never has to pay it. Joel is enthralled.

AB is stunned when her friend says her Mardi Gras themed wedding will be next month. She hits up AB to host her bachelorette party and she says she can throw it that night.

George is watching his crazy adventure golf store and Tom rushes in with a potential case. He wants three alpacas on his property but Lavon turned him down. He says he’s been working odd jobs and is only short $372, the permission and George to take the case on pro bono. He promises George the first alpaca sweater and he insists it’s not necessary.

Joel follows Wade home and he asks why he’s wearing mismatched socks. He doesn’t try to match them – he just does a grab and go. The mail lady comes in and he tells her he has speakers to return but no box or tape. She takes them and says she’ll take care of it. Joel is floored again.

Tansy leads a belly dancing class in downtown and Brick is there. He teases Zoe about losing her half of the bet. Joel and Wade come by and he says he’s shadowing Wade. They both tell her that she’s going to lose the bet. There’s a big pastry sale right before the weigh in and Brick knew about it because he saw Bricket’s flyer. Zoe is furious and says she’ll kill Brick. He goes by chuckling gleefully.

Zoe comes to ask why Cricket has moved Cakefest up by a day onto the last day of her health and wellness initiative. One of the other Belles agrees with Zoe but Cricket won’t back down. She shoves Zoe out the door.

George comes to see Lavon and he says he’s petitioning him on behalf of Tom and Wanda. He says that alpacas are harmless and Lavon says it’s denied again.

Wade scores free Zac Brown Band tickets from a girl and Joel asks if he’s slept with all the women they’ve interacted with today. Wade demurs but then agrees and says he’s been with all of them. He says he’s all domesticated now though. Wade hears an argument outside and goes to break up a fight between two idiots over The Sopranos. Joel has a major man-crush on Wade and says he’s a real cowboy.

AB is on the phone upset because all of the male strippers are booked for that night. Lavon comes in and hears her threatening to shove a banana hammock up Miguel’s backside. She tells him she can’t find a venue or strippers for Elody’s bachelorette party. He tells her she’ll be able to pull it together. She looks at his broad shoulders and muscular chest and she starts to ask him to dance but he tells her that he says no to the pole.

Wade tells Joel he’s headed out for some mattress dancing with Vivian and Joel says he’s going to get fired. Wade tells him to put down the pencil and step into his shoes. He tells Wanda that Joel is tending bar tonight and heads out.

Zoe comes to see AB and finds her freaking out about the bachelorette party. Zoe says that the Cakefest is going to ruin her partnership hopes and then Joel will remodel their house and probably electrocute himself. AB tells her to come to the party because Cricket is more amenable when she’s drunk.

Joel is loving the bartending gig until he tries to break up a fight between the rednecks. The little one challenges him to a fight the next day behind the Dixie Stop. Joel is excited about it and tells Wanda that he’s a cowboy but she doesn’t seem too sure about it.

At the bachelorette party, AB is freaking out and Zoe asks why she’s throwing the party for someone she doesn’t like. She tells Zoe they are going to play pin the junk on the trunk.

Wade stops by to check on Joel and is horrified to find out he’s got a fight with Little Zack tomorrow. Wade warns him how crazy and mean that the little guy is.

Tom shows up at George’s boat with a pizza and isn’t happy that Lavon said no and that George didn’t even push back on Lavon. He tells him that he’s working so hard to get the alpacas for Wanda. George tells him to go deliver the pizza and he tells him that’s not what he’s delivering. Turns out Tom and Meatball are the featured strippers for the bachelorette party. Ick.

Elody is drunk and is having fun. She thinks her hiring those two was fun. The ladies all circle the gents laughing and having fun.

Joel asks Wade for advice on how to deal with Little Zack. Wade says he’d fight and Joel says he can do that but then admits he’s never even thrown a punch. He asks Wade to teach him how to fight.

Meatball is shaking his money maker (in money covered shorts) and Elody is taking it in. Zoe finds Cricket and flatters her. Cricket freaks out and says she can’t change the cake sale but won’t tell Zoe why. AB is drunk.

Lavon is watching George’s dumb golf show – this episode is at Kilimanjaro. George comes in and he demands to know why he turned down Tom’s application. He tells him alpacas are dangerous and he reminds him that he has a pet alligator. Turns out Wanda asked Lavon to turn it down – turns out she doesn’t want the alpacas. Lavon tells him that if he wanted to turn George inside out he would so no need to tiptoe around him.

Zoe takes AB outside to sober up and commiserate about AB not being engaged to Lavon yet. She says they agreed to take it slow and she’s fine with waiting. Then she starts tearing up and says she’s really not. She says Lavon has all the power and all she can do is wait for him to change his mind. Cricket comes up barfing and admits she bankrupted the Belles and if she doesn’t hold the Cakefest they’ll be no more Belles. She staggers off and says she has cakes to bake.

It’s Cakefest and Zoe tries to get everyone to go on the big bike ride. Cricket tells Zoe that she bought too much stuff getting the Belles to like her and the sale must go on. The bike riders abandon the two wheelers in droves and dive into the cupcakes.

Wade tries unsuccessfully to teach Wade to fight but quickly gives up. He tells Joel he’ll take care of Little Zack for him.

Tom, Wanda, Lavon and George meet about the alpacas and Tom chews out Lavon. Wanda finally admits she asked Lavon to deny the permit. Tom begs her to reconsider but she says she’s scared of them. They leave arguing and George and Lavon agree their work is done. George admits that he didn’t handle the break up well and Lavon says that Linley would have probably burned her hair off anyway.

Brick gloats over his certain winning of the bet and makes weekend plans since she has to cover the office. Zoe takes it in good stride. Lavon finds AB sleeping off her hangover. She tells him tequila is Satan’s drink of choice. He has her a bag of greasy food but she says they need to talk. He looks immediately squirmy.

Zoe meets up with “cowboy” Joel and teases him. He says Tom is right and he needs to scrap his book and start over. Zoe tells him that he’s badass in his own right and that he can write a great book. Joel says he has something to do and rushes off. Little Zack and his buddies are crowing for the fight when Wade shows up. Wade talks them down but then Joel shows up and is ready to fight. He punches Little Zack but then he gets back up and pounces on Wade. It turns into a brawl and wade watches amused.

Cakefest is in full swing and Zoe is even helping Cricket sell. Miner is playing in the town square!

George finds Tansy in the Rammer Jammer and kisses her. He tells her they should go out sometime and then walks out.

Lavon is floored by AB’s talk – she says she knows he’s been burned and wants to take it slow, but she’s 31 and they’ve been together a year. She says she knew within a month that he was the love of her life. He asks what the problem is and she says there’s no problem and she can wait to get married but only if he can tell her one thing. She asks if he knows for sure if she’s the love of his life. He takes her hand and tells her he loves her so much. AB cries and pulls her hand away. She says there is nothing else to say then. Lavon is stricken.

Zoe rushes over to check on Joel who has his first fight wound. He’s excited about his first fight and smooches her even as she’s freaking out over where they’re going to live while Duke fixes up their house.

The End!