Hart Of Dixie RECAP 3/28/14: Season 3 Episode 15 “Ring of Fire”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 3/28/14: Season 3 Episode 15 “Ring of Fire”

HART OF DIXIE returns to the CW tonight with a brand new episode. In “Ring of Fire,”  Joel hires unreliable workers to do renovations, and one gets hurts and threatens to sue. Elsewhere, Lavon uses Lemon’s two suitors to entice people to attend the town’s Renaissance faire; and Wayne looks forward to his anniversary with Vivian.

On last week’s episode  Zoe looked forward to bonding with her mom when she became her mother’s client. Elsewhere, Lemon returned to town, so Brick and Lavon threw her a party; and Magnolia got some assistance from George. Did you happen to watch the last episode? If not we recapped it for you right here.

On tonight’s episode Zoe (Rachel Bilson) learns that Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) has hired some unreliable workers to help with the renovations, but when one gets hurt on the job he becomes litigious. Lavon (Cress Williams) has organized BlueBell’s Renaissance Faire to help keep himself busy, but when no one wants to buy tickets, he decides to use Lemon’s (Jaime King) two suitors as the main event. Meanwhile, Wade (Wilson Bethel) is excited about his upcoming anniversary with Vivian (guest star Lauren Bittner), but her son has other ideas.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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Lemon chats with AB about her busy dual dude dating schedule. Lemon says Carter is who she was born to date but Enrique is exotic and interesting. Her Latin lover is doing a chalk portrait of her while a crowd watches and AB asks her what her end plan is. Lemon says she’s waiting on the universe to nudge her in the right direction. Carter shows up with a present and AB points out the sidewalk art Enrique did. Carter opens up a box and shows her a beautiful gold and jeweled bracelet. The town is clearly divided. Half are in red Team Enrique shirts and the other in blue Team Carter shirts.

The red shirts think Carter is trying to buy Lemon’s love and the blue shirts say he’s a romantic. Lavon rides up on a horse dressed in a Renaissance outfit and tells everyone to buy tickets to the fair. The square clears out – no one is interested.

At Joel and Zoe’s house, she isn’t happy about the three plumbers. He gets a text and says her mom is really pushing his book for sale for a movie and is impressed with her results. Zoe tells him not to get worked up yet. The three plumbers Joel hired are morons – three stooges like – and she’s horrified.

Wade and Vivian talk about their three month anniversary. He’s arranged a midnight boat cruise but she says she can’t get a sitter. Wade suggests Rose and says she’s even certified. Viv goes to check out a flyer Rose posted. Viv’s son and Wade have a stand off about tomorrow night.

Zoe examines one of the idiot plumbers that fell off the ladder. The other two idiots are playing with her rubber gloves and instruments. She tells Chicken to get some rest and avoid trauma. He runs into a door on the way out but says he’s kidding.

Joel comes in and says Warner Brothers bought his book for six figures. They hug it out and are thrilled. One of the plumbers comes back to ask what time they want them back. They make an excuse.

George tells Lavon he’s got too many events planned. He reminds him they have had several festivals recently and it’s overdone. George tells Lavon he’s just distracting himself but Lavon says he’s on the hook for non-refundable stuff for the Renaissance fair and asks for his help. George says he needs a big ticket attraction to get the town’s attention off who is a better boyfriend for Lemon. That inspires Lavon. He goes to see AB and says he’s having trouble with tickets and asks for a favor.

He says he wants to have Enrique and Carter stage a duel for her hand. He asks AB to get Lemon to help with it. She’s snippy but says she’ll get right on it.

Joel and Zoe pop a bottle of champagne in their still trashed house and discuss who would be good for the part. She wants Channing Tatum. The doorbell rings and it’s a lawyer telling them that Chicken is suing them. They are served with court papers.

Joel is outraged that the Truett brothers are suing them and she tells him George will get the lawsuit thrown out. Joel is concerned that George is not at top form since he’s just had yet another break-up. She admits he doesn’t handle break-ups well and Joel says maybe he can talk to the Truetts and settle this out of court. She wants to let George handle it and Joel agrees.

Rose tells Wade she’s not watching Harley for him because the babysitter blogs have him ranked as a rotten kid. Wade begs her and offers big money. She agrees.

Joel comes to see the Truetts and Chicken is in a neck brace. He won’t tell them which doctor said he need to wear it. Joel remind them they’ve been friends since they kidnapped him and that they don’t need the lawsuit. He says that Chicken isn’t hurt and they are only suing him because they know his book sold to Hollywood. Joel asks how they came up with the number and they tell him it’s lost earnings.

He asks why and they tell him Chicken always has great ideas like prescription windshields. He says he’s got million dollar ideas and now they’re lost. Joel says that’s insane and asks what it will take to make it away. Chicken wants $50 and a date with AnnaBeth and Joel agrees. The other brothers push back though and tell him it’s six figures and threaten Joel with a concussion.

Lavon talks to Lemon about her being queen and the suitors battling for her. He talks it up and says the winner would get exclusive dating rights. Lemon says it’s undignified and marches off. George looks at the crowd in the Butter Stick and a woman offers to share her table. He tells her he’s not looking for any romance right now and she tells him she wasn’t looking to share her life, just offering to share her table.

Zoe comes in and calls to him. He tells her he can get the lawsuit tossed no problem. He says he doesn’t know who’s representing them – turns out it’s Connie Vincent – the woman he just insulted. She tells him she’ll teach him a thing or two in court tomorrow. George tells Zoe he’ll fix it and she says he better.

Carter and Enrique each have a date with Lemon. She’s entranced by both of them. Carter asks her to spend the summer with him at his family’s island and Enrique wants to take her to Spain. She drinks with both of them and is getting a little exhausted. She calls Carter Enrique and the other way too. She’s confused and a little tipsy when she walks away and then goes down like a ton of bricks.

Zoe tells Lemon she’s not pregnant and she says she never thought she was. Zoe tells her she’s just exhausted and needs to get off the social merry go round. Lemon sasses her then apologizes. She tells her to slow up or risk more fainting. Lemon sees AB and tells her Zoe told her the same thing – that she can’t keep this up. Lemon made a list of why to date each but it’s a tie – she says she wants the universe to decide for her. AB tells her to take Lavon up on the duel idea and she can date the winner.’

Harley asks how much Rose is getting paid to watch him and she tells him a lot. They stroll around the Renn fest grounds. Lavon looks at one of the animal handlers and asks if his animals do tricks. He tells him that one of the goats is going to turn into stew in a week. Harley and Rose hear this and are horrified. Lemon calls Lavon and tells him the duel is on and he’s thrilled. He wakes up the ticket guy and tells him to start selling.

George meets with Connie for drinks and she says she likes the music at the place. It’s Lily Ann and she says she’s singing about the saddest most unfortunate soul she’s ever met and says her first song is about him – it’s called Unlucky Tucky. And it’s totally pathetic. It’s basically about him being a loser. George tells Connie that it’s not nice and it’s a low, low blow. He tells her he’ll see her in court. Lily sings as he leaves.

Viv asks Wade if Rose can handle Harley and he assures her they’re good. They are watching the Fest get set up and then are going for pizza. They pick out bottles of wine and get ready to leave. Wade gets a call from Rose. She tells him he has to come now. Harley and Rose took the goat and they tell Wade and Viv they had to save him. Harley wants to take it home but Viv says their neighborhood has a no goat policy. Wade caves and says he’ll take care of it. Rose says they can find a no-kill sanctuary for him. Viv takes Harley and heads out. She tells him sorry about their date and he says they can celebrate their anniversary in a week. He tells Rose there is no way she’s getting paid.

Joel tells Zoe they need to get AB to go on a date with Chicken but Zoe doesn’t like it. He tells her that it’s a typical Blue Bell escapade. Zoe tells him George will take care of it but then Tom comes over to tell them about the disaster at Fancy’s with Lily Ann singing the pathetic song about him and him rushing out. Tom says he checked into the Shamrock Motel. Joel isn’t happy about this development and Zoe says maybe they can talk to AB about going out with Chicken.

Lemon sits down with Enrique and Carter and talks to them about the Renn Fest. They tell her she could just decide and tell them. Lemon says the decision is bigger than her and she can’t make it. Enrique says he’s been a matador before and Carter says he had fencing in college. She says the winner gets exclusive dating rights because that’s how it used to be back then. Carter says he doesn’t think that’s historically accurate but agrees to play along.

Lavon takes a call from the animal handler outraged that his goat was taken. Wade brings it in and the goat cries while he’s on the call. Lavon tells Wade to take it back. AB tells Zoe and Joel she’s not sure that she wants to go out with Chicken. She says she’s only doing it because she’s friends with them and tells them she needs a minute to mentally prepare. Chicken shows up with flowers looking for her. But his brothers show up and drag him away before he can speak to her. She isn’t happy about her date with Chicken when Lemon has much better stuff going on.

Meatball comes up to Carter and asks for his autograph and then asks if he’s heard about Enrique’s past – he’s killed three men in Renaissance duels in Europe. Carter looks alarmed. The fest is in full swing. Everyone is dressed up and enjoying it. Lavon walks with Lemon and encourages her. She says she isn’t sure who she should be rooting for. She says Enrique is an adventure and Carter is the type of guy she’s expected to be with.

AB waits in the Butter Stick when Zoe and Joel show up. She tells them Chicken stood her up. She says this is the best Renn Fest ever and stomps out. Zoe is freaked out because they are due in court and she say she has a Plan C. He says her plan better not be her pretending to be a lawyer since she’s seen Legally Blonde six times. Turns out that was her plan and Joel says they’re screwed.

The opening duels have started. Dash is calling the event. Viv and Harley show up and he asks why his goat is back with the animal handler. Wade says the guy whose goat it is called to report it stolen and he had to give it back. But Wade agrees to go talk to the guy. Tom loses the opening duel. Dash announces the main event – Carter versus Enrique. Meatball asks Enrique for an autograph and starts to run the same scam he tried with Carter!

Dash tells the crowd that the winner will escort Queen Lemon to the party tonight. He calls Enrique and Carter into the ring but they aren’t there. Lavon says maybe they are having armor problems. Dash calls them twice more and nothing. Dash asks if anyone will fight for the hand of Queen Lemon and she says it’s embarrassing. A guy in armor comes in and says he’ll fight for her. It’s Sir Meatball! Lemon is horrified. He says that since no one has challenged him, he wins my default. Lemon threatens Lavon and says if he doesn’t fix it, heads will roll.

Wade and Viv come to the animal area and see that the goat is being terrorized by the guy. They leave.

At the hearing, George isn’t there and Connie asks for a directed verdict. The judge considers it and Zoe tries to pull an Elle Woods. He tells her to sit down and hush. But then George is there and ready to fight. Connie calls him Unlucky Tucky. George says it’s a nuisance suit. Connie sasses back and then George says there is no evidence. He shows three medical reports refuting his injuries and a handful of prior opinions (one that the judge himself wrote) that refute the case. Connie asks for a recess but the judge dismisses the case. George tells Connie that Unlucky Tucky just kicked her ass. Chicken pulls off his neck brace and the Truetts are aggravated.

Dash tells the crowd that Sir Meatball is the victor but then there is another knight ready to fight for her affection. He challenges Sir Meatball and the crowd goes wild. They face off after Meatball accepts. Meatball attacks and in one swipe, drops his sword, concedes the fight and runs off. Dash declares that Lavon has won the hand and heart of Queen Lemon. The crowd cheers and Lemon is greatly relieved.

Viv finds the animal handler reading his magazine and feigns dizziness. He comes to help her take a seat and she asks for a drink. While Viv distracts him, Harley and Wade steal the goat and run off with it. At the Rammer Jammer, the King Lavon and Queen Lemon reign. Joel and Zoe thank George and he asks if they were expecting him to fail them. They admit they were a little worried. He tells them he’s capable of personal growth and they ask about the Shamrock Hotel check in and he says his boat has mold. He tells them to show a little faith. Joel says that’s what he told Zoe and she calls him a big old liar.

Wade shows up with a goat in his jacket. He asks Wanda and Tom if they’ll take the goat no questions asked. They are excited. Lemon tells Carter and Enrique that she’s not happy about them skipping the duel. They apologize and they each tell her what Meatball told them about the other being dangerous. She tells them it’s for the best because she needs to say good-byes to them both. She breaks up with both of them. Turns out Carter hired Enrique to be his new driver so they are heading out together. They wish her well and go.

Dash asks for the King and Queen to do the royal dance and Lavnon and Lemon take the floor. Lemon tells him the reason she couldn’t pick was because neither one was the one. She says the two together were the perfect guy but not individually. He tells her she’ll get her perfect guy one day. They see AB looking lonely and leave the dance floor. A knight in armor approaches AB and says she’s the most beautiful woman there and asks to buy her a drink. She asks who it is and he says he’s her knight in shining armor. It’s not Meatball or Chicken and she tells him to leave his helmet on.

Zoe is thrilled and tells Joel how excited she is. But he got a call that says he has to go to LA as soon as possible to work on the script. He’s going to be gone six months. She’s floored. Joel takes her in his arms and gives her a big hug.