Hart Of Dixie RECAP 4/11/14: Season 3 Episode 17 “A Good Run of Bad Luck”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 4/11/14: Season 3 Episode 17 “A Good Run of Bad Luck”

HART OF DIXIE returns to the CW tonight with a brand new episode.  In “A Good Run of Bad Luck,” Brick has a difficult patient who irks AnnaBeth, until she discovers the truth behind his ailments. Meanwhile, Zoe thinks that she and Lavon are cursed; Vivian’s son turns to Wade for guidance; and George and Lemon struggle to steer clear of one another.

On last week’s episode Zoe and Joel were frustrated by all the snags they kept running into while trying to remodel their new home. Rose  persuaded Lavon to agree that BlueBell will be sister cities with a town in France. Lemon convinced George to help her out with a business venture, but in order for things to go smoothly, Wade had to play peacemaker. Meanwhile, Brick saw an opportunity to become BlueBell’s Man of the Year, but he soon discovered he has some tough competition. Kaitlyn Black also starred. Tim Matheson directed the episode written Leila Gerstein.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is convinced that she and Lavon (Cress Williams) are cursed and the only way to make things right is to fix the past. When Vivian’s (guest star Lauren Bittner) son (guest star Cole Sand) asks Wade (Wilson Bethel) for some advice, he is happy to help, but not everyone is excited about his methods. After an unplanned encounter, George (Scott Porter) and Lemon (Jaime King) try to avoid each other, but it is more difficult now that they are business partners. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) is getting fed up with one of Brick’s (Tim Matheson) patients, Davis (guest star Barry Watson), until she learns the real reason behind his ailments.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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Zoe looks pretty pitiful. She stares at an NYU mug and says Joel’s name. George looks dazed as he remembers his night with Lemon. He asks himself what he’s doing Lemon also thinks about it and then cringes when she sees George approach. They both say hi awkwardly. They agree they need to talk then change the subject to work and awkwardly part. Zoe brings Joel’s mug to Lavon’s for a coffee and he tells her he knows this is hard on her. She asks why she can’t have a stable relationship.

Lavon says it’s bad timing and imperfect relationships. She says she and Joel would have been together forever if not for her bad luck. Then she knocks the mug off the counter and it shatters. She tells him she’s cursed. Harley asks Wade for advice about some kids at school but then Viv interrupts to pull him away and smooch. She says Charles will be at the Wilkes family party tomorrow and her ex wants to meet Wade. He agrees.

Wade goes back to Harley to offer up some advice. He asks if the kid is taking his lunch money or borrowing it. Harley says it’s stealing and Wade says standing up to a bully is the only way. Wade tells him to growl back at the kid and Harley says he can do it. He demonstrates his growl to Wade who high fives him.

George comes to see the pharmacist for medication to help him make better decisions and forget things. Zoe shows up and asks if he’s okay and tells him he seems distressed. George drags her away and asks for doctor patient confidentiality. He whispers in her ear that he slept with Lemon. He says he doesn’t even like her but says the sex was amazing and he can’t stop thinking about it. Zoe says now she can’t stop thinking about it. He tells Zoe he needs help and she says it’s too much for her today.

One of the guys in the store looks at Zoe and asks what happened to her. She’s getting ice cream and two bottles of liquor. Lemon is buying jelly doughnuts and Lavon asks her what’s up since she only buys those when she’s in crisis. He tells her he’d like to help and he can listen. She whispers in his ear and he laughs then makes a face when he realizes she’s serious. He asks if she likes George and she says she can’t stand him but says the sex was spectacular. She says she needs to tell George it was a mistake and Lavon says he can’t help and runs off.

A couple of seniors tease Zoe about her looks and then a kid hits her in the head with a frisbee. Then she gets mud splashed on her. She comes to the Rammer Jammer and asks Wanda if she could be cursed and Wanda says she could be. She tells her when she was cursed she went to see a psychic. Zoe says that she’s a doctor and can’t see a psychic. She caves in and goes to see the psychic. She says she committed a past transgression that involved a man not making it down the aisle. She tells her that was the cosmic sin she committed and the psychic tells her that her luck in love won’t change until she rights this wrong. Then Zoe says she has to get Lemon and George back together. The psychic nods wisely.

At the RJ, Zoe finds Lavon and tells him she has bad news for him. She tells him she spoke to a psychic and that both of them have been cursed for breaking up George and Lemon. She tells him that none of the four of them have had any luck in love since the wedding fell apart. Lavon tells her no and says she should have seen a shrink. She says getting them back together may not be so farfetched. They each realize the other knows that George and Lemon hooked up. She says he was even more responsible than her for breaking them up and as curse buddies they need to work this out.

Wade comes to Vivs and she asks why he told her son to growl at Bobby Webster. She opens the door and Wade sees that Harley has a black eye and his dad Charles is there and calls Wade “road house.” Wade says he was just trying to help Harley. Viv tells him he didn’t and now her ex thinks he’s a bad influence on her son. Wade promises to fix it and she tells him that he’d better.

Zoe comes to see George at his law office. She tells him she should have been there for him as a friend. She says that she has a theory and she tells him that he has feelings for Lemon and that Lemon has feelings for him. Zoe points out that they are drawn to each other and are even in business together. She reminds him he was with Lemon for 15 years and says that that’s half his life. He says that he hates Lemon and Zoe tells him that love and hate both come from the same brain chemical. He’s flummoxed.

Brick comes out of his office with Davis who AnnaBeth calls their number one frequent flyer. She jokes and Davis is confused. Brick says that Davis has a lot of headaches and tells AB to order an MRI. Davis doesn’t want the MRI but Brick insists. Then Brick tells AB to adopt a more generous attitude. She tells him that Davis is a hypochondriac and isn’t sick.

George and Lemon meet up at Fancies and he asks about the wine shipment. She says she needs him to sign the payroll and he says they need to talk. She agrees. They both keep picturing their hot night together. They compliment each others’ shirts and he calls her beautiful. He asks to talk later and says he’s too busy.

Wade meets up with Charles and Wade apologizes. Charles refuses to have coffee with him and says he doesn’t want to get to know him. He says if his ex wants to fool around with him as part of her mid-life crisis that’s one thing. He tells him he doesn’t want him to see Harley anymore. Wade says that’s too bad since he’s going to the family barbecue. He basically tells Wade not to go but he insists that he will be there.

Zoe comes to tell Lavon that she planted some romantic seeds between Lemon and George. She asks if he’s heard from Lemon. He says not but then there’s a knock at his door and there she is. She asks if she can talk to him since no one else knows about her and George. She says George is acting weird. Zoe puts her head around the door and drags Lemon in to explain to her the whole love/hate brain chemistry thing.

Zoe walks down the street and it looks like her luck is changing. It’s Brick that gets splashed by mud. He comes in muddy to the office and tells AB that Davis didn’t show up for his MRI. She tells him that he’s possuming and he tells AB to go to his house and take Davis to Mobile for his MRI. She asks why he’s muddy and he storms away.

Lavon comes into Fancies to meet with Zoe. She tells him her luck is changing and guys are flirting with her again. He says it’s because she brushed her hair. They watch George and Lemon looking awkward. Zoe bets him $10 that George will ask her out. They talk awkwardly and then a waiter trips over Lemon and splatters a tray of food. Lavon tells Zoe to let them be. She promises that she’ll stop and he asks if it’s a real or a fake promise. She makes a real promise. He leaves.

Vivian’s crazy aunt comes to sit and tells Harley it’s a great shiner. Charles chews him out and then Viv drags Wade away from the table. She asks what he’s doing. He tells her that “Chuck” is being a jerk. She advises him to keep his distance. Her Aunt asks what’s up and she says that it’s boys being boys.

AB comes to Davis’ and he asks why she’s there and she says Brick told her to take him to Mobile for his MRI. Davis says he can go and AB says no. She tells him to get into her car and then he asks her inside for a cold drink. She agrees to sit on the porch for iced tea and he runs to fix their drinks.

The Aunt calls the family to order for their Capture the Wilkes – like capture the flag Wilkes style. She puts Wade and Charles on the same team. She assigns them to do recon. They both try to get out of that and the Aunt tells them to suck it up.

Lemon and George each get flowers delivered with a note. The notes are signed with each others’ name to set up a date for that night and asking for a second chance. Zoe pays off the florist that delivered the bouquets. That night, both of them show up at the restaurant. George is there first and orders a Scotch. She tells him life is full of surprises. Their table is ready and they go sit. Zoe sneaks in to watch.

AB and Davis sit talking for hours. He shows her a scar from a shark bite when he was cage diving. She asks about his adventures and then asks how that reconciles with being scared of getting his blood tested. AB says she knows he’s worried but there is probably nothing wrong. He says he knows that and she says because he’s not sick and he agrees. He says he made it up to keep coming in to see her but couldn’t work up the nerve to ask her out.

Turns out he was the knight that bought her a drink at the Renaissance Fair. AB is floored. She tells him she should go. Davis watches her leave sadly.

Lemon and George reminisce about their first date back in high school and it looks like it’s going well. Lavon shows up and chews Zoe out for her plotting. He tells her to go tell them that she set them up or says he will. They laugh about how Brick walked in on them and then he had to go in for a doctor visit. Lavon watches them and says they look happy but it’s not real. Zoe says they’ll thank her at their next wedding. George orders the special and she orders salmon. He doesn’t like that. He tells her she always sends fish back and she says tonight she won’t. Lavon says they won’t make it to dessert.

Charles calls wade road house and tells him to walk a little more quietly. Wade says that Charles must not have ever seen the movie or he would know it’s actually a compliment. They swap insults and then argue about which way to go. Wade tells him he can’t pull off pink. Then Wade steps into a trap and they are pulled up into a net 10 feet off the ground. Charles blames this on Wade.

Lemon criticizes Wes Anderson and George asks if her salmon is okay and says if she wants she can send it back. Zoe sends a violinist over to play for them and Lavon says no and snatches back the tip. He tells her to keep watching them and learn. The waiter comes back to the table and asks if should take the salmon away. George tells her doesn’t have to eat the salmon for him. She says she had a big lunch.

She takes another bite and then he tells her she hates it. She admits it and says it’s too fishy. She calls him the ordering police and says properly prepared salmon doesn’t taste fishy. She tells him he didn’t need the lamb he had because of his high cholesterol. She says she never should have accepted his invitation and then they realize they were duped. Zoe falls out from behind a decorative tree and then Lavon is exposed and he shakes his head no.

Wade and Charles argue up in the net. Wade says he just wants Harley to like him and says he feels horrible that the kid got a black eye. Charles says that Harley thinks he’s cool and that’s hard for him. Harley shows up with the flag and they ask him to let them down.

Brick comes to AB’s door and demands to know how the test went. AB says they didn’t go and Brick asks if he told her he loved her yet. She asks how he knew and he says he doesn’t know how she didn’t know. AB tells him she’s not in a good place to like anyone right now. Brick tells her to give it a try and then leaves.

George and Lemon chews out Zoe and Lavon tries to defend her. Zoe tells them if they get back together it will fix all their problems. She tells them they are all cursed. She reminds them none of them have had a good relationship since then. They tell Zoe that the town psychic is a quack and Lemon tells Zoe she feels too sorry for her to be angry. She and George walk out and Zoe asks Lavon isn’t the curse the only reason that she and Joel broke up. He feels sorry for her. She gets teary and walks away.

Harley comes into the RJ and shows them the trophy they won at the barbecue and shows him that all their names are on it. Charles makes nice with Wade – as nice as he can be. They shake on giving things a go.

AB comes to Davis’ house and tells him yes to going on a date with him. He says he hasn’t even officially asked her out yet. She tells him to go ahead and he steps outside and then asks her out hesitantly. She asks when and where and he asks if she wants to go to a black tie fundraiser with him and she agrees. He says he will pick her up at seven. She asks who the fundraiser is for and he says it’s for his uncle’s reelection campaign – he’s the mayor of Fillmore. AB says that sounds interesting and says she’s in. She leaves with an unsure look on her face.

Zoe packs up some of Joel’s things when Lavon comes in. He asks what she’s doing and she tells him she’s packing the rest of his stuff. She tells him that she misses him but she knows there is no curse. She says she chose not to go with him so it’s on her. Lavon says that she would have hated it in LA and tells her she belongs there. She asks him what if it was the biggest mistake of her life and he was the right one that she let walk away. He says that he thinks about that every day. She tells him she loved Joel and Lavon hugs her while she cries.

George comes into Fancies to tell her that their night of passion was amazing but a mistake. She agrees that it was both. They agree that if they had been honest they could have avoided Zoe’s matchmaking scheme. He tells her he was a jerk at dinner and doesn’t know what it is about her that drives him crazy. He says they have to get past it. They talk but George keeps picturing them in bed. He suggests that he should be more of a silent partner. She agrees but asks if he’s sure. He says he is 100%. She turns back to work and he looks horribly uncertain but then leaves.