Hart Of Dixie RECAP 4/4/14: Season 3 Episode 16 “Carrying Your Love With Me”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 4/4/14: Season 3 Episode 16 “Carrying Your Love With Me”

HART OF DIXIE returns to the CW tonight with a brand new episode.  In “Carrying Your Love With Me,” BlueBell gets a sister city in France. Meanwhile, Brick strives to win the town’s Man of the Year title; Zoe and Joel become fed up with the remodeling problems they encounter; and Lemon recruits George to assist her with a business venture.

On last week’s episode  Zoe (Rachel Bilson) learned that Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) had hired some unreliable workers to help with the renovations, but when one got hurt on the job he became litigious. Lavon (Cress Williams) had organized BlueBell’s Renaissance Faire to help keep himself busy, but when no one wanted to buy tickets, he decideed to use Lemon’s (Jaime King) two suitors as the main event. Meanwhile, Wade (Wilson Bethel) was excited about his upcoming anniversary with Vivian (guest star Lauren Bittner), but her son had other ideas.  Did you happen to watch the last episode? If not we recapped it for you right here.

On tonight’s episode Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) are frustrated by all the snags they keep running into while trying to remodel their new home. Rose (guest star McKaley Miller) persuades Lavon (Cress Williams) to agree that BlueBell will be sister cities with a town in France. Lemon (Jaime King) convinces George (Scott Porter) to help her out with a business venture, but in order for things to go smoothly, Wade (Wilson Bethel) has to play peacemaker. Meanwhile, Brick (Tim Matheson) sees an opportunity to become BlueBell’s Man of the Year, but he soon discovers he has some tough competition. Kaitlyn Black also stars. Tim Matheson directed the episode written Leila Gerstein.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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Zoe dresses up and tries to make a sexy video for Joel. But her corset is struck and she falls over. Joel comes in and excited that she was making him a sexy Emily Bronte video and he snaps some photos to remember her by. Rose joins Lavon at the Butter Stick and she tells him she’s the ambassador for their sister city in France. She tells him he needs to email the French mayor to invite them to visit. She shows him the photo of the French mayor – she’s a hot former ballerina. He and Wade agree they need to make the call.

George wakes to find Lemon there with breakfast and startles him. He tells her to learn to knock. She tells him she still wants to buy Fancy’s. He tells her that he knows she’s in trouble because she can’t buy it because Shelby won’t sell it to him and she doesn’t have the money. She wants George to buy it and let her buy half and him be her silent partner.

The crowd watches Don Todd at the Rammer Jammer when Joel and Zoe come in. Cricket and her hubby sing him a number to ask him to stay and then give them parts in his new movie. He says he doesn’t think he gets to decide that. Lavon gives Joel a box of Game of Thrones DVDs to watch on the plane. They go sit and Wade brings Joel a nice breakfast and a rose and makes Joel promise to stay in touch. Joel gets a call from his new agent.

Tom tells Zoe she can’t let Joel go. He tells her that if he goes, they’ll break up and the town will lose both of them. Tom tells her that 99% of long distance relationships break up. She says it’s not true and he tells her to Google it and turns out it’s 75%. Tom begs her to beg Joel to stay for everyone’s happiness. Joel comes back to the table and Zoe tries to put a smile on.

Brick tells Lemon and AB that he thinks he’s going to finally win Man of the Year. Lavon is ineligible and George has gone nuts so no one should vote for him. Brick asks AB to get him an endorsement from the Belles. Lemon tells him he’s been sour and she tells him to work on it. A vomity kid comes in and he chews her out but then Lemon nudges him.

Zoe asks if they think long distance relationships can work and they tell her that they think hers and Joel’s stands a chance but she’s not buying it. Lemon comes up and chews George out because someone else leased Fancy’s – he tells her too bad but then it turns out it’s Lilly Ann the one who’s been singing Unlucky Tucky and she says she’s going to debut all her new material there (including a bunch more songs inspired by him). Lemon tells him it serves him right and flounces off.

At the airport, Zoe sees Joel off and he asks if she’s okay. She offers to go to LA with him and he reminds her that she says she hates it there and just got back to Blue Bell. She insists it could grow on her and says she could juice and get implants. She tells him most long distance couples break up but Joel reassures her saying the weatherman says there was an 80% chance of rain and it’s sunny. She kisses him good-bye and heads back to BB but in a horrible rainstorm…

It’s two weeks later and Zoe skypes with Joel in a sexy nightgown covered in kitchen tiles. She says she’ll take off the ones he doesn’t like so they can decide on a color. He gets a call from his agent and says he can’t talk. He promises to make it up to her as soon as she gets to LA tonight.

Brick works the crowd in the Rammer Jammer trying to drum up votes for Man of the Year. Tom tells George that Lilly Ann is singing more horrible songs about him – and her old standard – Run from Wade. They decide they need to get her out of town. The two go to meet Lemon and she says that she will help if George partners up with him. She tells him that he’s the only with the cash and the sway with Shelby.

Lemon says they need to get in Lilly Ann’s head and convince her that Fancy’s is not the place for her. She’s scared of ghosts so Lemon tells them to get to haunting. AB tells Brick that Stanley is getting the Belle’s nomination because he threw them a Botox party. Brick and AB come in and find the office in chaos – the elementary school has a stomach flu outbreak. Brick freaks and chews the kids out and one little girl begs Zoe not to leave her with the mean man.

Lemon tells Lilly Ann that Shelby ditched Fancy’s because it was haunted and the guys start making ghosts sounds. Lavon and Rose chat online with the French mayor and he compliments her effusively. She tells him she’s enchanted to meet him and can’t wait to come to Blue Bell. Rose’s friend tells Lavon he needs to learn the lingo if he wants to tap that and he asks what they’re teaching in school. They tell him to get a French language CD.

Lilly Ann hears the spooky sounds that the guys set up and trips a wire and some chairs fall on her. She freaks and screams. Zoe sees out the last of the patients and tells him she’s got to go. He chews her out and tells her to be back by Monday. She says it’s Joel’s only chance to see her in the next two weeks but then tells him she can’t go. She slaps her hand over her mouth – looks like she got the stomach flu from her patients!

Lavon, Zoe, Wade and Vivian have breakfast in Lavon’s kitchen – it’s the day Joel is due home and Zoe is in a great mood. Lavon practices his bad French and Zoe answers in French. Viv tells her she seems to be in a good mood and Wade says she’s getting laid. Joel is coming back for the weekend. She wants to take up all his time with house stuff but Wade and Lavon want time with Joel instead. Joel calls and Joel tells her he’s stuck in Denver in snow. He won’t be there until tomorrow afternoon. She tells him it’s okay and then breaks the news to the guys.

Brick tells Dash that they should do My Fair Lady for this year’s musical and says Dash would be perfect for the lead. He offers to get Shelby to play across him but turns out that he’s got Cricket in mind to play across from him and then tells him about Stanley’s donation to another group that puts him in good shape for Man of the Year. Wanda tells Dash that the new ownership of Fancy’s is a disaster and he pulls out his recorder. She says that George and Lemon’s non-stop fighting is ruining things.

George apologizes to one of the workers that Lemon was bugging. She tells him the vendors love her and George says they tolerate her. The argument branches out further to an old vacation they took. Wade comes in and they both tattle to him about the other. Wade tells them they need to get their butts in gear or they’re going to lose their money. Wade says he needs to get to the RJ and they beg him to stay and be their buffer. He says he’ll see what he can do to find them someone.

Zoe is freaking out because Joel is running even later and she has all these home item choices to make in the six hours that Joel will be there. Lavon says she doesn’t have to do it all this visit and she says that she has to show him how great their future in BB is so she doesn’t lose it. Lavon speaks some awful French and Brick corrects him and tells him he’s fluent. Lavon offers to get him some MOTY votes if he helps with his French.

Zoe meets Joel at the airport and he’s exhausted. She asks him to change his return trip and he can’t because of a big meeting. They only have an hour and a half. He asks if they can just make out in her car and she agrees. They go do that but it’s not working well since she has a tiny car. Joel says the car doesn’t seem to be the best place for this. They look at each other and he tells her he has to get back to the gate and he’s starving. He apologizes. He kisses her and tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him too. He gets out of the car and she stays there and cries bitterly.

One week later it’s time for the French contingency to arrive and for Fancy’s to open. Lavon’s French is much improved. Brick comes in and tells them in French he’s in the lead for MOTY. Zoe comes in looking wrecked in PJs and slippers. They offer her food and she sits at the bar and asks for coffee. Wade asks her for a smile and she refuses and leaves.

Meatball is serving as the buffer and taking messages between the two of them. He seems to be working well and tells them it’s the end of his shift. They tell him he can’t leave until the next buffer gets there. Wally shows up for his shift and Meatball says they should try this in the Middle East.

AB and Brick listen as Zoe tearfully tapes one of the cops broken fingers to another. He asks for a second opinion. Brick tells her she needs to get on the next plane and go now so nothing can mess it up. He tells her it’s an order and AB agrees. She runs off to do it.

They welcome Edward – the former owner – to the grand reopening of Fancy’s. Tom is acting as buffer and even has a buffer name tag. George says they can’t believe they made it and he says he’ll go back to his law practice but wants to be involved in all major decisions. Connie comes in and hands them lawsuit papers for an unlawful intimidation suit filed by Lilly Ann. She tells them they found the recording equipment and she knows what they were up to.

The BB welcome contingency greets the mostly male visiting group from France. They sing the French national anthem. Jean Claude, the deputy mayor of the other town, introduces himself and says that the mayor is busy with her hubby and kids and Lavon is disappointed. Zoe gets to LA and comes to the studio. She surprises Joel and he’s thrilled. He introduces her to Jeff, his producer. He tells her she has a great look and should think about acting. He asks if Joel has told him the good news and he says they are headed to London in July to make the movie because it’s been fast tracked. Zoe tries to act happy, but she’s clearly not.

Zoe asks Joel why he didn’t tell her about London. He asks her to take a year off and come with him. She tells him she can’t practice medicine there and will be all alone there with nothing to do. He says he can’t pick between his dream job and dream girl. Zoe says he can’t miss the opportunity but that long distance has been too hard. Joel asks what other choice they have.

In BB, Lavon mopes around when Jean finds him and tells him the town is lovely. He tells him there is a pretty girl he would like him to introduce him to and Jean points at AB. Lavon tells him in America you introduce yourself and stomps out. George and Lemon had to give Lilly Ann back Fancy’s and they drink to the end of their partnership. He says them working together was a bad idea and she says that all the stuff she tolerated when they were together is so obvious. They drink and insult each other.

Lilly Ann walks around Fancy’s practicing one of her songs. Wade and Viv come in and Lilly calls him the scourge of the earth. He introduces her to Viv and he leaves Viv to talk to Lilly. Viv says that singing songs about the people in BB isn’t going to work out in the long run because people will be tired of it soon. She also tells her that her family are Norwegians that raise cats and oranges – three things that Lilly Ann is scared of. Viv tells her this is her only warning.

Joel sends Zoe back off the Blue Bell with a hug. She tells him he changed her life and he tells her not to talk about him in the past tense. He says it’s a break, not a break up. He says he’ll come back after the movie and she tells him that he will go on to be a great screenwriter and will have to stay in H-wood. They kiss good-bye sweetly.

Rose explains to the French guests about the Man of the Year award. AB and Jean chat and Lavon stares sourly. Jean seems to be enchanted with her. Dash comes up to announce who won the Owl’s MOTY award. He says the person is a true inspiration and he says it took them a while to get used to his ways – they give the award to Joel! Brick is bummed. Dash says that Joel is off becoming famous and he asks someone to accept on his behalf.

Zoe steps up. She smiles and says that Joel will be thrilled with the award because he grew to love Blue Bell and they loved him. She says things happen and opportunities arise and that Joel says he’s coming back but we know that he’s not. Tom is devastated. She cries and says she’s going to take the award home to remember him by. She thanks them and runs off the stage. Wade asks Lavon if he knows and he says he didn’t. Wade says they need to find George and Lemon and tell them they got Fancy’s back. Lemon wakes up in George’s bed horrified that she’s naked. She grabs her clothes and runs out.

Rose brings Zoe ice cream, AB brings a break-up pie, Brick brings bagels – the whole town comes streaming in with hugs and treats to make her feel better. She says she’ll do better now that she has all of them.