Hart Of Dixie RECAP Finale – Guess Who’s Pregnant? Season 3 “Second Chance”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP Finale - Guess Who's Pregnant? Season 3 “Second Chance”

HART OF DIXIE returns to the CW tonight with a brand new episode. In “Second Chance,” the third-season finale, Wade must make a hard choice about his future in the wake of Zoe’s grand gesture. Meanwhile, Lavon and George encounter their hero, Don Todd; and Grandma Bettie advises Lemon to conduct an earnest search for a husband.

On last week’s episode While Wade (Wilson Bethel) was upset with Zoe (Rachel Bilson) over his relationship issues, she decided to lay low and help George (Scott Porter) out with his problems with Lemon (Jaime King). Meanwhile Lemon and Wade decided to play hooky from their respective problems. AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) was excited to introduce her new boyfriend to her parents, until they decided they would rather spend time with Lavon (Cress Williams). Brick (Tim Matheson) tried to help Wanda (guest starred Mallory Moye) and Tom (guest starred Ross Philips) cope with infertility issues.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Zoe (Rachel Bilson) tries to be a supportive friend to Wade (Wilson Bethel), but when she makes a grand gesture, Wade is forced to make a tough decision about his future with the Rammer Jammer and BlueBell. Lavon (Cress Williams) and George (Scott Porter) meet their hero Don Todd (guest star Reggie Hayes, “Girlfriends”), who helps them see things in their life more clearly. Grandma Bettie (guest star Maree Cheatham) tries to convince Lemon (Jaime King) that she has to take her search for a suitable husband more seriously. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) is trying to picture her future with Davis (guest star Barry Watson). Bethany Rooney directed the episode written by Leila Gerstein

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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Dash dictates hot news for his blog. He talks about Wade moving to Atlanta, Meatball marrying the lunatic Lilly Ann, Fancies has burned and Anna Beth has a proposal on the table. He says these are all signs of the Apocalypse and the four horsemen will be galloping up Main Street in Blue Bell any day now. George tells Lemon that the insurance investigator says they won’t get a dime. She tells George their partnership means a lot to her and she says she’s not sure why he drives her crazy.

She says she should have never said he was a bad business partner since she’s the one that burned it down. Lemon takes his hands and says she’ll get every cent of the money back but George just sees her all sexy and golden holding his hands. He shakes his head and says it was a bad idea. She says they make a good team but George says he’s done and the business is all hers. Lemon is a little hurt but says she understands. Lemon says she has more amends to make and leaves.

Zoe is all sulky and so is Lavon. They sit by the pond and she says that he’s upset about AB’s proposal and he says she’s mopey about Wade leaving. Both deny their romantic sadness. They skip rocks and pout.

Lemon tells the town that they have three weddings to save – Meatball’s, Brando’s and Cricket’s renewal. Sgt Jeffries complains and says they town should do nothing. Then Lavon steps up and says no – he says it’s Blue Bell and we love love and says they all need to help make this weekend the most romantic ever. Zoe is mooning over Wade when Lavon glares and Zoe jumps up to clap. Tom announces they’re getting alpacas and that Wanda is pregnant. Lots of applause follows.

Lavon tells AB he heard about the proposal and she says she’s still thinking about it. He says he hopes she’s happy no matter what she decides. AB thanks him and walks away. Lemon comes up and tells him that if he asks her not to marry Davis, she won’t. Lavon says that maybe he’s not one of those people that gets to be happy. He walks off.

Zoe asks Wade how the packing is going and he says he bets that Atlanta doesn’t have town meetings. She says Atlanta is nice except for the ice storms and asks if he has a scraper thingie.

George and Lavon are watching Nascar when a Don Todd ad comes in. It promotes a reading of his book at noon tomorrow in Tallahassee. George says if they leave now they can camp out and get seats. Leavon says they have the weddings and George says those are not their weddings. He reminds Lavon that AB might be marrying another guy and that his business with Lemon burned down. He tells him they need it. Lavon puts down his beer and they scream out that they are going to see Don Todd. They dance around like idiots and then run to the car.

Zoe comes to Wade’s and watches him pack through the window. She hiccups and he hears it. She turns and runs and then hides on his porch behind an old file cabinet. She hiccups again and he asks what she’s doing. She says she dropped her keys and got him a goodbye gift – it’s an ice scraper. He thanks her and says it will be super useful in 7 months if another ice storm.

She tells him she wants him to drive safe because she cares about… she pauses and then says: safety. Her hiccups are catastrophic and she says she should go. Wade sneaks up on her and yells boo and she screams. He tells her you’re welcome for taking care of her hiccups. She says she’ll see him later for two more days then never again. It’s awkward. So awkward.

Dash walks through town dictating and says the end of the world is still upon us but at least they’ll get three weddings before they go. The town square is being festooned for the events but then Stanley hits Cricket with something and Dash adds “probably.”

Lavon wakes on a sidewalk next to George outside the bookstore to Zoe calling. He tells her he’s in Tallahassee to see Don Todd. She asks him to come home. She says she needs him because she went to see Wade and can’t tell him what she’s feeling. She’s hiccuping horribly again. He tells her to go to Wade and tell him how she feels. He says to live fearlessly. George says “Don Todd” and Lavon tells her “like Don Todd.” But then George shakes him and points – their extreme golf idol Don Todd is there live and in person.

Lavon hangs up on her. The guys rush to Don Todd and the guy is bummed because there are only two people there. George says maybe the other people went to the wrong bookstore but Don Todd says that’s two more people than showed up last time and tells them to come on. They are thrilled.

Davis smooches AB good morning and he asks if she’s thought about the engagement proposal. He says we need to go into this with our eyes open and no secrets. She says she has none but he does. He’s finally going to let her see in the closet that he’s never let her in. She wonders if it’s his grandmother’s skeleton. It’s not – it’s a closet full of dozens of the exact same pair of sneakers. She says it’s weird but doesn’t change what she feels about him. AB hiccups!

Robin is in the Rammer Jammer telling Wade that she thinks after Atlanta, they’ll open two more in the next few years and says soon the Rammer Jammer will be like Bubba Gump’s. Frank says he likes Bubba Gumps and Robin snaps a photo of him and tells Wade she loves the local color. Wade asks if he’ll be running the RJ in Atlanta and she says he will be at corporate overseeing it all. He’s not happy about being in an office until she writes down his starting salary. He’s stunned and then Frank asks if she wants to franchise the Dixie Stop and says it comes with its own private detective.

Don Todd reads about looking death in the eye. Lavon, George and another randam dude applaud. They are the only ones in the room. George tells him this was the best two hours of his life and then Don Todd thanks them and tells them it’s his last book because he’s retiring. They plead with him not to and tell him that Blue Bell is addicted to his show. George tells him that he matters and Lavon says that he inspires dozens of people. Lavon asks if they can take him to Blue Bell to show him how much people care. He says he’ll call the next stop on the tour and tell them he’s playing through.

Lemon comes in looking for her Dad but he’s in with a damaged Cricket. Zoe hiccups again and Lemon says she’s stressed about Wade leaving because she loves him. She says she doesn’t. Lemon asks her why she came back from New York and Zoe says she came back with another man. Lemon says she doesn’t want to be with Wade because he hurt her but then he changed and it hurt her to watch him with Vivian. Lemon says she loves him and Zoe says she doesn’t. The hiccups escalate and then Zoe screams out – fine, I love Wade. A voice says – good to know. She turns and – OMG – it’s Joel!

Zoe and Joel walk through town. She says it sounds like the movie is going well and he says he leaves for London soon and is still dating the comedy writer. He tells her Blue Bell won’t be the same without Wade. He says he called him to tell him he was going to Atlanta. Joel tells her, as her friend, that she should tell Wade how she feels before he leaves. He says that’s the only way she’ll know if he feels the same. He smiles and tells her that he doesn’t know why Wade would since she’s so difficult to be with and so unattractive. She laughs and invites him to be her plus one at Meatball and Lilly Ann’s wedding. Joel is thrilled to see that shindig.

Meatball asks Wade if he has his best man suit all ready. Wade asks if should be the best man since he dated Lilly Ann. Meatball says he didn’t but then Wade clarified that Run From Wade is about him. Meatball isn’t bothered. He hugs him and goes. Vivian shows up for Brando’s wedding and runs into Wade. She apologizes for how things went and says she didn’t start dating him with what happened in mind. He tells her he was hurt but understands and says her family should be together.

Cricket and Stanley are dueting Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong at their renewal rehearsal. He lifts her then drops her. He says if they had done tandem choreography this wouldn’t have happened. They argue and AB tries to mediate but starts hiccuping again. Cricket tells her she sounds like a dying frog and AB tells her about the 100s of sneakers in Davis’s secret closet. Cricket says it’s better to know the secrets now than 10 years into the relationship. Stanley comes over and tells her that his Pilates instructor is added to the wedding party because they are very close. Hmm… Too close maybe.

Lemon’s Grandma agrees to give her the $100k she needs to rebuild Fancies as long as she gets on the singles cruise and doesn’t get off until she finds a husband. Lemon refuses and her Grandma tells her she needs to give up on this true love thing. Grandma says that Lemon’s looks could disappear at any minute and doesn’t want her to die alone. She begs her to get on the boat.

At the Rammer Jammer, they’re setting up for Mearball’s wedding and Wade has on his tuxedo t-shirt. Joel and Zoe come in and Tom runs up excited to Joel and tells him that he’s getting alpacas, Wanda is pregnant and he’s so happy to see him. Joel sees Don Todd and then freaks. So does Tom. Dash and the other Owls run over, so does Wanda and everyone. He’s thronged with eager fans.

Zoe asks if Wade is leaving tomorrow and he starts to say something but then it’s time for the wedding. Wade plays the wedding march on electric guitar, Meatball is in his camo suit. They couple prepares to sing their vows. Meatball grabs a mic and sings a rock tune about how hot Lilly Ann is and how fine and how that he’s a two but she’s a nine. Lilly sings about how he’s hairy and sweaty and that Meatball goes great with spaghetti.

Lilly sings that she’s had men from everywhere and then mentions that she’s had Bob, Larry and Chuck and G-Tuck. Meatball stops the wedding and is angered that she’s slept with his lawyer, shrimp guy and the town man whore. She says he doesn’t understand because he’s not a musician. He reminds her that he is and has a band – Mindface. She looks confused and he asks if she knows him at all. She says not really. The minister says maybe they should take a break and Meatball says – or a break up. They stomp off.

The minister asks if anyone else has something else to say. Zoe says she does and takes the stage. She recognizes Wade on behalf of the town and says they are so proud of his success that they know that he could achieve. She hiccups and then says – we love him. Then she says not we – and then says that last year Wade had the guts to drive across the state to tell her and she says so now – I love you. Then says, okay, I told you. Wade turns and walks out the door. Zoe is stunned. The crowd is intrigued.

Wade finishes packing his car when Zoe walks up in a horrible pink dress because she’s been conscripted into Cricket’s renewals. Wade says he has to finihs packing and go. She asks if that all he has to stay. She says he could acknowledge what she said and then that he walked off. He says he isn’t going to say what he has to say there at the Rammer Jammer. He says they tried to make it work for a long time and she says they weren’t ready then but are now. He says he thought that once but doesn’t anymore. He says he needs to go and she needs to go to her wedding.

The guys talk to Don Todd and he says his retirement depends on how he does on his next hole. He says he’s about to take the most dangerous shot of his life. He asks if they want to come along and they run for the car. Tom yells shotgun.

Cricket and AB are hiccuping insanely and Zoe tells them it’s stress and they each have something to say that they need to get out. AB puts on Cricket’s necklace and tells her if there is some obstacle to her marriage staying together, they will all understand. Cricket has a drink.

Wade looks at Robin’s models of the Rammer Jammer franchises and says they all look just alike. Identical even. She says it’s important that they all be exactly the same to offer authentic Alabama cuisine. Joel walks up and looks at one and asks – even in North Carolina? Robin asks who he is and he says he’s an innocent bystander.

Robin gives him a present. It’s a tie and she tells him he’ll need it in Atlanta. He’s not happy. Joel tells him he doesn’t seem like a tie guy. He says he sees him as a guy breaking up bar fights and creating drinks. Wade says maybe he’ll be happy being rich with four porn star girlfriends.

Don Todd tells the guys that he’s spent years trying to make impossible holes because he has an enormous one in his heart. George asks if they’re going to see him play golf and he says no – they’re going to Pensacola to see his ex-wife and tell her she’s the love of his life. George and Lavon say that doesn’t sound fun but then George calls shotgun. Looks like they’re along for the ride.

Cricket’s renewal is about to happen. Lemon comes up and tells Zoe that she looks like something Hello Kitty barfed up. Lemon says she heard about Zoe’s love declaration and tells her she’s brave. She asks what Wade said and she says nothing much. Lemon tells Zoe that maybe both of them need to rethink love. She tells Zoe she’s getting on the SS Desperation and will find love or an iceburg, whichever comes first.

Dash starts playing the Officer and a Gentleman theme. The bridesmaids and groommen come in then Stanley and Cricket who can’t stop hiccuping. She tells Dash to stop the music and addressed the crowd. She says she can’t do this. She says it’s 2014 and no one has to pretend anymore. She announces to everyone that she’s gay, The whole town is floored. Stanley runs off. Cricket says look – my hiccups are gone. So is her hubby!

give Brando his best. Joel tells him he doesn’t have to leave. Wade says he already told everyone he was leaving and Joel says they would be happy to have him back. Just then, Zoe walks out of her place in a nice dress looking gorgeous. Wade looks at her longingly and Joel says – oh, I see. Wade nods sadly.

Lavon and George complain about Don Todd being all in love. Tom rushes up and tells them they’ve missed a lot. He says that Lemon is going on a single’s cruise and isn’t coming back until she’s engaged (George looks disturbed by this), Davis has 200 pairs of sneakers and Cricket is gay. Davis tells AB he did not see the Cricket thing coming. She hiccups and he asks if she’s okay. She says she has an answer. He asks if it’s good.

Don Todd comes to sit with the guys and says it’s good news. He asks if they saw the episode where he was stung by the jellyfish. They did. He says it’s way worse than that. His ex has moved on and he has missed his chance. They ask why he’s happy and he says because now he knows he’s done everything he could and knows he can move on. He says he’s ready to go play golf and asks who’s coming with him. Tom is in but Lavon says he has something urgent to do and heads off.

AB tells Davis she admires his closet organization. She hiccups. She compliments him more and Davis asks if there is a big but coming. She says she’s been where he is – the rebound person – and knows he deserves more than to settle for someone who’s still in love with someone else.

George asks Don what happened with his wife and he says that he and his wife always fought and drove each other crazy. He says he thinks it was because each was afraid to let the other know how much they cared. George says he needs them to drop him off so he can get to the woman that drives him crazy.

Brando and Sylvie are having their wedding. They agree that they feel joy and have found true love again after they both lost their first ture loves – a second chance. They kiss and are married. Zoe calls Lemon and tells her not to give up on true love and says that there are second chances. She tells her to get off the boat but Lemon can’t hear.

A guy comes up and tells her cell service is bad on the boat and she’ll be without service for 30 days. He says maybe we can find another way to fill our time. Lemon smiles uncomfortably. Wade comes into Brando’s wedding in a nice jacket looking good and Zoe sees him and smiles. Zoe comes over and asks where he is and why he’s not on the road to Atlanta. He says he turned it down and that one Rammer Jammer is enough. He says a desk job is not for him but tells her not to read too much into it. Sylvie comes and drags her away to dance.

Don and Tom drop George off at the cruise ship and yell encouragement at him. George comes to the gate but it’s closed. He begs them to let him on. They won’t. George sees her on deck and bangs and calls her name. Then he looks over and sees that Lavon is there too. They each stare at each other and both say – no – repeatedly.

Joel and AB dance and he tells her she made the right move what with the 200 pairs of shoes. Wade dances with Sylvie and Brando with Zoe when Brando asks to cut in and they change partners. Zoe tells Wade that she’s not giving up on him and is going to prove that they are meant to be together. She tells him that she will spend as long as it takes to convince him. She walks away and he smiles thoughtfully.

OMG – totally thought Lavon was going for AB but it was Lemon! Holy cow. Don’t know if I can wait for the next season premiere! Excellent cliffhanger.

THE END!!!!!