Hart Of Dixie RECAP 5/2/14: Season 3 Episode 20 “Together Again”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 5/2/14: Season 3 Episode 20 “Together Again”

HART OF DIXIE returns to the CW tonight with a brand new episode. In “Together Again,” Wade blames Zoe for his relationship problems, so she avoids him and tries to assist George, who’s at odds with Lemon. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth’s parents develop a bond with Lavon; and Brick helps Tom and Wanda deal with their infertility issues.

On last week’s episode Lemon schemed to improve her health-inspection grade. Elsewhere, Zoe found herself in an uncomfortable position in Wade and Vivian’s relationship; Lavon and Anna Beth’s problems had a negative impact on BlueBell; and George dated a Bible-school teacher.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode While Wade (Wilson Bethel) is upset with Zoe (Rachel Bilson) over his relationship issues, she decides to lay low and help George (Scott Porter) out with his problems with Lemon (Jaime King). Meanwhile Lemon and Wade decide to play hooky from their respective problems. AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) is excited to introduce her new boyfriend to her parents, until they decide they would rather spend time with Lavon (Cress Williams). Brick (Tim Matheson) tries to help Wanda (guest star Mallory Moye) and Tom (guest star Ross Philips) cope with infertility issues.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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Zoe greets Wade and he fusses at her about twisting his ankle in a hole Joel had dug. She tells him she was trying to help him with Viv and that it was out of either one of their hands. He tells her it’s better that he doesn’t interact with her or any of her family. He says he wishes he had that policy in place three years ago.

Lemon walks into Fancies and finds George drinking coffee. She tells him all of their reservations are getting canceled because his kitchen sex romp got them a C on their health inspection. She tells him about a local food blogger that’s been reviewing restaurants and wants him to do something about them getting reviewed by him.

Wanda and Tom come in and tell Brick she got her period – so she’s not pregnant. Brick says they need to try another cycle of the meds and Wanda says the meds made her crazy and she doesn’t want to take them.

Zoe finds George and asks him for help repairing her friendship with Wade. George doesn’t want to help. George is trying to find the path of the food blogger so he can try and get him into Fancies. George says if he can figure out where he is, he can go in and find him. He says he has to get him to review Fancies to make it up to Lemon. Zoe tells him it’s a ridiculous plan and he says it’s the only one he’s got. Zoe has an idea herself and runs out the door.

AB and Lavon run into each other in town and she tells him her parents are visiting. He has a ton of questions about their cruise and tells her he had been emailing with them. He says he hasn’t heard from them lately and she tells him Davis is meeting her parents today. Then Davis is there and Lavon also gets to meet him. It’s awkward. Davis says he overdid the handshake and may have hurt him. AB says he’s joking and that his hand must be killing him. She admits it is.

Lemon comes pounding on Wade’s door to check on him. He tells her he’s fine and she says he doesn’t look fine or smell fine. She tells him he has heartbreak and she has hostility and they should take the day off and have fun. He’s encouraged. She tells him he can even pick where they go and he says strip club.

Lavon runs into AB’s parents in town and he asks about their cruise and Alaska. Her parents seem nervous and he takes the hint and tells them to take care. But then her parents come and hug him and tells him they miss him. He says he misses them too.

Tom tells Brick he needs to come now because they have a situation. Wanda is pushing a baby stroller and she has a baby goat in it wearing a onesie. Brick is freaked but tells her it’s adorable. She walks off and Brick tells Tom he’ll figure something out. Tom begs him to hurry.

Wade brings Lemon to a taxidermy shop and he tells her they serve food and their chicken wings are amazing. He drags her in.

Zoe finds George eating lunch and he asks why she’s there. She stalked him to where he’s trying to find the restaurant reviewer. She tells him she’s going to get Walter to review the Rammer Jammer and George is angry that she’s bogarting his scheme. He tells her to go and she refuses. She tried to sample his food and he shuts her down too.

AB tells Davis the stuff her parents aren’t into and he says parents dig him. She tells him to lose the vest and he rips it off as they knock on the door. Her parents come in and hug AB. She introduces Davis – Gerald and Dorie. He tells them AB showed him photos of their cruise and her mom says now they have nothing to talk about. Awkward.

Zoe tells George it’s been an hour and he’s wrong. He insists he’s not and then she sees a chunky guy alone with a lot of different food items on his plate. He tells her that proves his math skills. Lemon hears a guy whisper to the taxidermy restaurant owner asking for directions to another nearby restaurant.

Shelby shows up with her baby Ethel and says she wanted to meet her Uncle Brick. He asks if he can meet her for an early dinner to catch up and says he knows someone that can watch her baby. She agrees and he says he will call her.

Davis tells her parents he hosts a podcast but they have no clue. He says his is about DIY. Gerald asks about football and she says Davis likes it but he says he thinks it will be gone in five years because of all the concussions. AB says that he’s kidding to cover and asks if they want to go for a walk. Her parents say they are tired and want to go for a nap. They head out. Davis tells her he knows it was bad and she says they were just tired.

Instead of a nap, Gerald and Dorie head over to Lavon’s to catch up and hang out. He asks if it’s okay with AB and they tell him they just saw her and she’s fine.

The guy at the counter is looking at a map and Lemon says she’s going to go get him to review Fancies. Wade says he wants him to review Rammer Jammer. She says George ruined their reputation and he says he’s broken hearted. They agree to work together.

George argues with Zoe over who gets to approach Walter. She says it’s every man for himself and runs for the guy. They end up crashing into each other and turning over a table and breaking some glass.
[9:42:27 PM] Rachel Rowan: Lemon and Wade approach the guy and ask if he’s Walter. She says she reads his blog daily and his kale article changed her life. She says it was bold and visionary and he says he knew it was controversial. They tell him they are from Bluebell and they both own restaurants. He says it’s a sign and tells them to take him to lunch.

George and Zoe are also talking to their guy and think he’s the blogger. George tells him about Fancies and Zoe talks up the Rammer Jammer. He says he was thinking of stopping by Bluebell but his car broke down. They both offer to drive him then Zoe says George can drive and she’ll ride along. She flirts and pulls him outside.

Davis and AB make dinner and wonder why her parents are late. Gerald is playing football with Lavon and they’re excited. They tell Lavon how proud of him they are. They tell him he saved the town from the Gaineys. He says he thinks it’s been a rocky year. They ask if there is any chance he and AB will get back together and he says no but they tell him they still want him in their lives.

He says that’s nice since he knows they’re in town to meet her new beau and that reminds Dorie that they’re late. She steps out to call AB. Dorie tells her they overslept and AB tells her that Davis put a lot of effort into the meal. She says they are on the way but then AB hears Lavon offering them ice cream and she realizes her parents are with Lavon. She gets mad and tells them their invitation is revoked. AB is disappointed but Davis tries to smooth things over.

Zoe and George drive their guy to Bluebell but then he sees an injured deer at the side of the road. He yells at them to stop because he wants to see if he can help. Zoe tells him she’s a doctor as George squeals to a stop.

Shelby and Brick eat at Fancies and she isn’t thrilled with what they’ve done with her cabaret. He asks her what life is like in Montgomery. She says she loves it and is working on an underwater production of The Little Mermaid. She tells him she’s been hanging out with her baby daddy but says they’re not romantically involved. She tells him she wants him back and he nearly chokes in shock.

Zoe and George search for the injured deer and the guy tells them they made it so easy and drives off with George’s truck and her purse. Turns out both of their phones were in the truck. He tells her Bluebell is 11 miles away and she says it’s a good thing she’s got her hiking shoes on – five inch heeled leopard mini boots…

Walter walks into Fancies and tells Lemon that it’s very elegant. Then she sees Brick and Shelby and Lemon asks why they are there. Shelby says she came back to try and win her father back. Lemon is annoyed and they head into the other room.

AB tells Davis not to take it hard. He says her parents clearly adore Lavon and she agrees it’s infuriating. He tells her he wants to get to know them, but having her all to himself is a win. She tells him she needs to talk to her parents and he encourages her to – go get ’em.

Zoe and George fight on the walk back to Bluebell. She tells him his math was bad and mocks him, calling him the Mentalist.

Shelby argues with Brick and tells him they should be together. He reminds her she was the one who left him. He says her being gone is a huge relief and he doesn’t think it’s meant to be. She tells him life is hard and says her baby is terrifying when she’s awake. Over at Tom and Wanda’s, Ethel is awake and crying and freaking the couple out. They can’t figure out how to get her to stop crying and Tom says his and Brick’s plan to get her to want a real baby by having her spend some time with a real baby isn’t working. But then they try singing to her and she stops crying. Wanda picks her up and the baby giggles.

AB comes to Lavon’s and he tells her she just missed her parents. She tells him her parents lied to her about where they are. He says he’s not trying to get in the middle but she tells him yet again that he is. She asks him if he has any idea how hard it is to be the boyfriend after him. He asks what he can do and she tells him she knows exactly what he can do. He does not look thrilled.

Walter is eating fried chicken at the Rammer Jammer and drinking a custom cocktail. Wade and Lemon talk up each other’s restaurants. He tells them he never reviews two restaurants in the same town. They tell him they know that. He says there’s a first time for everything. They are thrilled. He tells them he’s going to go write it up now. Lemon tells Wade that even as competitors they still make great partners. They high five.

George says maybe they should stop and make a fire. She says that will attract wild animals and scary people. She tells him she just wanted to show Wade she cared about him. They are exhausted. Then Rudy Truitt pulls up and offers them a ride. They hop in and he tells them that their brothers have been wanting to talk to them and tonight’s the night. He pulls off and they are trapped and horrified.
[9:59:40 PM] Rachel Rowan: Lemon tells Wade to admit that she’s a genius about their brilliant day off. He tells her it was a good day but not enough to help him forget Vivian. She says on to phase two and he mentions a strip club again.

The Truitts accuse George of breaking Tansy’s heart and driving her into Scooter’s arm. They then accuse Zoe of making their muse Joel leave town for good. The boys leave to go figure out a suitable punishment for them. Zoe tells George she’s a little scared.

Shelby tells Brick she’s so tired and he tells her he knows from experience that the good outweighs the bad. She asks again for him to take her back and he tells her no, nicely. They head back to get Ethel but Wanda refuses to give back the baby. Wanda offers to time share her goat with Shelby if she’ll share Ethel but Brick tells her to hand her over. Wanda tells Brick she wants a real baby and he says he’ll see her at the office tomorrow.

Lavon gets together with AB’s parents and basically breaks up with them. He tells them he’ll miss them but says they have to give her new boyfriend a chance. Dorie says on the bright side at least they can go back to hating the Tide. They hug it out.

Wade tells Lemon he misses Viv and even her little lizard loving kid. She says he can’t blame himself and he says he doesn’t. She also tells him he can’t blame Zoe. She tells him Zoe had nothing to do with him getting his heart broken, she was just there to witness it.

Chicken tells the other brothers that they insist on a fair trial according to the Constitution. They agree and sit and George tells them that he and Zoe are the victims of having their heart’s broken and the guilty party is love. Rudy says that’s sad and says they should keep them here to heal them like the baby ferrets they helped. Zoe says their hearts are all better because they’re in love with each other. She kisses George and the brothers are satisfied. They want to party with them to celebrate but as soon as the brother go to grab the “good moonshine” and easy cheese, George and Zoe run out the door.

George and Zoe stagger back into Bluebell early the next morning. He says they make a good team and says they should talk about that kiss. They agree it was an amazing kiss and they’re both single at the same time. They agree it would be easy if they just went for it. He says easy isn’t her thing and says he figured out easy isn’t his thing either. He says he’s glad he gave her that ride three years ago and they agree that they are good friends and in a good place.

George asks her if she just did what she did out of friendship for Wade and she says it was and asks him the same about Lemon and he says the same.

Davis tells AB’s parents that he loved their slides and they talk fish. He likes them. They are making a huge effort and ask about

George staggers exhausted into his boat and is startled by Lemon. She shows him the blog she got posted by Walter. She chastises him and says she wishes her cared as much as he did. He throws her off his boat and collapses face own onto his bed.

Zoe is coming in and sees Wade fall into the hole again. She chews him out and says she’s done and doesn’t even want to be his friend anyway. She tells him if he wants help with the hole he can go around it since it’s not moving. He tells her he can show her how to fill in a hole and then he falls into it again and she calls him an idiot.

The End!