Hart of Dixie Season 3B Spoilers: Joel And Zoe Break-Up, Zade Back On!

Hart of Dixie Season 3B Spoilers: Joel And Zoe Break-Up, Zade Back On!

The people of Bluebell may have finally accepted Zoe Hart’s new boyfriend Joel on Season 3 of Hart of Dixie, but Zade fans have not! The first two seasons of Hart of Dixie revolved around Zoe and Wade’s off and on relationship, and then the writers threw fans for a loop in Season 3 and introduced Zoe’s new boyfriend, a New Yorker named Joel.

We have some good news for Zade fans! According to TV Line, Joel will be leaving Bluebell before the end of Season 3. With Joel out of the picture, Zoe Hart and Wade Kinsella may actually get back together. In a recent “Spoiler Chat” on TV Line, a fan asked about the future of Wade and Zoe’s relationship, or lack of. “Please tell me that Joel won’t be around for the entire season of Hart of Dixie! Joel and Zoe are so boring together. She belongs with Wade, or at least someone who isn’t a total snooze.” TV Line responded, “He will not be around for the entire season. No promises about Zoe and Wade though (wink-wink, nudge-nudge.)”

Joel is still considered a “guest-star” on Hart of Dixie, he hasn’t been promoted to a recurring role, so there is a good chance that Zoe and Joel will break up. TV Line didn’t say he was leaving the show for good though, they just said he would not be around for all of Season 3. So, there is also the possibility that Joel just goes out of town for a few episodes, possibly back to New York to work on his book.

So, Zade fans, how excited are you to hear that Joel is leaving Hart of Dixie? Or, was Joel and Zoe’s relationship finally starting to grow on you?

9 responses to “Hart of Dixie Season 3B Spoilers: Joel And Zoe Break-Up, Zade Back On!”

  1. Me says:

    I totally agree Ann. I feel like all the reasons why this show definitely worked weren’t properly understood by those behind it. They were determined to either change it or they didn’t invest time into analysing their own show. She was this Doctor who moved to a small town full of drama and fell for this country guy. NOTHING like what she thought her life would be and EVERYTHING viewers were tuning in for. That chemistry between this Doctor and small town, casual, country guy. Oh wow!! The show is now hardly recognisable… it’s all just fluff to fill the hour. They were onto a great thing… it wasn’t what they initially envisioned but it definitely worked. Instead of embracing it and making it bigger and better they decided it needed to be… well, what it’s become. Also, the lack of reasons to tune in comes down to there being VERY LITTLE in the way of story telling. There’s just a whole lot of new love interests… short love interests between characters. You’ll notice some fans even saying “let’s try AB with… George?” Because that’s all the show is now – characters going between every other character new and old to create a storyline. They need to expand their ideas. She’s a Doctor for goodness sakes but I’m pretty sure they’ve forgotten that.

    • faith says:

      Incorrect. The premise of Zoe from the beginning has been the mutual attraction for George and Wade wanting her…I hate Zade!

  2. faith says:

    I like Zoe and Jade together. #Joey

    It is such a mature relationship.

  3. sterretje says:

    noooo, they don,t have Chemistry! Yes they liked eachother, but that was it….
    zoe and wade belong to eachother, that ca =n be done, without to much damage to her relationship to viv. They just have to SEE eachother again!

  4. Mandy says:

    This season has just been crap. it’s been really hard to watch, there’s no sense at all. the chapters are boring and the storyline of the season doesn’t help. I don’t think this is Joel’s fault but i truly hate him with Zoe there’s no chemistry. If it continuous like that i really doubt that is going to have a season 4 and I don’t really want it. they are just ruining the show guys. Somehow Zoe and Wade are totally different characters. I understand they are trying to do a grown Wade,but in a way even he are boring to watch. AND HE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! This is crazy one of my favorite shows just don’t work for me anymore. SAD.

  5. jaelyn96 says:

    I fell in love with Hart of Dixie because of George and Zoe. But I guess her with Wade is way better than Joel. I still dvr it and put it on dvd to watch later but I have not watched any if season 3 yet

  6. Brandis5 says:

    Joel is a total sweetheart. He just doesn’t belong to Zoe. I think he should be paired up with Annabeth, so her night in shining armor can appreciate a sweet girl like her. Wade is that darn bad boy, that has the sass a girl like Zoe needs.

  7. Jane says:

    I agree. Zade fans got to see them together, but Zeorge fans haven’t got our chance. Give us Zoe and George!

  8. AcHunt says:

    OMGosh I am extremely excited I never really liked the idea of Zoe and Wade not happening I really hope that Joel doesn’t stick around in season 3 and i really hope he is not going to be in season 4….. Zade forever <3