Hawaii Five-0 Recap “Ho’oma’ike”: Season 5 Episode 6

Hawaii Five-0 Recap “Ho'oma'ike”: Season 5 Episode 6

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday October 31, season 5 episode 6 called, “Ho’oma’ike.” On tonight’s episode on Halloween, the team hunts a serial killer who mimics murders from a cult slasher film.

On the last episode, on the fourth anniversary of his father’s death, McGarrett met a woman who helped him reopen the last unsolved case his father worked on before his death. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode it’s Halloween and Five-0 must track down a serial killer who is copying murders depicted in a cult slasher film. Meanwhile, McGarrett must help Jerry after he is kidnapped by the counterfeiters he has been tracking.

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season.

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#H50 starts now. It’s Halloween and all the kiddies are out trick or treating. Some kids knock on a door and are given candy from Ferrell who tells then to perk up. One kid sees a spot on the man and asks if that’s a drop of blood on his face. He says he was cutting up a man he just murdered and they are freaked then he explains it’s fake and they laugh and go. He goes back inside, puts on his plastic apron and gloves. Jerry begs Ferrell to stop hurting the other guy. He shoots the other man with a silencer and tells Jerry to tell him everything he told Steve McGarrett.

Danny sits looking out at the ocean. Steve shows up and sits with him. He says he tried to call him earlier and Danny says he didn’t feel like going home yet. Steve says he remembered him telling him about this place. He asks how Danny’s folks are holding up. He says his mom is like a zombie and his dad is putting on a brave face. He says he’s all right and Steve tells him it’s not his fault but Danny’s not so sure.

Steve tells him the coroner said his brother was dead before they even knew about it. Steve tells him not to do this to himself. At the Floating Blossom Restaurant, China and Lou talk about Halloween and Lou complains about the costume cost then says he likes the Twix. Max tells them their victim is frozen. It’s the manager Henry Chung who was killed and the tongue removed. He’s been hung up in the freezer and was stabbed 17 times.

Kono says that many stab wounds means a loss of control and they wonder who Chung pissed off. They go to gather up the knives from the kitchen and talk to the staff. Jerry was picked up wandering around lost and dehydrated. He tells Steve that Ferrell was waiting on him at his house. He says he put a Guantanamo hood on his head and questioned him intensely. He says it was a guy in on Ferrell’s operation but says he tortured and killed him in front of him for letting him get too close.

Jerry says he told Ferrell that he told Steve everything but he didn’t believe him. Jerry says he was only watching him a couple of weeks. At the house, Jerry heard a call about Ferrell moving the money. Danny asks why he let him go and Jerry says he’s a criminal master mind. Jerry takes them to his house and all his stuff his gone and he says Ferrell did this. He says he took all the surveillance files and his life’s work.

Jerry says Ferrell is destroying all the evidence he’d gathered. Steve now believes him and they decide to go arrest him. Steve needs a warrant but wants to protect Jerry. Ellie tells them that she can’t grant the warrant because Jerry doesn’t seem like a reliable source. She says she’ll try because she owes Steve one and he thanks her.

At the ME’s office, Kono tells no that Chung had no known enemies. They find Max wearing a football uniform and Kono says he always dresses up as a Keanu Reeve character. He says it’s from Point Break not The Replacements. Lou says if you have to explain it, it’s not a good costume. Max says the stab wounds were from a curved blade and Max thinks it was a sickle. Lou wonders if it’s no coincidence this happened on Halloween.

A guy watches a horror movie and doesn’t see when someone sneaks up behind him in his house. Blood splatters across the TV. Ellie calls Steve and says the warrant is a no-go and says the judge thinks that 5-0 are too gung ho. Jerry’s with him and Steve tells him they are good to go. He decides that Jerry’s word is probably cause and go inside. Ferrell is there and gets on his knees as told and asks what’s going on.

Steve asks where he was this afternoon and says he was there all afternoon handing out candy. He says to ask any kid in the neighborhood. Jerry is there and Ferrell says he’s never seen the guy before and says he’s crazy. Steve has to admit they don’t have a warrant, uncuffs Ferrell and apologizes to him. He tells Jerry they have to go and they do but then Steve calls and orders full surveillance.

Steve says Ferrell had a shrapnel scar on his arm and says he doesn’t think Ferrell is who he says he is. Later, Chin, Kono and Lou are at the second murder site where the killer took out the guy’s eyes. The popcorn is bloody and it’s gross. Max is there too and says he knows who the killer is. We see a trailer of a cheesy Halloween movie. It’s for a movie called Jack Knife. Max says it came out in 1984 and was considered a knock-off of Halloween.

He shows them more of it. We see a dead guy strung up with his tongue cut out. Lou asks how many bodies are killed in the movie and Max says just three. The third should have its ears cut off. Max says it’s very rare and Kono says that may help them find it. Max says it’s a ground breaking film because the audience rooted for Jack Knife to get his revenge. Chin says maybe the victims bullied the killer. They are all about 48.

Jerry and Danny talk about Ferrell and Jerry thinks he’s MI6. Steve comes back and says they are having no luck with Interpol. Jerry says they’re stalling. Danny says the UK may not want to claim Ferrell if they knew he was counterfeiting on American soil. Jerry says he’s going to go talk to his UK source that he watches Doctor Who with.

Steve says Ferrell knew Jerry would tell them and that may be part of his plan. Steve gets a call saying Ferrell is in a van headed to the airport. They follow him and then cuff Ferrell and his associate. They check the crates and find rare books. Ferrell looks pretty smug as they search. Steve says he played them.

Kono goes to a video store and the clerk is proud to show them his rare copy of Jack Knife. He has an alibi. They ask if he rented the movie out. He says they don’t rent but says he showed it two weeks ago and sold a bunch of replica masks. The guy says he has no clue who came and says he sent an email blast to invite people. They ask for the email list and he goes to get it.

Lou asks Kono what’s the appeal of horror movies and she says it’s funny that he’s big, strong and yet scared of them. He says it’s always stupid people doing stupid things and getting killed. The clerk hands over the emails and hands Lou a mask but he won’t take it – he’s too creeped out. Chin goes to see Kamekona since he went to school with the two victims.

He asks about them and he says they were close friends and were both bullies. Chin asks who they picked on regularly and Kamekona says they were equal opportunity hates. He says Brad Weiss was the ring leader and Chin says he is likely the next victim. Brad is in his garage working with power tools when he sees his phone go off. He gets it and it’s the police trying to warn him but it’s too late, the scythe slices him.

He tries to scream but can’t since he’s gagged. The killer hacks off one of his ears. The cops show up to his house and head inside. Kono sees Brad tied up out back and they all go storming out there and Lou goes to check the perimeter. Brad is still alive. Lou is looking around says he’s gone, but he’s not. He’s lurking nearby.

Steve has Ferrell in interrogation and asks if he enjoys this game. Ferrell says he doesn’t know why he’s got him tied to a chair and is holding him in a windowless room. He says Steve is harassing him and says he’s done nothing wrong. Steve has him on a technicality since he failed to complete a customs form. Ferrell says they won’t find anything. He asks why he’s risking his career to indulge the ramblings of a crazy person.

Steve asks how he got the scar on his arm and he says it’s a car accident. Steve and Donny wonder where the fake money is and how he’s covered up for the murders. Ellie shows up and Steve asks what’s up. She says she’s sorry she couldn’t get the warrant for him but says he should know that she got a bunch of calls. She says Ferrell is active in local politics. She tells them to tread carefully.

Jerry comes in and says he hit the mother lode. Ellie asks what he means and Danny shakes his head no. Jerry says he just found out there’s an Area 52. Ellie senses something is up and asks what Steve has done. He says she doesn’t want to know and she leaves. Jerry says he found out that Ferrell isn’t his name.

Chin talks to Brad at the hospital and says he thinks someone he bullied in his school is killing them. Brad says he didn’t see his face but he says he thinks it’s Sam Cole and says it’s all his fault. He says they used to pick on Sam but he took it too far. He says they strung Sam up like the scarecrow in the Jack Knife movie. He says they beat him up, took his clothes and left him there all night. He says he was still crying the next day when they cut him down and they told him they’d kill him if he told.

He says he saw him a couple of years ago as a clerk at a gas station. Brad says they pretended they didn’t know each other but he says Sam’s hands were shaking when he took his money. Steve tells Ferrell they are extraditing him and then he’s free to go. He says he knows his name is William Corrigan and that he ditched on his court martial trial.

Ferrell tells him bravo and Steve says he’s a murderer that killed innocent Iraqis. Ferrell says there was no line. He says their convoy was leaving an insurgent village and a hatchback was approaching them. He killed a woman and her four children but Ferrell says he couldn’t risk his men. Steve tells him he’s a murderer and coward and Ferrell says the politicians that send them into war to kill are cowards.

Danny sticks his head in and calls him out. The coroner found a blood trail in his house but it wasn’t blood. It was corn syrup and sugar. He didn’t kill Helms, he faked it so he could move the cash while they focused on Ferrell. They have to find him. Helms is at the docks loading stuff onto a boat. Chin and the others head to Sam Cole’s house and surround it.

They push open the door and see the TV on. They head through room by room, weapons drawn. Chin hears a cry for help and follows the noise. Kono sees a laptop and then hears a sound. The killer is behind her, mask on and scythe dripping. After checking out the laptop, she realizes it’s the son, not the dad. His name is Aaron. She calls him by name and asks where his father is and says he was weak and pathetic.

He says those guys ruined his dad’s life and his. He says when he came home with the mask, his dad told him the story. He says he’s the poor kid and gets laughed at by the kids at school. Kono tells him to put the weapon down or she’ll shoot him and it won’t be like in the movies. Lou comes up behind him and hits him and he goes down. Chin finds his dad strung up and bloody out back.

Jerry found a tie between Ferrell and the IRA. He shows them a freighter anchored four miles off shore. It’s registered in Belfast. Steve thinks because Ferrell hates his own country, he’s using the counterfeit money to wage war against England. Helos take off and converge on the freighter. We see Helms is on the ship. The police rappel down and they exchange fire with the criminals on board. Helms tries to take a shot at Steve but Danny warns him and he takes the guy down.

They pop open barrels they find and see millions in counterfeit funds. Jerry comes into where they’re holding Ferrell. He has a bundle of the fake cash and tells the guy checkmate then leaves. Steve tells Jerry he can tell him – I told you so – but he doesn’t. Steve sees Eric Dickerson at the marina and does a fanboy thing. He says he’s in town to fish.

Steve says his buddy will be jealous and Eric tells him to shoot a selfie to rub it in. They do and he sends it to Danny who is insanely jealous. Steve and Ellie go fishing and she coaches him on his poor casting. She says she and her dad went to Australia every summer and fished. She gets a nibble and brings in nice one. Steve is impressed and says he thought she’d be catch and release. She tells him he has to gut it, clean it and serve it to her with an ice cold beer as punishment for going behind her back on the Ferrell deal. He agrees and they clink bottles.