Hell’s Kitchen RECAP 4/24/14: Season 12 Episode 7 “14 Chefs Compete”

Hell’s Kitchen RECAP 4/24/14: Season 12 Episode 7 “14 Chefs Compete”

HELL’S KITCHEN returns to FOX tonight for the seventh episode of season 12 called, “14 Chefs Compete.”  In it the 14 remaining chefs remain, pairs from each team must create a pizza dish and the winner wins a day trip to a hotel, while losers prepare for dinner service. They then take up a difficult challenge.

On last week’s heated elimination, Chef Ramsay asked each team to pick a team leader for the next dinner service. Each team strategized station assignments, as they anxiously prepared for their first VIP guests in HELL’S KITCHEN. But the meal took a turn for the worse when one chef prematurely served an undercooked dish.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap right here.

On tonight’s episode in the continuation of a heated elimination, pairs from each team are tasked to create a unique pizza dish. The winners earn a day trip to a hotel while the losers prepare for dinner service. Later, the teams must take on a difficult challenge and that’s to impress Chef Ramsay’s family.

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN which begins at 8PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the new contestants!

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The Chef’s decision to keep Sandra has caused numerous problems for the Red Team.

Sandra now knows her team is gunning for her and she’s decided to get even nastier out of retaliation. After she was saved she started asking around why her teammates wanted her gone. Yet she didn’t like the answer of “you don’t listen or cooperate”. So Sandra is choosing to believe that her teammates are just jealous. In her mind, she’s the best chef out there and that’s the real reason they want her gone.

By the next day the Chef makes matters worse when he gives the two teams what appeared to be a simple task – he wanted them to make a gourmet pizza. And while both teams struggled to work with others. It was the Red team that came close to disintegrating.

Kashia, who just the other day told Sandra her problem was cooperation, had hogged the pizza oven and nearly broke into a full fledge screaming match with Jessica. Then she didn’t like the pizza that Joy and Jessica made for the Red Team and decided to vocalize her misgivings. Way to throw your teammates under the bus there.

Nor did Kashia like how her pizza was dismissed by her teammates. They didn’t want to bring it to the chef because they said it was burnt.

Chef Ramsey brought in Wolfgang Puck to judge the gourmet pizza contest. But the famous Chef found most of the pizzas half-finished and in certain cases just plain raw. However the chefs tasted Kashia’s pizza afterwards and found it to be the best out of the whole Red Team. Chef Ramsey even said they could have won if only they had put Kashia’s pizza up for judging.

So she’s feeling vindicated. Though it doesn’t mean much with her team losing out to the Blue Team.

The ladies had to stay behind while the guy got to enjoy a day of relaxation and aligning their chi. And as they were having a cigarette break – Kashia basically gave a big “I told you so” to Melanie. It was not adult behavior, but Kashia felt better getting it off her chest.

Melanie had looked down on her pizza and was still insulting it when Kashia presented it to Ramsey and Wolfgang. Back then, as for as Melanie was concerned the pizza wasn’t “worthy” of being attached to the Red Team.

It’s only after Kashia has confronted her that Melanie says that maybe the women should have fought for their pizzas when it mattered. How convenient for her that she completely forgot that Kashia did try to fight for her pizza and Melanie ignored her!

Later at the dinner service, both teams are back to making pizzas. But this time Kashia is in charge of the Red Team’s pizza station. So at first the pizzas are coming out fully cooked. Then for some reason their station falls apart. And both Kashia and Bev blame Sandra for it.

Their dough is coming out raw and the crust is coming out too thin. Though it’s really the whole station’s fault.

The ladies on the station aren’t doing their part and yet they refuse to switch with someone else. So Joy had to be the one to step up. She worked the scallops and pizza crust station because no one else wanted to help.

Then there’s the Blue Team. At one point Chris was getting frustrated with the dough. He kept burning it and even the few pizzas that managed to pass the grade with him – didn’t make it pass Chef Ramsey. The Blue team has already had a fire (Poor Richard) for the night so anything other than perfection is simply going to ruin any chances they have of winning.

But they can’t seem to get a handle on their pizzas. Scott is manning the oven and he’s just ignoring all the helpful tips coming his way.

The Blue team ended up having to give up on their pizza station. Chef Ramsey called halt when he saw how much it failing. Then he made the men at that station go out and apologize to the customers.

The Blue Team lost that night because all of their stations had one point failed. So the Chef told them to think really carefully about who would be put up for elimination. And they did try to come to an understanding, but it was hard to choose between all the failures of that night.

The guys nominated Chris and Scott. Yet Ramsey added in Ralph which in all fairness – a lot of people saw coming. Ralph kept burning meat and his teammates couldn’t cook a good pizza to save their life.

In the end, Chef chose to send Chris home. He thought Chris still had more work to do. And even Chris said that he made a few mistakes along the way. So at least he saw it coming.

The End!