Hell’s Kitchen RECAP 4/3/14: Season 12 Episode 4 “17 Chefs Compete”

Hell’s Kitchen RECAP 4/3/14: Season 12 Episode 4 “17 Chefs Compete”

HELL’S KITCHEN returns to FOX tonight for the forth episode of season 12 called, “17 Chefs Compete.”  In it the remaining 17 chefs are challenged to a competition involving lobster ravioli. The winning team gets a relaxing day by the pool, while the losers must clean the kitchen. Also: Steak dinners are prepared.

On last week’s episode Chef Ramsay taught the chefs a lesson in teamwork when he put them through a physical challenge involving pigs and potatoes, but the competition really heated up when the team competition continued in the kitchen. The winning team earned a luxurious day on a yacht while the losing team was tasked with bathing their new livestock friends. Later, a disorganized dinner service disappointed Chef Ramsay, and once again an entire team was kicked out of the kitchen.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Chef Ramsay challenges the contestants to an intense team competition involving lobster ravioli. The first team to successfully create 10 perfect plates of lobster ravioli will win a relaxing day by the pool at a luxurious Beverly Hills mansion, while the losing team must spend the day cleaning the kitchen. Later, the competition heats up as contestants prepare a steak dinner for hungry diners. While some rise to the top, others struggle to make it make the appetizer, and Chef Ramsay grills the losing team.

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN which begins at 8PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the new contestants!

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Chef Ramsay sends the teams back upstairs. Mike is furious at the guys. Chris is pissed that they’re stuck with Mike and calls him poison. Demarco says Mike and his stupid tattoo needs to go. Mike is upstairs pouting when he hears Demarco shout “Mike sucks.” The guys plan to make a better day of it tomorrow. They all come downstairs the next day feeling better.

He welcomes them into Hell’s Kitchen and asks how they’re feeling. He tells them that the amount of food waste they’re creating is staggering. He says they wasted 16 Wellingtons last service and then shows them how much money that equates to. He lets a mountain of coins rain down and shows them that’s how much was wasted last service. Joy is appalled because she’s broke and literally counts every penny.

Gordon tells them their inconsistency causes waste. Sandra says that’s a huge wake up call. He tells them the next challenge is lobster ravioli. He demonstrates how to roll the ravioli, saute the mushrooms and make the simple, elegant dish with each ravioli consistent. He tells them that the first team to make 10 perfect consistent ravioli will win. They work in teams of two except one team of three guys since their numbers are uneven.

Melanie and Jessica are happy to be working together. Jason wants to beat the girls and talks smack. The men get organized quickly, the women are taking a slower approach. Kashia struggles rolling out the pasta and Gordon tells them to get moving. The blue team’s organization is paying off and Scott and Jason bring their first plate to Gordon. He gives them one point. Ralph and Richard are next and the guys score a second point. He yells at the women to get moving.

The guys take a third point and the women haven’t presented one yet. Joy chews out Beth for not doing it the way Gordon shows them to prep the pasta. The men are all on round two of their pasta. Demarco complains about his partner. The men are up to five points and the women finally walk up one. They brought it on the wrong size plate and he sends them back. The men are at six points. The women come up and they get their first point.

Then the women are up to three points and then four. The ladies are now churning them out and the guys are stymied. The women bring up another and are only point behind now. The guys are only ahead one point and Gordon chews them out for slacking. He tells them he’s timing them and they should be done. The women tie it up and then the guys get one. It’s 7-6 guys.

Gordon tells three of the guys they are overcooking their pasta. The women score another and tie it up then the men get one. It’s 8-8. The guys bring up number 9 to tie it back up. The men run one up from Demarco, Gabriel and Mike. But is it overcooked? The women are plating their tenth piece… Who will take this neck and neck competition?

The trio of men fail on too thick pasta not cooked properly. Melanie and Jessica bring up another plate and score the tenth point for the women to win it. The ladies scream and hug and the guys curse it out. Jason blames it on Gabriel, Mike and Demarco for only submitting one plate and it being a fail. Gordon tells the ladies they will take over a Beverly Hills mansion complete with a butler. They tell them to clean up and go out to meet their limos.

Gordon tells the men they blew it with stupidity because they had it in their hands. He calls Gabriel, Mike and Demarco – dumber, dumber and dumber. He tells the guys they get to clean up all 200,000 of the pennies off the floor and will also clean and prep both kitchens. He tells them to piss off. The guys start by cleaning up the ladies’ kitchen and the ladies mock them on their way out to the limos. The best the guys can say is that the women hate each other.

They pull into the mansion and check out the stunning view. Jessica says last year she was homeless and now she’s in a mansion. The butler welcomes them to the home and JP is there to greet them. They serve the ladies high tea. They are loving this and the guys are cursing and miserable. The others call out Mike, Demarco and Gabriel who fight back. Mike fights back against Demarco while the women sun and swim in the pool. Beth says she doesn’t know why rich people ever even leave the house.

The guys sit on the floor and count out and roll the pennies. Scott thinks all the BS needs to stop and Mike basically tells the other guys they can go f- themselves. The ladies are back, rested and ready to play. Both teams have something to prove after the poor past three services. Gordon lines them up and tells them the last services have all been disasters. He says tonight will be steak night to get back to basics.

Melanie says she’s master of the grill. He tells them tonight has to be a success. The guys call out Demarco and tell him to step up and he agrees that he has to prove himself to the guys. The ladies say a little prayer to stay focused and JP opens up Hell’s Kitchen for service. There are some famous faces in the house including Vanessa Marcil from General Hospital. There are two from each team out in the dining room serving up chopped salad.

The guys are already falling apart. Ralph screwed up and Gordon yells at him. The ladies are cooking for Vanessa and he tells them to take care of their VIP. Joy is frustrated with Bev and says she needs to teach her everything. Gordon chews Bev out for not salting the water she’s cooking the ravioli in. Mike is trying to help but he’s dropping stuff at the wrong time. He and Ralph argue. No one wants him to help and Gordon tells him to get in there and help.

The guys bring up ravioli and Gordon freaks because there is no lobster in it. He’s horrified that they made them all morning and can’t manage to do them right for dinner service. Joy is working hard and calling food times. She wants to show him she can be a good leader. He tries the risotto and he tells her well done. He tells the ladies they are off to a good start and to keep with it. Apps are being served b the women. The red diners are pleased but the blue diners are watching enviously and hungry.

Gabriel is trying to distract the diners by making witty conversation with them to distract from the fact that their appetizers aren’t out yet. Gordon calls another ticket and Richard is getting frustrated with the younger guys. They bring up food for Gordon and he screams because the crab cakes are cold in the middle. Gordon says that the next person that serves cold food is in for it. They bring up ravioli and Gordon freaks out. He tells them all to stop.

Gordon screams that the apps are stone cold again. The ravioli is crap and not seasoned properly. He sends Richard and Ralph out to sit at a table and eat the crappy apps with a nice glass of wine. Richard is appalled at being embarrassed this way. Anton takes over and gets the appetizers moving. The blue diners are finally getting food.

The women have all the apps out and are starting the steaks. Melanie is on meat and is feeling confident. She walks the two filets up and Gordon tells her the meat is perfect. She’s feeling good about that. The entrees are flying out the window and the diners are thrilled. Ralph and Richard finish their snack break and head back into the kitchen to work on entrees. The guys walk their first two filets and Chris is confident. Gordon chews him out for a bad cook on the meat. The guys are still backed up on apps and are now backing up on entrees.

Joy tells the women that the guys are struggling and they need to keep up their good work. Demarco is amazed at how the ladies are working like a machine. He says it’s insane how they’re doing. They bring up more food to Gordon and he tells Sandra and Keisha that the chicken is perfect. They’re thrilled. The ladies are almost done with their dinner service.

Anton takes over meat and tries to rally the guys. Jason is frustrated with his team. Gordon yells at them for more miscooks on the filets. He tells them the ladies only have three tables left for service and they still have three tables of apps they haven’t served. The men continue to struggle. The ladies are on their last table. Gordon calls them all over and tells them well done. He tells them to go over to the blue team and get the guys in gear to fix their dinner service.

The men are cursing and they reject the women’s help. Gordon curses at them and tells them they do need the help and they better take it. Jason shews at Sondra and says he knows what he’s doing. Obvi he doesn’t…. Right? Sondra tells Jason she’s listening to Gordon not him and he curses at her while she shows him the chicken is raw in the middle. He calls her a dumb bleep (expletive omitted).

Gordon pulls Jason and Sondra and Joy can’t believe the way Jason is acting. Gordon tells him he told Sondra to work the station and he’d better shut up, put his head down and take it. The rest of the guys quit fighting the women and let them help. The food starts pouring out of the kitchen. Gordon compliments Melanie on her NY Strip. The guys are embarrassed at how the women smoked them.

After dinner service, Gordon lines them all up and says they finally had a good service from the red team. He congratulates them then takes on the men. He tells them to go upstairs and come up with two nominees for elimination. Demarco says their service was an abomination. The guys talk and the blame game starts. Ralph defends his apps station and he says Mike was no real help.

Then they wonder where Mike is. He’s in the toilet and then finally comes out. They tell Mike that he’s going up. Anton defends himself and another wants to send up Richard. Demarco tries to defend himself as well. He had nothing sent back tonight and gets angry. He tells the guys that they should accept it when they f- up. They try to figure out who the second nominee is.

The ladies watch as the guys come back in. Gordon thanks the women again then asks Ralph who the first nominee is. He says Mike hasn’t been present since day one. The second nominee is Demarco and Gordon says “him again?” Ralph says he’s the weakest link for team. Gordon asks Demarco why he should stay. He says he cares about being there and Mike doesn’t. He says he doesn’t think he deserves to be here.

Mike defends himself by saying he bailed Ralph out tonight and Gordon asks why the team doesn’t trust him. Richard and Jason both criticize him. Demarco asks Gordon to put him on the women’s team since the men don’t appreciate him. Gordon says Mike is leaving. He hands over his chef’s coat and departs. He says he thinks he was the fall guy and is going to have fun watching the guy’s fail. He says there is no camaraderie there. Gordon tells the guys that someone needs to step up and leave.

Demarco says he’ll never quit. Jason is thrilled that Mike is gone and says the blue team will be better now. Gordon makes up a little rhyme about how Mike couldn’t cook fish or any other dish.

The End.