Hell’s Kitchen LIVE Recap 7/17/14: Season 12 Episode 19 “4 Chefs Compete”

Hell’s Kitchen LIVE Recap 7/17/14: Season 12 Episode 19 “4 Chefs Compete”

HELL’S KITCHEN returns to FOX tonight for another episode of season 12 called, “4 Chefs Compete.” On this evening’s episode the final four finalists are treated to a surprise when their loved ones visit HELL’S KITCHEN, but family time comes to an end when Chef Ramsay announces the classic “Taste It Now Make It Challenge.”

On last week’s episode Chef Ramsay challenged the remaining contestants to create dishes with only leftover ingredients. With the help of special guest Laurie Buckle, editor of Better Homes & Gardens, Chef Ramsay had to decide which contestant dish will be featured in the magazine. The winning contestant also got a flight session on a private jet, while the remaining contestants had to remain in the kitchen and prepare for the next dinner service. With VIP dining guest and comic book mastermind Stan Lee at the VIP table, the pressure was more intense than ever as the remaining contestants attempted to execute a successful dinner service. Joy had a melt down and left the show. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the final four finalists are treated to a surprise when their loved ones visit HELL’S KITCHEN, but family time comes to an end when Chef Ramsay announces the classic “Taste It Now Make It Challenge.” Relying only on their palates and one sample plate of Chef Ramsay’s complex seafood entrée, the contestants must recreate the dish and correctly identify its protein, garnish and purée. The winner will receive a VIP restaurant tour around Los Angeles, while the other chefs will do all heavy lifting during move-out day. After dinner service, Chef Ramsay makes one of the most difficult decisions yet, when he sends two of the four chefs home.

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN which begins at 8PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the new contestants!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen starts off where we left off last week, Jason, Rochelle, Scott, and Melanie head upstairs after Joy quit the competition. The next morning they head downstairs to the kitchen where Chef Ramsey is waiting for them. There are secret service agents and a metal detector set up in the kitchen. A limo arrives with a police escort and the chefs head outside to greet them, thinking that someone important is arriving. The chefs are shocked to see their family members and spouses climb out of the limos.

They sit down with their families and eat a meal that was prepared for them. Afterwards Chef Ramsey ushers their families out of the kitchens and surprises the chefs with a competition. They have to correctly identify the main ingredients in the dishes they just ate, and cook the exact same thing. The chefs begin running around the kitchen and attempting to duplicate the fish they just ate. When the time is up, Chef Ramsey tastes the dishes and the chef that appropriately copied the dinner was Jason.

As a reward Chef Andi takes Jason out in Los Angeles for a tour of all of the high-end restaurants and Scott, Rochelle, and Melanie are stuck working at Hell’s Kitchen. It’s moving day, and they have to move all of the mattresses from downstairs and put them in a moving truck. Rochelle conveniently can’t help because she cut her thumb, and Melanie busies herself eating taquitos.

Meanwhile, Jason is having a blast on his restaurant tour. Chef Andi surprises him by taking him to a restaurant to eat dinner with his family. Afterwards he rushes back to Hell’s Kitchen to join Melanie, Rochelle, and Scott for their dinner service. Chef Ramsey reminds them that after tonight’s dinner service, two of them will be going home.

Hell’s Kitchen is officially open and guests begin rolling in. Each chef has to take a turn “running the pass” and prove they have the leadership skills that they need to become a professional chef. Chef Ramsey hands control over to Rochelle, and she has to read the tickets to the other chefs. Jason is immediately flustered because he can’t understand Rochelle and she is talking too fast. Chef Ramsey calls Rochelle aside and tells her to “get a grip and stop giggling” or no one is going to take her serious. Rochelle finally gets it together, and appetizers begin flowing out to the guests. Chef Ramsey test her and puts up the wrong dish, but Rochelle catches it.

Melanie “heads the pass” next, and isn’t as successful as Rochelle. As she calls out the orders, the other chefs just ignore her, and no one responds. Chef Ramsey tells her she needs to take control of the kitchen. After a few moments, Chef Ramsey puts Scott in control. Chef Ramsey is pleased and says “excellent, finally a voice.” Scott’s fellow chefs aren’t as impressed with his leadership though, they think he is being too picky and sending too many plates back to be fixed. Jason takes over the pass last, and is ridiculed because he is cracking too many jokes. Since Jason isn’t taking the cooking seriously, neither are the chefs. Chef Ramsey takes Jason aside and tells him if he doesn’t take himself seriously, the other chefs won’t as well.

After dinner service, the chefs head upstairs to decide who they think they should nominate to go home. They head back downstairs and report to Chef Ramsey. Melanie nominates Scott, Rochelle Nominates Jason, Scott nominates Melanie, and Jason nominates Rochelle. After taking their nominations in to consideration, Chef Ramsey announces who he will be sending home.

Chef Ramsey decides to send home Rochelle and Melanie. The final two chefs in Hell’s Kitchen are Scott and Jason.

The End!

  • Eddie U

    Such a sexist attitude. Jason proved himself and always pulled himself back together. Rochell and Melanie couldn’t handle the pass as well as Jason did. We all know Joy should have been in the final two as she was better than any of the remaining contestants. But she dropped out and left us with Melanie and Rochelle. No offense to them, they can definitely cook but the other part is about leading a team and they both fizzled whereas Jason and Scott (for the most part), proved they could handle it. Rochelle kept giggling every time a mistake was made, no one will take her seriously. Melanie was on the verge of giving up when everyone looked lost, confused and weren’t communicating. Jason kept the kitchen running smoothly and Scott pulled everything together much quicker than Rochelle and Melanie. You ma’am are just sexist and are unwilling to accept that this year the final two men in the competition were just better.

    Like I said, if Joy didn’t quit she would have been one of the final two and probably would have made the men look terrible and keep the women on a role. Didn’t work out that way. Ramsey made the right choice.

    • Faye McKenna

      Really? Im being sexiest huh? Hypocrit. Who said that Scott and Rochell should have been the top 2….uh that would be me.
      Oh yeah maybe you should watch the clip of Ramsey on Letterman when he said that “women make good cooks but not chefs” before you start blathering on about sexism. Jason suxd from beginning to end and wasnt worthy of the top 10 let alone the top 2.

  • Josh Schwartz

    Grow up and stop being a delusional moron. Jason was the most deserving out of EVERYONE in the game, except maybe Joy, but she showed her true colors in the worst possible time. Jason had the worst pallet? Uh, no, he doesn’t. He redeemed himself by winning the final challenge, remember? That does NOT equal a bad pallet, idiot. Rochelle wasn’t ready to lead her own place. She’s far too whimsical and giggly; no one would’ve taken her seriously. Melanie…far too inconsistent. As for Scott, he really has no shot against Jason. Even if he HAS improved, he’s still been nomintated seven freaking times. That’s NOT consistent and NOT the sigh of a good chef. You’re just a sexist if you think the women were so much better than the guys this season. Jason’s not the joke. You are.

    • Faye McKenna

      First of all dicwad…you obviously didnt watch the shows….jason couldnt even cook fish and had to have the women take over what 3 times. 2nd little dicwad…jason missed all four of the taste tests….3rd…he looked like an incompetent idiot …just like you I might add. …calling out the orders. If he and the men were so good how come he couldnt get them organized to win just one challenge without one of the women on his team? Next time your sucking on your sisters tit you might want to rethink whos being sexist you inbred dumbazz dicwad.

  • Jarrell

    That’s how i feel! When he sent Rochelle home, I was so confused. She has been a frontrunner for many of the services, second only to Joy. But he has Sir Jokes-a-lot and Mr. Cocky-but-barely-backs-it-up Aggressor. I agree that it should have been Rochelle and Scott in the finale

  • Faye McKenna

    Yeah you know whats BS is when the men treat scott like a doormat its Ok but the women did it and its Not Ok…..funny how you all call me sexist when you dont even know what it means.

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