Hilary Duff And Mike Comrie Split Due To Bad Sex Life: Attempted Couple’s Therapy Before Separation

Hilary Duff And Mike Comrie Split Due To Bad Sex Life: Attempted Couple's Therapy Before Separation

Whenever a long-term relationship or marriage ends in the public eye, the finger’s always pointed somewhere. In this particular scenario, it seems like everyone’s agreed that the divorce between Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie was a mutual decision, although Mike seems to have been the one who pulled away first.

However, the latest issue of US Weekly claims that Hilary and Mike took ‘great pains‘ to keep their relationship alive, going through couple’s therapy and counseling for eighteen months. A source explains, “Hilary felt Mike didn’t put enough effort into the relationship. [And with the couple’s therapy], recently Mike wasn’t doing any of the things they’d worked on.”

Also, after Mike’s early retirement from hockey thanks to a injury sustained in 2012, he’s reportedly been staying at home, without a goal and without ambition. As the source says with great vigor, ‘he never did anything!’ Anyway, eventually Hilary probably realized that she was done waiting for Mike to change or get back to normal, and she thought it would be best for both of them if she broke it off.

Keep in mind, this is a very Hilary-centric story, enough that it could have been her team that talked to US Weekly. I mean, the report does claim that both Hilary and Mike realized the ‘spark was no longer there‘ at the same time, and they gave up on couple’s therapy together. But it’s been rumored before that Mike just didn’t make any effort in their marriage, and he might even have had an affair. And considering that their first child together is still so young, it’s best that Mike and Hilary do remain on good terms to raise him together – which they’re doing, so kudos to them.

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