Hotel Hell Recap 8/11/14: Season 2 Episode 4 “Hotel Chester”

Hotel Hell Recap 8/11/14: Season 2 Episode 4 “Hotel Chester”

Hotel Hell returns to FOX tonight with an all new episode of season 2 called, “Hotel Chester.” In this new episode, a hotel in Starkville, Miss., is in dire straits due to the owners’ financial difficulties.

On the last episode, Gordon Ramsay headed to the Applegate River Lodge in Applegate, OR, where he was surrounded by peaceful rivers, beautiful vineyards and some of the Northwest’s most stunning views. Joanna and Richard Davis designed and built the lodge by hand 22 years ago, but since their divorce, their family, as well as the lodge, has continued to unravel. Instead of focusing their attention on their enormous debt, unhappy guests and rancid smells, the ex-couple and their two sons put emphasis on their growing hatred for each other, causing the property to be divided as ever. Find out if Ramsay can mold the business into one and save the lodge. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Gordon Ramsay travels to Starkville, MS, to The Hotel Chester, which is located right outside of a college campus. The hotel was a thriving business when it was first bought by David and Sukie Mollendor in 2000. But the hotel has since fallen apart, and the family’s financial struggles have forced the couple to file for bankruptcy. When the bank foreclosed on their home, the Mollendors moved into the hotel and Sukie took charge of the kitchen without any prior cooking experience. On the brink of giving up, the business is in desperate need of change. Will Ramsay be able to get this hotel thriving again, or will David and Sukie lose the only thing that they have left?

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN which begins at 8PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the new season!

RECAP: Gordon Ramsay will be visiting Hotel Chester, David and Sukie are the names of the couple that owns the hotel. David wanted to settle down and give their kids one stable place to be, the hotel was once successful and had tons of people coming in; but due to a sudden tragedy everything changed. David was in a car accident and he was bed ridden for six months. In the absence of David, they lost so much money and had to file for bankruptcy. Sukie left her job in real estate to work as the chef in the kitchen, with no training and with the best intentions she is struggling in the kitchen. Sukie is blind to the students that could become potential customers. The children of both David and Sukie can see how hard their parents work for the hotel and how it’s wearing them out. They are hanging on to a very thin thread, they want help because if the hotel doesn’t change the family will lose everything. Gordon is on his way to the Hotel Chester, he mentions how a hotel near a college should be flourishing. Gordon is looking for the hotel and can barely find it, he pulls over to ask for directions. He talks to a bunch of students eating at a restaurant and they say it’s easy to miss and give him the directions. It’s sad because it’s right outside their campus, it’s a large building with a small sign. Gordon finally arrives at the hotel and meets David, he finds out what David and Sukie do for the hotel. David leaves to go get Sukie, she’s having problems in the kitchen. David meets up with her and tells her how he’s got someone to meet, Sukie is terrified and excited to see Gordon. Gordon meets Sukie, he asks David what it’s like to work with each other. David says that he was in Vietnam and went to hotel school, graduating in a major in hotel management. Gordon asks what’s wrong, David doesn’t think it’s a quality issue with the rooms and the food. His big surprise here is having a hell of a time to turn this place around.  Gordon says that the room feels depressing, he asks when the rooms were touched. Turns out the rooms were never touched for ten years, everything looks outdated. Gordon isn’t digging it so far. Gordon is going to unpack and then he’s going to come down and eat. Gordon sits down at the dining area, he asks the waitress what she would recommend. Gordon doesn’t know how to execute all the Japanese food on the menu when she is not trained. Lindsey the waitress, says there’s not a lot of people who like her sushi. Gordon realizes how slow they are, Lindsey knows it takes long for the food to come out. Gordon couldn’t wait anymore and ends up leaving instead.

Gordon waited for more than an hour for his lunch; it never showed so he ended up leaving. Lindsey finds Gordon sleeping on a couch, he was waiting. Gordon tastes the sushi and finds that it’s disgusting. Gordon believes that the food is as bad as the rooms; he’s given another different type of sushi. Gordon wants Lindsey to give it a try also, they take a bite and they both don’t like it. Lindsey knows that Sukie doesn’t know what she’s doing with her sushi. Gordon is shocked about strawberry with sushi, he doesn’t get why someone would do that. Sukie is feeling frustrated how Gordon doesn’t like the sushi, she goes and tells David about it. Gordon asks Lindsey how the business is doing, he finds out that only 12 guests usually eat there. Gordon says that they should give the locals food that they want to eat.

Guests arrive to the hotel because they’ve heard about Gordon Ramsay being there, it’s been an hour and Sukie hasn’t even finished the first table’s food. Gordon asks if David would go help in the kitchen, he says that it’s her territory and that it isn’t his. The guests aren’t happy about the hotel, it seems that David isn’t all there. Sukie is having a lot of problems in the kitchen. Gordon doesn’t understand why Sukie is the head chef, it seems that it started when David got into the accident. Sukie has been trying to make it work, it looks like that the hotel has been going like this for 2 or 3 years. Their daughter believes that David has given up ever since his car accident. Sukie is only trying to make this work the best she can, ever since the accident David has not been the same.

Gordon has finally found out why the hotel has gone down the drain, he’s now going to be able to do something about fixing up Hotel Chester. Gordon heads over to the super market, to pick up ingredients to cook the people waiting in the dining room some beef sliders. Gordon asks how Sukie is doing, he says it was a tough dinner service. Gordon finds out that Sukie and David live in the handicapped room in the hotel ever since David’s accident. Gordon had no idea that they had it this bad, Sukie says that they have to do what they’ve got to do. Gordon asks Sukie to get David, Sukie wants to make sure that her children don’t have to worry about their parents. Gordon talks to David about the car accident, he broke both of his ankles and back in two places. David has been spending most of the past five years recovering, Gordon says that the life they’re living now isn’t what they deserved. Gordon promises to help Hotel Chester. Sukie sometimes would spend seven days without stepping outside of the hotel, Gordon wants to help them as much as he can.

Gordon wakes up, today’s a new morning. He’s got a lot of work to do to help get David and Sukie back on track. Gordon believes that they’ve sunk so far that they’ve lost touch with the outside world. Gordon talks to the both of them, about how they’ve lost the connection between themselves and the community outside. Gordon gets David and Sukie into his car, he drives them to a couple of places that are successful because they tap into what the community wants. Gordon asks waiters and waitresses about their business, turns out they’re all doing well because of the students. Gordon has great ideas, but they both need to be open to change. David and Sukie say that they’ll listen to what ever Gordon Ramsay says and that they want to make their business a success.

Gordon thought that the sign was too tiny to attract people to stay at their hotel, now Gordon is going to reveal the new hotel to everyone. Gordon changed the hotel and made it something a lot more noticeable, David and Sukie are extremely happy. All the rooms don’t look outdated anymore, they look a lot more beautiful and have more color. Megan their daughter is happy and believes this is the end of their struggle. Gordon takes them to see one more room, he shows them David and Sukie’s room remodeled. Gordon shows them the outside area in the back, he welcomes them to the garden where it’s been made to be more welcoming for people to eat at and have parties at. The gazebo has some of the most amazing craft beers. There’s one more thing he wants to show them, Gordon shows them their new food. Gordon created a menu of food that’ll please the college kids. Sukie believes that the new menu compliments the state of Mississippi. Gordon introduces a new head chef who’s very experienced and Gordon will cover her salary until they can afford it themselves. New younger clients have been checking in and they’ve been loving the new rooms, the renovated beer garden has caught the eyes of a lot of the locals. David feels thrilled that everything is going well, this is exactly the type of environment he wanted. With Sukie out of the kitchen, the new head chef has been working very well. Gordon has to now say goodbye to Hotel Chester, he goes to David and Sukie to say farewell. Gordon tells them to take care of themselves, he leaves the hotel feeling relieved. Gordon walks back in to have to show David and Sukie one last thing before he goes.

Gordon takes David and Sukie out somewhere, he gets them into the car and drives them to an apartment. He’s rented the apartment for six months for them and in that time they’ll be able to afford it themselves. Gordon hands them the key to the apartment, David is shocked by the kindness that Gordon has shown them. Sukie thought he was going to help them with the business alone, but he ended up helping them out with everything else. Gordon leaves them, it’s a brand new start for David and Sukie. Gordon says that it’s so nice to finally see two people so happy. Since Gordon left, a whole lot more people are booking to stay at the hotel .With the new menu and beer garden has become a huge hit with the college kids. Hotel Chester is now brining in thousands of guests every weekend, they are working as a team together. Sukie believes that Gordon has saved the two of them, they are now acting like a couple.