House of DVF Recap – Catfight, Hangovers and Drama: Season 1 Episode 4 “The Bitch Is Out of the Bag”

House of DVF Recap - Catfight, Hangovers and Drama: Season 1 Episode 4 "The Bitch Is Out of the Bag"

Tonight on E! House of DVF continues with a whole new November 23, season 1 episode 4 episode called, “The Bitch Is Out of the Bag,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s show the ambassador candidates are tasked with organizing an exclusive luncheon, at which a new DVF line will make its debut. The event, however, is threatened when a rivalry gets out of control; and a night of partying doesn’t help matters.

On the last episode, Diane singled out one of the girls to attend the CFDA Awards – while the rest were left behind to work on a press presentation. The hopefuls’ first time in front of the media was more difficult than they had anticipated. Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the E! synopsis, “candidates have to organize a luncheon to launch a new line at the fashion house. But the event is almost ruined when two of the girls feud.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be drama packed, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s House of DVF Season 1 episode 4 tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new show.

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The girls head to Bergdorf Goodman. Jessica greets them and checks their outfits. Abigail models her outfit first and says it’s all DVF but Jessica isn’t pleased she’s shown up essentially wearing lingerie. Jessica talks about how Diane started out crossing the country selling her own dresses. She says Diane will be there today and that all the girls have to work the floor selling dresses. Diane greets her fans, poses for photos and gives autographs. She says she knows what will look good on women and can make them confident.

Kier and the other girls work with customers as well. Abigail isn’t sure what to do and Jessica tells Diane that she’s wandering aimlessly. Diane says if you can’t sell one dress you can’t sell her brand. Jinna, Amanda and Abigail head out to party after they are done at Bergdorf. They are getting drunk and they joke about Jinna being boy crazy. A guy comes over and brings them tequila. His name is Travis and Jinna asks if he’s straight. He says he is very much and Jinna gets super aggressive with him. He says he’s a tour manager. Jinna offends him and he stomps off.

They continue drinking. Amanda says Jinna is great and she will be her friend forever. Jinna is getting sloppy and Abigail thinks she’s taking it too far since they have to work tomorrow. Abigail calls them drunks. Next morning, Abigail tells Brittany about how smashed Jinna was. They are headed over to show their dress designs. Lenore is there and Abigail says Jinna was drunk and they’re worried. Jinna is there on time and seems perfectly sober.

Jessica and Michael comes in and they shut down the convo. Jessica thinks Jinna looks hung over but she doesn’t think she does. Jessica says they all looked good yesterday but says Abigail seemed out of sorts and had her undergarments showing. She says she thinks Abigail isn’t committed to the brand look and she gets defensive. Abigail says they knew who she was when she signed up for the program and says it’s confusing.

Michael is ready to start the meeting and asks Amanda to begin first. He’s disappointed she had just one design and says it’s not original. Lenore makes a suggestion with a deeper vee. Michael says that would get him fired if he handed that in. He looks at Abigail’s – she made a jumper that wraps at the top. He makes some suggestions and asks how it wraps. She’s upset. He likes what Brittany did and says he likes the sleeves. He says they have time for two prototypes and chooses Brittany, Jinna and Amanda’s dress then Abigail’s romper.

He pairs Kier and Lenore with Abigail and tells Kier she should have tried harder if she wanted her design chosen. Abigail isn’t happy with them being on her team and says they need to take orders. Diane comes in and says she wants to hear what Jessica thought about the Bergdorf event. Jessica says Abigail didn’t do that well and Diane says she didn’t like what she wore. They talk about Jinna next and Jessica says she was hung over that morning and Diane says she’s worried about their behavior.

Diane calls for Bronson – a friend of hers – that does her party planning. She asks him to mentor the girls on the luncheon so they don’t embarrass Diane. Bronson is worried about launching her fabric collection with interns. The girls are brought in and Diane introduces them to Bronson and says they are doing a launch in a few days where Architectural Digest will be.

Lenore is confident since she says she’ll be good at it. Bronson says location are first and tells them to use two fabrics he’s chosen in the event. Abigail and Kier head out to choose flowers. Lenore and Amanda are on location. Brittany and Jinna on décor. Lenore doesn’t like the first location and thinks it’s too rustic. They have a difference of opinion.

Kier wants oranges in with the flowers but Abigail fights her on it. Jinna is focusing more on drinking champagne than picking things up. Brittany calls to check on locations but they put the kibosh on the first. They are annoyed that she called acting like she’s in charge. Bronson comes to check on them and their progress. Lenore and Amanda show him their location choices. He asks what they think and they want Fig and Olive. He tells them to go with the Standard but they push back.

Abigail and Kier show the flowers and Brittany butts in and asks if they should have more choices. He rejects her suggestions. Jinna and Brittany do not have their items finished. They did not choose place settings and admit if they do antiques, they will likely have to mix and match. Bronson says this is a huge problem. Brittany pushes back on them and says they have theirs handled. Bronson breaks in and says they have a lot to do and says Diane would be furious if he saw what was going on now.

Amanda says Brittany is trying to make them look bad by saying she was up late working. Amanda tells Brittany she’s totally different outside than in the program and calls her a fake. Jinna tells them to stop the personal attacks and focus on the project. Bronson goes to update Diane and tells her it’s a bit of a disaster. He says they don’t have place settings and she asks how they can have a lunch. He says Jinna and Brittany didn’t do anything. She asks if he scolded them and he says it’s her job.

She says the lunch is important and is tomorrow and she doesn’t want to hear this. He says Amanda and Brittany are fighting and not communicating. Diane is testing them and says she doesn’t care about the tension, just things done right. She says the lunch has to be perfect. Ellen, Diane’s assistant, comes in and says Diane wants to talk to Amanda. She panics but follows her. Brittany thinks she’s going to get what’s coming to her.

Amanda goes in and sits with Diane. She’s freaking out over this. Diane tells her that Bronson told her he was nervous and asks what’s going on. Amanda admits they argued today because Brittany is trying to put others down and make herself seem like the boss. She gets emotional. Diane says she didn’t want to be taken advantage of when she was younger. She says you often have to forget about people’s personality and focus on the job while staying true to yourself.

Amanda thanks her and leaves very relieved. She decides to end this with Brittany and texts her to meet her outside to settle this. Brittany thinks Amanda is going to apologize to her. Amanda does apologize for coming off harsh but says she thinks she’s putting herself higher than the others. Brittany asks if she’s asking her to fall back and says she’s confused because she thought they were all there to bring their best and be perfect.

Brittany tells Amanda she talks a lot and one day, is going to come across the wrong bitch and basically tells Amanda she was close to taking her down. She tells Amanda not to ask her for shit from here on out and says she took the bitch out of the bag. Amanda tells her not to ask her for anything either.

It’s the day of the lunch and they have two hours to set up. They all show up with the materials and they are shown what space they have. Brittany says she doesn’t want to even see Amanda’s face. The antiques aren’t there. The fabrics are delivered and they discuss how to arrange them in the drawers. The antiques finally show up and a fin breaks off one of the antiques. Abigail wonders why Amanda is screwing with the antiques and says they have to report it ASAP.

Amanda tells Brittany it was broken off in the box and Jinna curses at her and say not to touch anything. They tell her there are people there to unpack them. They are down to one hour. Bronson and Diane show up and look around. She expected to walk into a disaster and is happy to see there are plates. She introduces her granddaughter Antonia. She asks who decided to put the fabric in drawers and Kier raises her hand. She says she likes them. Diane points to some things she doesn’t like and pulls a giant bird off the table and has them take the chairs out.

She says they have one more coming and Diane doesn’t want to sit 13. She says as a European, she’s superstitious. She says they need to invent a fourth and says she’ll seat Brittany there since she’s wearing DVF. Amanda is furious and thinks she shouldn’t be rewarded when she did the least work. Diane says Brittany looked great so she picked her to sit by one of the editors. Jinna complains and says they’re wearing DVF pieces too.

The guests come in and Stefani realizes she’s wearing the same fabric as the tablecloth. She says that’s worse than wearing the same thing as the table. Stefani says Brittany did a great job curating the room – Brittany took credit for wrapping the cushions. Jinna wishes she was out there and thinks Diane looks right past her. Amanda says she also wants more one on one with her too. They joke that it sounds like they are dating her.

Diane says they are doing this all for Margaret, the queen, editor of Architectural Digest, on the launch they did for Kravitz. Brittany makes appropriate small talk and talks herself up. Amanda tries to listen in and a guest asks Brittany where she wants to be – she says from brand ambassador to design team for DVF. Brittany gloats when Amanda has to clear their dirty dishes. Amanda wishes Diane saw her attitude.

Diane talks to Margaret about Brittany who gives her the thumbs up. Amanda is annoyed and is ready to go out for drinks and get past her anger. Jinna calls for Patron shots. Brittany doesn’t drink at all and Abigail talks to her about Jinna getting sloppy. We see Jinna tipping back and drinking straight from a bottle. She gets wasted and Abigail says if you can’t handle your liquor, you shouldn’t drink.

Jinna is out of control and Abigail and Brittany discuss that they don’t want to have to babysit another adult. Next day, Diane sits down with Jessica and Bronson to talk about the girls. She says the lunch was a success and they all behaved well. She says they need to talk about who they can trust to represent them as brand ambassador She says Kier has good ideas but then you don’t want to like her. Diane says Brittany was presentable but Jessica says she’s deeply disingenuous and doesn’t think she can’t handle it when she’s not performing for them.

Diane says she thinks Amanda and Brittany are having a cock fight. She says Abigail, Lenore and Jinna aren’t ones she’s spent time with. She calls Lenore clumsy and Bronson says Jinna is very business savvy but Jessica reminds them about the hangover incident. Diane agrees that’s not acceptable. Diane likes Abigail but thinks Abigail is committed to her own style versus DVF’s. She tells them to call Abigail and Jinna.

The girls are up talking about dress fabrics with Michael and Frank. Ellen comes in and tells Michael she needs Abigail and Jinna for Diane. He tells them they need to go and they leave. Abigail gives some design notes before she leaves and Michael shoos them out and says not to leave Diane waiting. Abigail is annoyed she’s been called in for a second time. Jinna is freaking and thinks one of them is headed home.