I Wanna Marry Harry RECAP 5/27/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Competing for the Crown”

I Wanna Marry Harry RECAP 5/27/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Competing for the Crown”

I WANNA MARRY HARRY returns on FOX tonight with its new episode called, “Competing for the Crown.” On this evening’s episode, Sir Harry’s first one-on-one date, a helicopter flight to a remote beach, is with Rose; and later, the ladies are challenged to a game of cricket, affording them the opportunity to demonstrate their athletic prowess.

On last week’s episode reality met romance, with a little twist, when 12 American women were flown to England to meet their potential “Prince Charming.” What they didn’t know is that they’ll be meeting Matthew Hicks, an average English “bloke” who bore a remarkable resemblance to Prince Harry. Asked to remove one girl Matt sent home Leah, after saying she didn’t look as though she was having a good time. Meanwhile Rose was given the ‘key to the crown suite’ to spend more time with Mr. Charming.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Rose enjoys the first one-on-one date and they take a helicopter ride to a secluded beach. Later, Harry challenges the ladies to a game of cricket and they have a chance to show off their athletic abilities in the all-new “Competing for the Crown”

Each week Harry handpicks one lucky gal to take on an extravagant adventure, while another’s dream of “happily ever after” is dashed, when she is asked to leave the estate. As Harry narrows down his choice to one woman, he will finally have to admit the truth about his royal masquerade. What will happen when Harry admits to the deception? Crown or no crown, Harry plans to see which girls are in it for real and which are only in it for riches.

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of I WANNA MARRY HARRY which begins at 9PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the contestants!

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The show started with 12 single girls that think they are there to date Prince Harry – but it’s Matt – a regular guy that has been made over to look like Harry. Last time, he sent Leah packing and gave Rose a key to a special suite next door to the fake prince. The other girls weren’t happy about that. Next morning the girls wake up and wonder about the prince. Kimberly is certain that he’s not Prince Harry because no one would let crazy American girls around him.

Rose wakes up in the Crown Suite and is excited about spending more time with him. Kingsley lets him in and he omes in and greetes her. She has no makeup on and is brushing her teeth, still in her robe. She’s mortified. She grabs her clothes and runs into the bathroom to change. The other girls talk and wonder what his type is and whether Rose is that type and what that means for them.

Matt has breakfast laid out for Rose and she sits down and says she doesn’t even have her makeup on. Rose eats with him and wants to get to the bottom of this. She asks if he’s a skier and tells him she’s a lifeguard. She says she can resuscitate him if he struggles in the hot tub. She gets flirty and then asks his name and says she thinks it’s something really British. She says he’s a dead ringer for Prince Harry.

Matt worries he can’t just say that and needs to plant more seeds. He asks her – can you imagine. Rose will get a date fit for a princess and she and Matt go in the car to the helicopter. The other girls watch from the widow. Anna Lisa says Rose is going on a date with AL’s future husband. One of the girls says people get airsick in helicopters and is wishing nausea on Rose.

Kelley says she’s never in a helicopter. She doesn’t think it’s fair that Rose gets to go. Matt and Rose head off to the Isle of Wight. Rose is in seventh heaven and says it’s amazing and romantic. She thinks she’s living in a fairytale. She asks if he rides in helicopters a lot and he says now and again and she asks if he’s important and he says you could say that. On the inside, he wants to admit the truth but knows he can’t.

Back at the castle, Meghan and the others head to the pool while Rose is off with Sir. Andrea is a pageant girl and says she’s always first runner up. She says she’s very competitive and is used to winning. Maggie wonders if Rose has the day with him and another says she thought it was just a night in the room.

At the Isle, Matt will plant seeds with Rose to take back to the other girls to convince them that he’s Harry. She says this is definitely the royal treatment. He says if a date with a royal can’t be royally treated, who can and she gets excited that he said “royal.” Rose and Matt walk on the beach to a waterside picnic. Butlers bring out dishes. Matt is nervous because she’s so inquisitive.

She checks out the security and Matt jokes that they’re crashing the party but says it’s not a big deal because they’re always there. Rose wonders if this will be her only chance for one on one time so she has to go for it and finds out who he is. She asks where he grew up, what his job is, etc. He says he’s in the military. He also says he’s been to Vegas. She asks if he’s close to his brother and he says yes and that he’s just a few years older.

Rose is stumped then says he should have some oysters since they are an aphrodisiac. She gulps one down and he asks if it helped and she says she didn’t need any help. He asks if she wants to go for a swim. He come down in trunks and she’s surprised to see him in swim trunks. She says he’s a little pale for her taste, but it works. Rose is very flirty and Matt thinks this isn’t the way to behave with a royal on a first date, but it works for him.

Rose thanks him for picking her first. They wade around in the water and she flirts then kisses him. He kisses her back and she giggles and says she went for it. She says it’s so romantic and she’s in a fairy tale. She kisses him some more. She says it was perfect.

Back at the castle, the other girls play croquet. They hear the helicopter coming back. The girls still talk about who he is. Maggie says they must be ding dongs not to know who he is. Maggie says he must be important. One says they should greet the royal couple and Kelley insists they are not a couple and they all get dates too. Matt and Rose walk up and he thinks it’s terrifying to face the other 10 girls.

They all surround him and Maggie gets touchy with him. He asks if she touched his bum and she smiles. She says she’s drawn to him. Matt says he still needs to get to know them. He singles out Kim for a chat alone. Rose tells the girls that his security is not for show and is for real. She tells them he said “a date with a royal” and she says “I think it’s him.” Kim says she’s hoping for a nice, genuine guy and she’s dated lots of guys that are not Prince Charming.

Matt says he’s very sporty and Kim says she’s not. Suddenly an SUV speeds by and there’s a chopper overhead. A security guy runs out of the car and grabs Matt up and says he has to come now. They hustle him to the car. This is one of the scenarios to keep the girls gossiping about him being Prince Harry. He’s rushed off and the girls wonder what’s going on. One says “this is real” and the girls wonder if there was a threat.

They think even if he’s not Prince Harry, he’s important and may be a Duke or a Lord. They wonder if he’s the son of someone important and has a title. Kingsley greets the girls the next morning and says Sir has decided they will play cricket and some will play afternoon tea. Andrea is excited about cricket. Rose picks who will make tea and who will play cricket. She divies them up. Tea is Karina, Andrea and Rose. The rest of the girls are cricket team.

Rose sucks at sports and picked two girls she likes to make tea. One of the girls gets pissy and asks what Queen Rose wants them to wear. Rose tells her to be nice. The girls get snippy as they go to change. Kingsley calls for the stragglers. Andrea, Karina and Rose are in aprons making sandwiches for tea with the cook.

Matt shows up in cricket whites and greets the girls. He likes sporty active girls and is excited about this activity – this is something he actually plays in real life. The cricket girls are in revealing white short sets. He shows Kelley how to bowl then shows Meghan how to bowl. She sucks but manages to get him to touch her a few times.

The cook criticizes Andrea for her sloppy and slow sandwich making. She’s upset that the other girls are in little sexy outfits and she’s in an apron – says she’s in hell. Kim gets a hit and Matt asks if she’s done it before. Kim is doing really well and Matt likes her bubbly, smiling personality. He comes over to check on tea – he wants to talk to Karina and she tells him she’s Mexican Irish. He thinks she’s really pretty and he says the twinkle in her eye excites him.

He takes her for a walk away from everyone and she says she traveled a lot. She rattles off some Spanish and he has no clue. She thinks they have chemistry. She puts her arm around him and gets cuddly. Matt is digging her and says there is chemistry. His big fear is that the girls fall for the Harry scenario and then will reject him and have no interest.

After cricket, they have tea and then Matt will have to pick someone soon to go home. Andrea complains to him that she didn’t get to play cricket. He says it’s interesting to see what happens when people are out of their comfort zone. He pulls Jacqueline aside for a chat. He asks about her family and she says she’s a wild child and he asks how and she says – you’ll see.

Matt thinks she’s a “look at me” sort of girl and he hopes there is more of her than he’s seeing now. He heads off and leaves the girls at the cricket scene. He thinks he has a tough decision ahead. Kingsley tells the girls that Sir has a formal dinner planned and that one will get a key to the Crown Suite and one will go home. Kingsley hits the gong and tells them that dinner is served.

They come in and find place cards set out for them. Some have no clue about all the forks. Matt is stressing about elimination night as he comes in to the meal and takes a seat. He asks if they’re excited and says it’s his favorite meal. One compliments him. He’s nervous because he worries he won’t remember everything from his etiquette lessons.

Maggie wonders what it is and another sniffs at the first item. He shows them how to punch out the mussel. Andrea is stressing because she’s not sure if she’s eating it properly. Then they have oysters. Maggie is clueless about any of this. She says she has to put her big girl panties on and tries everything. The oyster almost gags her. Matt watches amused. She guzzles her wine. She says she’s almost gagging.

[10:03:04 PM] Rachel Rowan: Kingsley comes in and says he and Sir need to have a private discussion. One of the girls says whenever the butler comes in, it’s bad news. Matt excuses himself and he and Kingsley chat. He asks Matt who they think he is and he says he thinks they’re interested and still think he may be the prince. Matt has to pick who to get the Crown Suite and who to send him.

Kingsley asks if he still fancies Rose and he says he does and thinks she thinks he’s Prince Harry. He thinks Andrea seems above it all but likes her accent and smile. He also thinks Kim has a mischievous side but at first he didn’t feel a connection with her. He says he’s torn between two he thinks should leave the estate.

Kinglsey comes in and Maggie swills some more wine to fortify himself. Kingsley says two of them will be seen by Sir privately. He calls Andrea and Kimberly. Kelley is shocked and says one of them is going home and she wonders why. She thinks they’re both beautiful and wonders what he doesn’t like about them. They all wonder why he picked them and several of the girls are teary – Maggie included.

Andrea comes to talk to Matt in the library and she’s already teary. She says she liked dinner. Kimberly he talks to outside. Matt says it was hard to get around to see everyone. He says he tried to talk to her at cricket and liked their chat and sitting by her at dinner. He also tells Kim that he wasn’t sure how he felt about her and he hasn’t had time to spend with everyone so he’s had to go on small information.

Matt tells Andrea he had a difficult decision to make. He tells Kim the same. He tells them it’s a really difficult decision. He tells Kim he’s enjoyed their small amount of time together. He tells Andrea he feels like he hasn’t gotten to know her and says he’s sorry but he’s going to have to ask her to leave. He hugs Andrea and she goes. Matt says sending them home is horrible. He wells up with tears.

Andrea says she’s always been first runner up in her pageants, so it’s hard to go home this early. She says he wasn’t her type anyway and says she doesn’t like gingers. He tells Kim she gets the Crown Suite and she asks if he’s joking and tells her never to do that to him again. He hugs her. Her hands are shaking and he takes her hand to walk her inside.

I’m not sure if Andrea is more mad about losing him or just losing in general. Kim comes into the Crown Suite and Rose is there to greet her. She has to clear out to make room for her. She’s sad that it’s not her time anymore but gives it over graciously. Kim says it’s like a dream and looks at the robes and towels. She says stuff like this doesn’t happen to me and says she doesn’t even win bingo.

She says it’s like she’s in a dream. She says she doesn’t know what she did, but must have done something right. The other girls have been drinking heavily. They talk about what he’s looking for and drunk Maggie says he wants the perfect little combination of bad girl he can have fun with and then a good girl to take home to Grandma. She’s slurring and drunk and the other girls laugh at her.

Maggie says she thinks she drinks enough but not too much. One of the girls says Stevie Wonder could see she has a drinking problem. Anna Lisa says she doesn’t know her tolerance and another calls her a bitch. Kelley says she’s in denial that she’s a drunk and says it’s not ladylike and not something Prince Harry would like.

Matt is in his room and hears Maggie yelling at the other girls. Maggie curses at them and says he’s human. Anna Lisa tries to get her to quiet down. Kim comes into their room and they go hug her and are happy she’s staying. Karina is sad to see Andrea leave. Karina tells her not to make them look bad. Jacqueline tries to console Maggie and she’s got mascara all over her face. She tries to tell Maggie that those girls are her competition and to f- them.

J goes into Anna Lisa’s room and tells her that drinking is a way a lot of people deal with stress. She says they were mean to Maggie. She says they’re the mean girls and Meghan goes nuts and screams and tells her to get her head out of her ass. She says she can eat alphabet soup and poop out something that would make more sense than what Jacqueline said. Meghan tells J she has her own issues and to get out. Anna Lisa says #CrazyBitch.