Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Hooking Up At Coachella?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Hooking Up At Coachella?

Nina Dobrev is reportedly hooking up with Ian Somerhalder and Michael Trevino, but sooner or later, she’ll have to make that Sophie’s choice. Who will she end up with in the end, if she even ends up with either of them? Smart money’s on Ian, only because he and Nina have a long history together and it’s more likely that they’ll end up dating again – especially if they continue their rumored ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement.

Plus, Nina’s going to be attending Coachella this year. Last year, she and Ian were spotted at the popular Southern California music festival, engaging in a lot of PDA and generally looking very loved up. Of course, that may have all been an act because they ended up breaking up a few weeks later. But it’s since been a year since their ‘conscious uncoupling’ [my new favorite term for breaking up thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow], and they’ve been showing signs of a possible reconciliation and reunion between them.

So while Ian might not attend the festival with Nina, there’s also a chance that he will – and that the couple will go public with their romance. Granted, they could also try to stay undercover during the entire run of the festival, but with their celebrity status, it would be next to impossible to manage that. If the duo both attends the festival, it will be a confirmation that their relationship has been rekindled. However, even if Nina attends the festival alone, that doesn’t necessary mean anything. Ian’s a busy guy, and he could easily have been occupied elsewhere.

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Gina

    Hey, just maybe Nina’s life doesn’t revolve around Ian and Ian’s life doesn’t revolve around Nina anymore. I know that’s a hard concept for Nian lunatics to understand even after a year, but it just might be the case. Nina’s at Coachella this weekend with friends male and female. But maybe Ian’s off catching up on a bit of loving elsewhere ;) He’s male, hot and definitely not sitting around waiting and pining all sad like the fans and media want.

  • Anastatija

    Oh guys, you’re pure bullshit! Nina and Ian weren’t going to Coachella 2013. Both of them missed it. The pictures you’re refferring to was taking at Coachella 2012. So they didn’t pretend it, cause they didn’t broke up a few weeks later, but a year after. Get your facts straight, if you want people to believe you guys. P

  • Cat Morgan

    Is this Nian fan fiction? Because it reads like fan fiction! lol Nina was on set last year filming the s4 finale flight scene between Katherine and Elena, she didn’t go to Coachella. As for Ian he was at TVD Chicago con so again no where near Coachella. Honestly if you say your a Nian fan and don’t know this picture is 3 years old, can you really call yourself a fan?

    Nina is not hooking up with Trevino, Nian are not friends with benefits and this article is a load of ****

  • me

    Both were NOT at Coachella last year. That was 2012!!

  • guest

    Ian had better Things to do, He was hosting an after Show discussion ,about The Mini Series He is starring in along with other great Actors on Showtime, The years of living dangerously, from His Home,which deals with very important issues about The times we live in today.

  • guest

    Ian had more important things to do. He was hosting an after Show discussion from his home, about his Showtime Miniseries He is starring in along with other famous Actors. It a very Important Mini Series about todays Problems facing the World.

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