Nina Dobrev Sleeping With Both Ian Somerhalder AND Michael Trevino: Vampire Diaries’ Real-Life Love Triangle

Nina Dobrev Sleeping With Both Ian Somerhalder AND Michael Trevino: Vampire Diaries' Real-Life Love Triangle

Nina Dobrev is currently juggling two men on the set of the Vampire Diaries, if rumors are to be believed. Sources have been saying for months that Nina and her former beau, Ian Somerhalder, have been on the verge of reuniting. However, reports now claim that Nina is dating Michael Trevino, her other Vampire Diaries co-star. So what’s the truth?

Well, some people have suggested that it’s possible that Nina is hooking up with both Ian and Michael. I mean, why not, right? She’s hot, she’s single, so what’s to stop her from hooking up with both of them? As a young Hollywood actress in her 20s, she’s probably got every man in the world trying to date her, and she could do a lot worse than Ian and Michael. Plus, she’s an actress so you know she enjoys the attention. And considering how good looking both Ian and Michael are, I doubt she’s complaining.

Now, her dating and/or hooking up with both of them might lead to some awkwardness on set, considering all three of them shoot the Vampire Diaries together. Granted, they don’t usually all have their scenes together, but nonetheless, it’s a strange situation. Actresses have definitely juggled multiple hook-ups in the past, but have those hook-ups ever been on the same set before? Perhaps not. Either way, Nina’s probably honest with both of them if that’s the case – she doesn’t seem like the kind of girl to string anybody along. Plus, after coming out of such a serious relationship at such a young age, she’s earned her right to just have fun.

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Yolanda

    You guys are making Nina look like a complete slut. Enough already. She won’t be around Ian or Michael after TVD shooting finishes today. It’s Summer vacation time. I just wish that Ian would FINALLY move on. That will be the factor, for it needs to be seen to be believed apparently. Cuz right now, after a year, he only looks like a sad, mopey drip who hasn’t been seen with anyone else since. You’re “single and ready to mingle”? Well, stop just talking and go do it then Ian. Hopefully half this nonsense with the Nian fans and media can then stop. Poor Nina. Let her have fun and enjoy her life without being forever tied to a past relationship in the press.

    • CC

      ^ Ian doesn’t have to show or prove anything. He is a private person. Both have already said they’re over at the PCAs. So now Nina goes off and does ‘her’ summer thing and Ian goes off and does ‘his’ summer thing. The only drama is from fans who haven’t accepted they broke up and still expect ‘them’ to do this ‘thing’ together. Neither Ian or Nina should have to live by bogus media reports or fan delusion/expectation.

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  • Doug Kestner

    Everyone just needs to leave these rumors alone. Just let them do them. I’m sure blowing everything up and making everyone look bad is just pissing them off. So just stop trying to make Nina look like a slut/whore, or Ian desperate.

  • Bellaardila

    Nina Dobrev is a real slut just like Elena.Poor Ian