Ian Somerhalder Desperately In Love With Nina Dobrev – But She’s Playing The Field

Ian Somerhalder Desperately In Love With Nina Dobrev - But She's Playing The Field

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are not back together, despite the wishes of all their fans [a.k.a. everyone who watched the Vampire Diaries]. Despite breaking up less than a year ago and then spending the next few months playing on-screen romantic interests on the show, it doesn’t look like the fire’s been rekindled on both sides.

From what we’re hearing, Ian would certainly like to reunite with Nina, but the feeling may not be mutual. Of course, their actions support that rumor, especially lately. Even though it was last Spring that Nina and Ian officially broke up, Ian hasn’t been spotted with a single girl since then, and in fact, he hasn’t even been rumored to be hooking up with anyone. Considering this guy’s looks and fame, that’s a big, big deal.

On the other hand, Nina’s not only had a rebound relationship [with Derek Hough], but she’s also rumored to be hooking up with Liam Hemsworth. So even if Ian wants to get back together, Nina’s been very clear on the fact that she’s still playing the field – if not with her words, then with her actions.

We still don’t really know the reason that Nina and Ian broke up, but if Ian cheated on her [as initially rumored], his desperation and willingness to win her back makes sense. And Nina’s actions would also support this theory, since she’d be the one who was unwilling to take another chance on Ian. However, it’s also possible that the age difference got in the way, and Nina felt that she was too young to be in that serious of a relationship. Either way, they ended up breaking up and going in different directions, even if Ian’s still pining away for her.

Ian Somerhalder Desperately In Love With Nina Dobrev - But She's Playing The Field

  • Clara Tezolin

    Article late and a liar, I will update you Ian and Maggie!!

    • IM LOL AT U

      Maggie and Ian are friends -.-

  • Mandy Hoy

    Ian seems to be the happiest he has been since their split last year. He was so relaxed at the Lost reunion and I’m glad for him that he is in a better place now. I don’t believe he is pining after Nina at all. He has moved on and so has she.