Ian Somerhalder Says Molly Swenson Dumped Him: Was Ian Cheating With Nina Dobrev?

Ian Somerhalder Says Molly Swenson Dumped Him: Was Ian Cheating With Nina Dobrev?

Well one thing is for sure and that is that The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder is definitely not dating Molly Swenson. The actor was seeing the former American Idol contestant as recently as two weeks ago but both have confirmed that whatever existed is no more. Ian turned up for an interview on Chelsea Lately last night proclaiming himself to be single and when fill-in host Mary McCormick asked if he had ever been dumped he responded that it happened very recently.

That logically leads us to believe that it was Molly who did the dumping and interestingly enough Ian stated that it actually was for the best too. If you’ve been keeping up with the on/off relationship between Ian and Nina Dobrev then you know that they are rumored to have reconciled yet again. It leads me to question what really went down there. Was Ian caught still seeing Nina or did Molly simply realize that this guy is still hung up on his ex and decide it was better to let him go.

What is interesting is that when Ian has actually really been single he never discusses it everywhere like he has been lately. It makes me think that he and Nina really are back together and he is just trying to throw people way off. For the better part of the last year he has very rarely commented on his status so why does he feel the need to now? What is he hiding? My guess is that at the very least Ian and Nina are indeed still hooking up. What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • xtina

    this is crap stopppppp

  • CJ

    There was no Ian and Molly. There’s been about 50 articles since on how Molly says it’s all bull, I’ve had a boyfriend for 2 years. You just pull this crap out of your ass.

  • PJP

    “What is he hiding?” That he is gay?