Ian Somerhalder Dating Molly Swenson: New Girlfriend After Nina Dobrev

Ian Somerhalder Dating Molly Swenson: New Girlfriend After Nina Dobrev

It’s about damn time, I say. According to [legitimate] eyewitness accounts, Ian Somerhalder is hooking up with Molly Swenson, the CEO of RYOT News – a company that Ian is incidentally on the advisory board for.

Ian and Molly reportedly stopped by at the Details Magazine party that was being held in Santa Monica, and although they weren’t being obviously intimate, Ian introduced her to everyone that they mingled with. The reports also add that the duo stayed at the party for the entire duration, and made sure not to leave each other’s side.

Then, they proceeded to head to the Treats! Magazine party honoring Dylan Penn‘s latest cover at a private Beverly Hills home. That’s where sources go into more detail, with E! Online adding, “Ian got off the golf cart, and was wearing a leather jacket and his hair was tousled underneath a cap. Two of Ian’s friends were in front and Ian and his date were following closely behind casually holding hands. They seemed happy, casual, and enjoying the evening.”

Up until then, I’d say there was a high chance that Ian and Molly were just friends – especially since they technically work together. However, there’s no such thing as ‘casually’ holding hands. If you’re holding hands with someone – especially at a party – you’re either dating or hooking up with that person.

Really though, it’s about time Ian was linked to someone that wasn’t Nina Dobrev. It’s been a year since the breakup, and either Ian’s truly taken this long to move on – or he’s just been much more undercover with his hookups and relationships.

What do you guys think about Ian and Molly dating? I’m so glad Ian is finally over Nina Dobrev! Do you think it’s smart that Ian is choosing to date a non-celebrity, perhaps burned with the intense press speculation that surrounded his relationship with Nina? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ian Somerhalder Hooking Up With Molly Swenson - New Girlfriend?