Jaden Smith’s Jealous Breakdown After Kylie Jenner Cheats With Cody Simpson

Jaden Smith's Jealous Breakdown After Kylie Jenner Cheats With Cody Simpson

Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner seemed to be going through a bit of a rough patch, if evidence is any indication. It looked like Kylie might have been cheating on Jaden with ex-boyfriend Cody Simpson, or even if she wasn’t, the pictures dredged up of Kylie and Cody making out were probably difficult for Jaden to handle.

And how is he handling it? Well, he seems to be going hot and cold on his affection for Kylie. One minute, they’re not going out, according to him. And the next minute, he’s tweeting, “Okay I Love This Girl” next to a picture of him and Kylie hanging out. Then, Jaden posted a long quote about Albert Einstein [that he probably didn’t even understand], to which Kylie then replied, ‘Okay I love this boy.”


Obviously, Kylie’s trying hard to make things up to him after everything that’s happened. Why else would she be showing public affection on Twitter for the first time? She’s always been very cagey about her relationship status with Jaden, refusing to call him her boyfriend. The farthest she’s gone is admitted that Jaden made her laugh and that they hung out often, even though the evidence clearly shows that they’re dating.

Either way, she’s trying hard to prove her attachment to him – and he seems like he’s just fine with that. Even if his parents don’t like it, Jaden and Kylie might start publicly dating soon, despite Kylie’s maybe-tryst with ex-boyfriend Cody Simpson.

What do you guys think? Do you think Jaden and Kylie make a cute couple? Of course, that would prevent Kylie from dating someone more famous, but she could always break up with Jaden when her famewhore instincts kick in.

Jaden Smith's Jealous Breakdown After Kylie Jenner Cheats With Cody Simpson

 Image Credit: Twitter and FameFlynet

10 responses to “Jaden Smith’s Jealous Breakdown After Kylie Jenner Cheats With Cody Simpson”

  1. CodysBeachWife says:

    this picture is so old, he’s been dating Gigi Hadid for 6 months, these are from a couple years ago. Cody is NOT that type of person. Stop posting fake stuff thanks,

  2. nick says:

    And she did confirmed to a magazine coverage that she is single and not dating Jaden. So why make a big deal she is a human being like u and me. Also they r doing the same thing with her sister Kendall and Harry Styles.

  3. Lucy says:

    Firt of ALL This picture of Kylie & Cody is SO old! Kylie’s hair isnt even like that now. Its way shorter and she has blond in the back

  4. chrys says:

    Its funny that everybody eat this shit up

  5. fuckers says:

    “Jaden posted a long quote about Albert Einstein [that he probably didn’t even understand]”
    the people who write this are [expletive] disgusting.

  6. Jaydenator says:

    Wth I mean what a slag get a grip woman

  7. Sarah Mashni says:

    What a b***h Jaden should just brake up with her, he doesn’t deserve to be treated in any way that she is treating him.

  8. The,realest says:

    I think Kyle and jaden is good people’s they both have a good sense of humour and is all the name callin really cause for your talkin about her and look at you I understand what you are talking about but I mean look you said it looked like she was 13/14 the baby could have been 15/16 already and what she is doin don’t even top what girls are out there doing these days they do the real thing thanks too my parents ,, that teach me well enough not too do those things yea anyways I’m not even aloud too have a boyfriend and I’m glad I know better again thanks too my parents ,,,I don’t care how old I am I am not giving my virginity away until I’m married and I think everbody should think the way I do I don’t know what happen too this world not only the world but it’s really the parents but I’m just trying too help other girls out there but at less I know my ..Mom,And,,Dad raised me right so please stop calling her out her name …shes being a teenager and doing everything all the other teenagers do…

  9. Taytay says:

    Jaden my crush and she is definitely not good for him if she’s cheating and with Cody Simpson ????????

  10. Taylor says:

    Jaden is my crush and he doesn’t deserve to be cheating on by Kylie with Cody Simpson he is soooo ugly in my opinion