Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Hire Surrogate Mother For First Child – Report

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Hire Surrogate Mother For First Child - Report

According to the latest report from the National Enquirer, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have decided to use a surrogate mother.  Surrogacy seems to be a viable method of having their first child. They’re supposedly searching for that perfect surrogate for the better part of the last year, if the rumors then were to be believed as well.

Apparently, Jennifer first got inspired by Nicole Kidman, who is well known to have given birth to one kid via surrogacy. Anyway, a source tells the Enquirer, “Jennifer has been intrigued by the idea of surrogacy for years. But it wasn’t until she spoke to Nicole that she found the courage to go for it. She and Justin have de­cided surrogacy is right for them, and they’re looking to find the ideal candidate by summertime at the latest.”

Well, ‘Jennifer and Justin’ first have a lot of arrangements to be made if they’re having a surrogate, the biggest of which is that they’ll obviously have to tell people about it. Jennifer cannot have a baby without showing – it’ll draw too much attention – so she has to be able to release a statement claiming that she will be having a child.

However, this report does cause me some consternation because it seems all we do in regards to Jennifer Aniston stories is the Brad Pitt love triangle, her body, and how she remains fit at such an age. Seriously, yes, it’s better than it was last decade, but it’s really going to take some talented people to break through the glass ceilings and everything goes back to normal.

Image Credit: FameFlynet

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