Jennifer Lawrence Dating Chris Martin: Strange Coupling Won’t Last – Chris Using J-Law To Make Gwyneth Paltrow Jealous!

Jennifer Lawrence Dating Chris Martin: Strange Coupling Won't Last - Chris Using J-Law To Make Gwyneth Paltrow Jealous!

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin dating has to be one of the weirdest things to happen in Hollywood this year, and that’s saying a lot – they don’t call it Hollyweird for nothing. How did these two even meet, much less bond and start hooking up? Never mind the age difference between them, or the fact that Jennifer seemed like she was intent on marrying Nicholas Hoult – the fact is, Chris just got divorced from Gwyneth Paltrow and has kids with her, and it just seems strange for someone as fun-loving and laid back as JLaw to want to get mixed up in all that family drama.

Really, if this was even ten years ago, it would have caused a huge scandal. But because older men and younger women dating in Hollywood has become the norm, it’s glossed over. Yes, a thirteen year age difference [Chris is 37, and Jennifer is 24] isn’t too insurmountable in the larger scheme of things.

There are couples who have wider age gaps between them, and who have managed to stay together for a long time. But, even then, it’s such a strange coupling. Plus, people who were fans of Jennifer and Nick together definitely are NOT fans of Jennifer and Chris together. Since that constitutes most of Jennifer’s fans, I wonder if they’ll be vocal about expressing their disapproval. They certainly haven’t been shy on online forums or blogs, and many of them think that Jennifer is making a big mistake by dating Chris right after his ‘conscious uncoupling’. Does she really think that this relationship is going to last, and is she so blind that she can’t see that Chris is using her?

He just broke up with Gwyneth, and he’s trying to ‘win’ the breakup by dating a younger, more popular version of Goop. Jennifer, on the other hand, was probably seduced by the rock star lifestyle, not realizing that, with Chris, what you see is what you get.

Either way, I doubt this relationship will last – I give it a few months, tops. Do you guys agree?

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  • Mary Devlin Millar

    No, most are expressing disbelief that the relationship is even real.

    Most believe that it is Paltrow with the help of her PR agent, Stephen Huvane who have cooked up this whole thing. Huvane has done this type of thing before…considering that Gweneth is currently gracing Star mag with a headline that reads: Homewrecker… linking Martin to Jennifer Lawrence accomplishes two things: it takes the heat off Paltrow who stole another woman’s man and puts the focus on Martin who, up to now, looked like a scorned schmuck.

    Lawrence never confirms or denies anything about her private life but I have a feeling that this one will be denied soon…enough is enough. This is a PR arrangement, plain and simple.

  • SarBear

    It still needs to be proven true to be honest, not a single picture of the two together and supposed sources telling stories weeks after the fact. Only E! has reported this, no other credible outlets have picked it up which makes me doubt it. Sounds like Martin’s PR team is selling this, Jennifer doesnt need the attention so I dont see it coming from her side. If it is real then best of luck to them but it would seem like a rebound for both and that is fine, she is 24 and living life which she should and he is 37 and was suffocated for years.

  • Maria

    I’ve read a news that JLaw was furious when she saw the video of Nicholas and Kristen’s Ice Bucket Challenge because she’s trying to fix things up with Nicholas but then it seems like Nicholas is moving on. If Jen is really dating Chris why would she be furious and why would she still talks to Nicholas to fix things up?

    • Name

      I’ve read Lawrence said she and Hoult were taking a “break” from one another and expected to get back together in the future.
      If this is true, but Hoult decided to move one with Riley Keough or Kristen Stewart, then Lawrence’s involvement with Martin looks like retaliation by a jealous ex-girlfriend. If Lawrence became involved with Martin first, then she looks like a liar and “unfaithful”(?) “uncommitted”(?) to her relationship with Hoult.
      Either way, she doesn’t come out of this smelling like a rose. Her image as being genuine and her likeability will be tarnished.

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