Johnny Carson Sex Tape Being Shopped By Private Owner: Johnny’s Allegedly HUGE Johnson

Johnny Carson Sex Tape Being Shopped By Private Owner: Johnny's Allegedly HUGE Johnson

Just as Jimmy Fallon is breaking records for taking over the hosting duties of The Tonight Show Johnny Carson is grabbing a few new headlines himself. Apparently hosting the original Tonight Show for more than 30 years wasn’t the only work that Johnny did on camera. A private owner has approached his estate offering up a sex tape starring Johnny and his third wife, Joanna Holland.

According to TMZ the estate threatened to sue if the owner ever sold this tape but that doesn’t seem to have stopped them from shopping it around. Due to legalities a porn company can’t buy this thing and use it commercially but it sounds like everyone has enjoyed taking a peek at the 25 minute video which features a naked Holland going to town on Johnny before the party moved to a bedroom. Those who caught a glimpse say that Johnny sure doesn’t hold back and that he could easily have had a career in adult entertainment if he had wanted one due to his massive male part.

As of now the only way that this video can sell is by landing in the hands of another private buyer. Legalities aside, how long do you think it’ll be before even a snippet of this pops up online? Of course legal action is being threatened but that doesn’t always stop these videos from seeing the light of day. Do you think that people would pay to watch Johnny bang his wife 40 years ago? Has the window of interest closed on this one or do you think that there would still be a captive audience? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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