Juan Pablo Dating Lena Lowell – Cheating On Nikki Ferrell Again – BAD BACHELOR!

Juan Pablo Dating Lena Lowell - Cheating On Nikki Ferrell Again - BAD BACHELOR!

If you were one of the tiny percentage of Bachelor fans who really believed Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell were in a real relationship, then prepare to have your morning ruined. We have been saying since Day #1 of Season 18 of The Bachelor that Juan Pablo was a sham, and after he gave his final rose to Nikki Ferrell we assured fans that there was no happy ending in the faux couple’s future. If the fact that Juan Pablo did not propose to Nikki and refused to say he loved her weren’t obvious enough signs, then perhaps this report will make you a believer.

In a recent report from Star Magazine, it was revealed that Juan Pablo is dating another woman (shocker). Lena Lowell, a 27 year old real-estate agent, accompanied Juan Pablo to a tennis tournament in Miami on March 27th. According to witnesses, Juan Pablo and Lena were all over each other, and barely even paid attention to the tennis match. They were reportedly sharing food with each other, and Juan Pablo had his arm around her. Spectators at the tennis match were under the impression the duo’s relationship was far from platonic. Two days later on March 29th Juan Pablo jetted off to Atlantic City to meet up with his other girlfriend Nikki Ferrell at the “Pool After Dark” party at Harrah Resort – the one at which Juan was jeered and had a drink thrown in his face.

So Bachelor fans, are you surprised to hear that Season 18 winner Nikki Ferrell still hasn’t kicked Juan Pablo to the curb? Do you believe the reports that Juan Pablo is blatantly cheating on Nikki Ferrell, or do you think the couple is actually in a happy and healthy relationship? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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