The Bachelor Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Attacked For Fake Showmance – Worst Franchise Couple Ever

The Bachelor Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Attacked For Fake Showmance - Worst Franchise Couple Ever

Yep, it’s true. This season’s Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell are still popping up all over the country appearing to be a happy little couple. They bring the PDA with them wherever they go and that is making it a whole lot easier for some close to Nikki to believe that this relationship might be the real deal. Hell, from what we’ve heard even Nikki seems to have gone from knowing that this is a business arrangement to thinking that maybe, just maybe she has found love.

According to the April 7th print edition of US Weekly one of their current issues is Juan Pablo’s inability to compromise on anything. Then there is the fact that he is emotionally disconnected, disrespectful and also told the runner up on this season that she would be having his baby within a year or so. Everything about Juan Pablo makes me hope that this situation is a total fake because no matter how unlikable Nikki seemed to be throughout the season even she deserves better than this self serving trash bag.

This past weekend Juan Pablo may have prove to be less likable than even Scott Disick. As he and Nikki partied in Atlantic City on Saturday night some random woman walked up and threw a drink on him. I think that action sums up the appeal of Juan Pablo, don’t you? Additionally Juan was booed at Harrah’s Resort and Casino Friday night when he appeared with Nikki Ferrell at a pool party. How long do you think this fake showmance of Nikki and Juan Pablo’s will continue? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. […] In a recent report from Star Magazine, it was revealed that Juan Pablo is dating another woman (shocker). Lena Lowell, a 27 year old real-estate agent, accompanied Juan Pablo to a tennis tournament in Miami on March 27th. According to witnesses, Juan Pablo and Lena were all over each other, and barely even paid attention to the tennis match. They were reportedly sharing food with each other, and Juan Pablo had his arm around her. Spectators at the tennis match were under the impression the duo’s relationship was far from platonic. Two days later on March 29th Juan Pablo jetted off to Atlantic City to meet up with his other girlfriend Nikki Ferrell at the “Pool After Dark” party at Harrah Resort – the one at which Juan was jeered and had a drink thrown in his face. […]

  2. […] It’s really starting to sound like Nikki Ferrell has bought into the BS that she and current Bachelor decided to spin. When he handed her that final rose and announced to the world that he “Really, really” likes Nikki, Juan Pablo seemed to land himself in the ABC douchebag hall of reality tv fame. Ironically, he refused to keep up appearances while episodes of the Bachelor were airing and instead of laying low we often saw Juan Pablo partying with strippers. But once the final episode aired he decided it was time to milk the faux relationship for all it was worth. Nikki had to be smart enough to see how fake he was but for whatever reason (cold hard cash no doubt) she went along for the ride. […]