Justified RECAP 2/11/14: Season 5 Episode 6 “Shoot The Messenger”

Justified RECAP 2/11/14: Season 5 Episode 6 “Shoot The Messenger”

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns to the FX with a whole new episode called, “Shoot The Messenger.”  On tonight’s episode Boyd scrambles to arrange protection for Ava.  Did you watch last week’s season 5 episode 4?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode Raylan’s secrets were at stake when a mob revenge plot descends upon Kentucky, and Boyd’s recent successes are tempered by a crushing defeat.

On tonight’s episode an attack on Alison sends Raylan to Harlan in search of payback, while Boyd scrambles to arrange protection for Ava. Written by Ingrid Escajeda; directed by Don Kurt.

Tonight’s Season 5 episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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Art sits in a bar nursing whiskey when Raylan pulls up outside in the rain. He heads in and sits down by his boss. Art punches Raylan in the face then walks out. Raylan watches him go then picks up his hat.

At the Kentucky State Women’s Prison, Ava is brought in wearing chains. She’s watched while she showers then cavity searched. She’s tossed into gen pop and doesn’t look happy about it. She’s put in a cell and locked in.

Boyd comes in and greets a giant white supremacist buddy of his – Gunnar Swift – who’s still on the aryan bent. He asks if Boyd really lets black people into his church. Boyd changes the subject and asks him about his sister that’s still in jail. He says his sister called that morning and told him about a new prisoner named Crowder.

Gunnar asks who she is and Boyd says the simplest explanation is that she’s his wife. He asks how long Boyd wants Gretchen to look after her and he says for a while and gives him a stack of cash for his sister to protect Ava.

Alison comes to the Crowe house and is terrified by a big barking dog. Daryl isn’t happy to see her but calls the dog off. She tells him she can’t come in if there’s a loose dog. He calls Danny to take the dog and tells her Kendal and Wendy aren’t home. Danny makes disgusting small talk to Alison. He says they’re at the store and invites her in and tells Danny to put his dog out.

Alison comes in and Wendy and Kendal come in with groceries. They’re in a pretty nice house. Hmm… How did that happen? Wendy tells Kendal to go up to his room and do his homework and asks Alison what she thinks about the house. Alison asks to see the rental agreement for the house and Wendy asks how long she’s been going out with Raylan.

Alison asks how she knows and Wendy says she figured it out. She hands over the rental agreement. Danny is outside playing ith his crazy dog when Alison comes out looking uncomfortable. She tries to creep by but Danny pants at her and threatens to loose the dog on her. What an idiot. She get in her car as quickly as she can. She lights a joint on her drive out.

A truck comes up behind her, too fast and too close. It bumps the back of her car repeatedly causing her to swerve. Alison drives off the road into a ditch and crashes her car. When she gets out she sees Danny at the top of the hill. He whoops and then drives away.

The Marshals meet and Rachel tells Art that Theo is refusing to talk – even to the doctors. Tim asks why Raylan has a black eye and asks if he slipped in the same shower that Art says he hurt his hand in. Raylan agrees to do a crappy inventory job and Rachel says she’ll help. He tells her they need an excuse before they go into storage or people will talk.

Alison comes out of the elevator and asks about his face. She’s also all banged up and he tells her he wants to hear about her face first.

Danny is behind the bar and Daryl calls JB and leaves a message. Danny says that he may be shacked up with one of the hookers. Daryl says it’s odd for him to go missing and Danny says one of the rednecks may have taken him out. Daryl asks Kendal if he knows and Danny finally says that Baptise (JB – the Haitian) was talking smack about Daryl.

Danny says he threatened him and then JB said he should have stayed in Florida and the Haitian says maybe he will. Daryl asks for confirmation from Kendal and he provides it. A fight starts to break out and Daryl sends Danny to deal with it.

Rachel asks Raylan why Alison didn’t go to the police and he says she was avoiding a field test and admits she smokes dope. Rachel isn’t impressed and tells him she’s going with him to Harlan to kick Danny Crowe’s ass. He tells her she can drive…

Dewey has a buyer looking at his above ground pool and says he’s selling it for traveling money. The guy says he’ll take it but then notices the bullet holes. He says it’s junk and offers him $20. Dewey tells him he paid $1000 for it and says it was his dream and he’s not selling it for $20. Dewey chases him off yelling that he’s not giving up on his dream.

Danny comes out carrying an unconscious guy he says was talkng too much shit. He tosses the guy in the bedof his pickup trick. Dewey asks if he gives Daryl enough money if he’ll really leave Kentucky. The guy comes to and pops up – Danny punches him again and then reminds Dewey that Boyd didn’t budge the last time they asked for the money. Dewey proposes putting Boyd at gun point and demanding the money. Danny tells him he’s a genius.

Ava’s lawyer comes to see her in jail and tells her she’ll have protection in gen pop. She tells him that she didn’t stab the security guy and he says he’s working on it, but the guy has gone to ground and the cameras in that area were turned off. She asks if Boyd sent a message and he hands her a note. It’s short and says that he’s working on helping her and cares about her. She asks the lawyer if Boyd can help her and he doesn’t answer.

Dewey and Danny come into Boyd’s bar and find his guy cleaning. He asks if he’s there to apologize to Boyd. Danny asks where Boyd is as Dewey pulls a gun and points it at him. He asks if Dewey got it out of a cereal box. He tells him he’s on the edge of a high ledge. The guy punches Danny and then goes for Dewey. The brothers finally knock him down and then pistol whip him unconscious. Danny tells him they’re on plan b and will see how much Boyd will pay for him.

Boyd is with the Dixie Mafia guys when Alberto Ruiz comes knocking. Mr Yun also comes in and Boyd impresses him with his cultural knowledge. Yun asks for payment up front and Wynn Duffy tells him they’ve had some issues with the pay up front business model. Yun says he can go ahead without the money first but his employers are not to be crossed. Boyd asks if they have a deal and they shake on it.

There’s a knock at Ava’s cell door and they tell her to pack her crap. Now she’s really in gen pop with the communcal bunks and all. Her bunkmate tells her not to bring in drugs and keep clean – that’s Nikki – and Ava agrees.

The two Crowes tell Wendy they’ve got Boyds guy in the trunk and Danny panics and think they know about the kidnapping. She talks him down and says they can’t come in without a warrant and tells them she’ll deal with Raylan. She walks out and asks what he wants. He says he thought she was back in Miami and he asks for Danny. He tells her what Danny did to Alison. Wendy says he wouldn’t do it and Raylan explains that her brother is a dumb ass.

She says she’ll take a message and Raylan says that there are a lot of cars there for just her. He tells her that if he thinks the guy that owns the house is tied up in the basement or dead, he can enter the property. She insists the lease is legit and he stops short of going on – where Danny was waiting with a knife!

Ava comes out into the yard and a couple of sisters start to mess with her. Penny comes up to her and asks if she really killed a guard. She says she didn’t and Penny tells her not to tell anyone that she didn’t do it – or did – since half of them are snitches. She says Ava just needs to be left alone and Ava says that she’s not sure that’s possible.

Patrice comes up and checks out Ava’s hair and talks some smack to her. Then the sisters up and all walk away when a new woman walks up with her gang. It’s Gretchen and she tells Penny to get lost. Gretchen punches her and tells her that Boyd paid her to take care of her but then beats her some more and says that Boyd is a race traitor. She pulls out a knife and starts hacking off Ava’s hair…

Boyd comes back and wonders where Carl is. He gets a call and tells Jimmy that Ava got jumped in jail. He tells Jimmy he needs him to run an errand.

Rachel and Raylan find Kendal working in the store instead of at school. Daryl comes in and they ask where Mike is – the guy that owns the store and house they’ve taken over. He’s got a power saw and Raylan asks if he’s going to use it to cut up and old man. Daryl says that he’s got a dark mind and takes him into the back to talk to Mike.

Mike says it’s all good and let Alison and Kendal move in because they said they needed a place to stay. Raylan tells Mike to tell them they can’t live in his house and then he asks if he needs to also make them leave the hunting cabin. Hmmm…

Jimmy comes in and tells Boyd that Gunnar is holed up with some other neo-Nazis and it looks like they’re just waiting on them. Jimmy tells Boyd he’ll follow him anywhere but that they need to be smart about it. Jimmy tries to call Carl again but Dewey answers. The reception is spotty and Jimmy can’t hear him – he still thinks it’s Carl. Dewey curses the phone and then calls back. Boyd answers but the call is spotty. Boyd thinks it’s Carl and tells him to get where he should be. Dewey tries to get a better signal as Raylan and Rachel pull up. He runs off behind the cabin.

The Marshals knock out the door and see Danny inside. They’ve got Carl tied up. Danny has a knife behind his back as he answers the door. Rachel and Raylan take him down and Chelsea is behind the door barking. Raylan tells him that he’ll shoot the dog and Danny calls him off. Rachel is ready to take Danny in for kidnapping but Carl says that he agreed to be there but forgot to tell Danny his safe word.

Raylan realizes that Carl is Boyd’s guy and Carl says that there was no crime commissioned. Raylan says it seems like a peaceful resolution and Danny smiles with malice.

Wendy tells Daryl that they need to go back to Miami. They lost the house and she says Danny is probably in jail and Raylan is coming for kendal next. Daryl tells her he’s not going anywhere and then Danny comes in all busted up. Dewey is there and already told Daryl about the Marshals. Danny tells him that he’s not in trouble because Carl told Raylan it was a sex thing and was consensual (except he doesn’t know the word and offers up some other funny mispronunciations).

Daryl tells him that he’s started a war with Boyd and then chews him out for running Alison off the road. Daryl tells Danny he’s a problem but then Boyd, Jimmy and Carl come in with guns out. Boyd tells him they came in peace and Carl blows Danny a kiss. Boyd tells him they could be the answer to each other’s prayers. Dewey tells Daryl not to trust Boyd and he tells him to shut up. Boyd tells them he’s got a job for them.

Boyd walks into Gunnar’s and the supremacist tells him that he’s got balls to come in there. Boyd asks for a refund and he whistles and the Crowes come in. Daryl proceeds to beat Gunnar’s ass good while the others hold back his crew at gun point. He beats him into submission and then Boyd holds a gun on him. He tells him that if anything else happens to Ava he’ll take it out on him a hundred fold. He tells Carl to get his money and they all walk out.

Ava sits in her bunk totally freaked out. She hops down and whispers to Nikki. She asks for her razor that she keeps in her mattress. Nikki tells her she’s crazy to go after Gretchen and she says she only needs it for a second. She offers her commissary for a week, Nikki asks for a month and then agrees. She tells Ava if she’s caught, she’s on her own. Ava takes it and goes into the bathroom. She chops off her hair and throws it in the sink.

Boyd calls Hot Rod and he says he’s got his cousin and will meet him soon. Boyd tells him that the Mexican business needs to go smooth. Hot Rod asks if he remembers the day they sold some dope in the barn and Boyd says he does. We see a gun held on HR and Boyd got the message loud and clear. He tells the boys he thinks they’re being robbed.

Rachel tells Raylan that he wanted to beat Danny and he admits he enjoyed watching her bust his face. He says she only came along to report back to Art that she kept him in line and he calls her the office kiss ass. She tells him that he’s looking at it wrong – she says she came along in case he wanted to talk about how Art has a swollen fist and he has a black eye.

Raylan tells her he’s sorry for calling her a kiss ass and trusts her with his life but isn’t telling her anything about him and Art. Rachel asks if it would create a shit storm of biblical proportion and he doesn’t answer.

Alison tells Raylan she asked him not to stir the pot and he says he just sniffed it. He says they’ll all tear each other apart soon. She asks if he’s disappointed that he didn’t get to kick Danny’s ass. He tells her his black eye is from his boss and he’s no hero. She asks who he is really. She asks if he’s the guy who defends his lady’s honor, stashes and ex and a baby out of state and gets punched by his boss. She says he’s a hero that would run into a burning building in the wink of an eye but is also the guy that would set the fire… Deep…

Boyd comes in and finds the Crowes counting cash. He asks if they want some more money and he says he has another job for them. Wendy leaves because she doesn’t want to hear the dirty business. Daryl asks if the next job is more fun than beating on skin heads. Boyd tells him he wants help killing his cousing Johnny!