Justified RECAP 3/11/14: Season 5 Episode 9 “Wrong Roads”

Justified RECAP 3/11/14: Season 5 Episode 9 “Wrong Roads”

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns to the FX with a whole new episode called, “Wrong Roads.” On tonight’s episode Raylan partners with a maverick DEA agent. Meanwhile, Boyd makes a difficult choice to protect Ava.  Did you watch last week’s season 5 episode 8?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode Raylan chased a missing Crowe, while Boyd and his new partners fought their way back across the border.  We alos found out last week that Daryl was trying to pull something on Boyd so we can expect to see more of that the next couple of weeks.

On tonight’s episode Raylan partners with a maverick DEA agent whose bad behavior feels uncomfortably familiar, while Boyd makes a hard choice to protect Ava.

Tonight’s Season 5 episode 9  looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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In Texas, near the Mexican border, a truck rolls up the road. Two tow trucks wait. The guys get out of the car – Dewey is with them. They bust open the crate of ice and fish to let the heroin loose. Danny tells Dewey he stinks as they work on the truck. Two guys in white drive off. The guy tells Dewey and Danny to straighten up and kicks Dewey out of his truck because he stinks. They’re each towing a car where the heroin is tucked away. They head off for Kentucky.

Jimmy tells Boyd the smack is on the way and Daryl tells Boyd that he said he could handle the shit. He says it’s going to be a good day. Boyd tells him he can take it from here. Daryl tells Boyd that Jimmy is a cold fish and that he has an offer for Boyd. He tells Boyd he likes the way he handles himself and wants to offer full disclosure. Boyd tells him he know Daryl had this all set up from the get-go and Daryl says he was just trying to make himself useful. Boyd says he just made himself a liar. Daryl says he knows he has a gun on him and Boyd holds to up to confirm. Daryl says he has delivered but Boyd reminds him the smack is still a thousand miles away. Boyd asks what he wants. Daryl says he just wants to be part of the family.

Raylan sits at a bar drinking. A girl, Kayla, comes and introduces herself. She asks if he wants to buy her a drink and she orders tequila. She tells him she read that it’s the only liquor that’s not a depressant and doesn’t give her a hangover. She asks why he’s there and he says he’s on vacation. She tells him she would give anything to be lying on a beach and she hasn’t had a vacation in years.

He asks if they had been dating for a while and he invited her to come to Miami while he visited his ex and baby would that be weird. She says she’d go now if that’s what he wanted and she only charges $1,000 a day but would give him half off. He laughs and then heads out into the rain. In his car, Raylan makes a call and looks at a Marshal file folder. He books a flight.

In Memphis, Raylan asks the DEA about Hot Rod Dunham. He’s sent to talk to Alex Miller (played be the uber intense Eric Roberts!!). Miller is shooting at the range when a colleague brings Raylan down and introduces him. Raylan is impressed he’s using a 357. Raylan tells him some of Hot Rod’s guys are dead in Mexico and Alex says he’ll check into it but then Raylan says he wants a ride along since he knows HR. Raylan tells him if he won’t help, he’ll check with the FBI or local PD. Alex caves and says he can ride with him, but he gets to drive.

At the jail, Boyd comes for a visit. Ava sits and smiles. They each pick up the phone and he tells her he’s so happy to see her beautiful face. Ava tells him he looks tired and he apologizes about all the trouble. She tells him it’s not his fault. She tells him she actually misses the Harland County jail. She asks if he likes her hair. He tells her she should have always had it that way. She asks if he’s been busy and he says he’s working to secure their future and promises he will get her out. She tells him her friend will find him for help and that he needs to take care of her and then to let her know when it’s done. She hangs up and walks away and he’s floored.

Kendal is mixing cocktails and Wendy asks to try it. She tells him it’s good and ask what he calls it and he says it’s “this place sucks.” She tells him his brothers – he says uncles – are working on a big hit and as soon as she gets her cut, they are out of here. She promises him that she will change their life and to give her a week. Daryl comes in and says he got back late last night. She asks how it went and he says smooth. He asks how they are and she says it’s been quiet. Kendal goes to make his uncle a cafe con leche while Daryl asks what’s up.

Wendy want to know if it really went well and he says it was and it’s for real this time. He says they are about to become goddamned rich. He asks if that’s good enough for her.

Wynn talks to Boyd and isn’t happy to hear they have new partners. He agrees to meet him. Picker isn’t happy about having even more idiots making demands. Wynn calls for room service then tells Picker they’ll got to Harland and play nice and get the dope.

Alex asks how Raylan knows Hot Rod and he says he’s been making friends in Harland County. They head to a warehouse and find a couple of guys in the back. They ask why he didn’t knock and he says he walked by the security cameras. Roscoe and Jay tell Alex they see he’s met “Kentucky” – their name for Raylan – and that they haven’t seen HR for days.

Alex says that they must have made an impression on Raylan since he came all the way to Memphis to chat with them. Raylan asks if he’s lying and Jay says they’re foot soldier and don’t know. Alex leaves the other DEA guy there and tells him to sit on them and not let them call HR to give him a heads up while he and Raylan keep searching.

A woman comes into the bar asking for Boyd. Caleb says he doesn’t know him but she says she’s a friend of Ava’s. Boyd comes out and apologizes and asks her name – Rowena – and she tells him they need to get down to it. They sit at the bar and he asks what he can do. She says she needs 100 grams a week. She says she’ll get a cut and Ava will get the rest. He’s surprised. She tells him she had a partner – Vernon – that was killed when her house was burned down. She wants him to exact revenge for her. Boyd sighs and says his concern is not killing the guy for her, but that she knows more about Ava than he does. Rowena says if he wants Ava safe, that’s what’s needs to happen.

Roscoe and Jay chat with the DEA agent and tells them he’s getting treated like crap by Alex and Raylan. They ask when he’ll learn to wipe his own ass and provoke him. He tells them he’ll chalk it up to them being upset about half their crew being dead in Mexico. They’re shocked and he tells them the Federales found them all shot up and no heroin. Jay tells Roscoe that means that there’s a lot of dope up for grabs. They says it’s hammer and anvil time and stand up and approach the agent. They tell him he can’t shoot handcuffed brothers. They knock him down and take the keys.

Jay calls another guy who has Hot Rod tied up and tells him about what went down. They tell him to find out where Boyd is at if HR wants to live. Jay and Roscoe string up the DEA agent and leave. The other guy punches HR in the face and he says he has no clue where Boyd is. He says he’s got a buyer in Harland and that’s all he knows. The guy starts to punch him again and HR says to give him a pencil and he’ll draw a map because you can’t find anything there without a map.

[10:54:33 PM] Rachel Rowan: Alex brings Raylan to a tow truck facility that Hot Rod owns and they hear a gunshot. They head in and find that the guy who had been tormenting HR is bleeding out from a pencil in the neck. HR has a gut shot and is bleeding out too. Alex asks what he’s done and he says he got greedy. HR is shocked to see Raylan and he tells him that Boyd killed off his crew in Mexico.

Hot Rod asks Alex for his flask and take a drink. He says Alex has had that piece of shit flask since he’s known him. Alex calls him and old dog and Hot Rod says he’s an old dog that’s been put down. He tells Raylan that at least he won’t die in a jail cell like Raylan’s daddy and that earns him a nod. He’s struggling and in pain. Alex tells him to drink up so he’ll feel better. HR looks at Alex and reminds him the tip he gave him was a DEA sting and he didn’t know it was his own office. Alex laughs and says it almost cost him his job. HR passes on as the sirens near. Alex recaps his flask and says “oh hell.”

Boyd comes to a nursing home to see Elmont Swain. He asks if he’s there to tell him he won the sweepstakes but then says “she sent you here.” Boyd says he’s just there to talk and that she said he killed her partner. Elmont tells Boyd they gave his wife Elena dope in jail and she OD’d in there. He tells Boyd that he’s dying soon from a variety of ailments and Boyd tells him that he’s not into killing an old man in a nursing home. Elmont tells him to get out and Boyd offers to help get out of there. He says he can set him up somewhere else for what’s left of his life. Elmont asks how much money.

Alex admits to Raylan that Hot Rod has been his CI for 15 years and gave him tips on more serious stuff for them to leave him alone about his pot business. He asks Raylan if he thought he was dirty. Alex asks where Jay and Roscoe might be going to look for Boyd and he says he might know. They ride out together.

Boyd calls his guy and asks how soon he’ll be there. He says he needs some smack for Ava. Danny and Dewey are lost and can’t figure out the GPS. Danny tells him he stinks like ball sack and they have enough heroin to put them in jail for life so he’d better figure it out. He calls Dewey a simple piece of shit. They head out too.

At the bar, Jay and Roscoe come in and order double Makers from Caleb. Jay start some music playing and Roscoe slams him on the bar as Jay heads into the office. He tells them to take the money and they tell him they want Boyd. Roscoe puts the gun in Caleb’s mouth and he admits he knows him. Jay tells him that Boyd killed their boys and took their drugs. He tells him to listen to the song and think about his answers.

Ava sits on her bunk and a guard tells her she’s due for a Hep-B shot in the infirmary. Another woman comes over and threatens her unless she has a gram on her. Judith backs the woman down and tells her she can cut them both but it won’t help her. She tells her that making Ava bleed will teach her a lesson. Judith grabs her hand and puts the shiv to her throat and tells her to cut if she wants to. The woman backs down and stomps away.

Raylan and Alex come into Boyd’s bar. The two glasses and the bottle of Maker’s is on the bar. Alex takes a drink and points Raylan to a sight behind the bar. It’s Caleb all trussed up in duct tape. Raylan yanks the tape off his mouth and asks if it was the two guys after Boyd. He’s half deaf because they shot near his ear. He says he sent them to the whore house and then screams in rage as Raylan and Alex leave the bar and leave him tied up on the floor.

Daryl tells Wynn that the Crowes want the transportation responsibilities and would like 20% for their trouble. Wynn asks if that’s it and Daryl says he’s excited to work with them. Wynn asks where the drugs are and Boyd says half is here and the other half is on the way. Wynn says they should wait until the drugs show up before they talk. Picker tells him 20% won’t happen and offer 10%. Wynn explains the math on how many parties are involved and says 20 won’t work. Daryl tells him if they can’t get it across the border, they’ll be splitting shit.

Joe shows up at the whore house and Jimmy tells him to get lost. Roscoe comes around the corner with the drugs. Wynn and Boyd continue their talk when Jay and Roscoe come in with guns drawn. They ask which one is Boyd and he tells them he guesses they want drugs, money or revenge. Jay says he can keep the revenge and they’ll take either the drugs or the money – his choice. Boyd asks what they should give them and then asks if they should give them a million or the drugs.

Boyd tells him he has a job opening and if they want to kill Daryl and take 10%, he can be their new smuggler. Daryl isn’t happy and says he’ll take 10 but Boyd says it’s too late for that. Boyd tells them they can all draw and see what happens. Then Raylan asks Alex if he would call it a herd or a gaggle or a flock of assholes and Alex says he’d call it the United Nations of assholes. They are the door guns drawn and all of the drug dealers turn to them in shock.

Raylan tells them to drop their guns and Boyd asks to be excused. He tells him to stay put. Joe quotes King Lear and explains to Raylan that Lear tried to split the kingdom. He tells the story and gesture with his gun. Raylan says he doesn’t understand but he’s interested. Roscoe says he just wants what’s their’s and then they’ll go. Alex says they assaulted a DEA agent and are leaving in handcuffs. Alex gives Roscoe three seconds and then shoots him. Jay screams no and Alex tells him to drop the gun. He doesn’t and Raylan chimes in telling him to drop it. Jay finally lays it on the table and take his hand away.

Jay is loaded in the cop car. Alex take a hip from his flask and asks Raylan if he’s ready to hunt down the tow trucks. Raylan says he’s going to go see his kid and Alex says he doesn’t see his enough either. Raylan leaves. Alex drinks.

Boyd has Elmont in the car with him – Elmont is riding along. He tells Boyd that he still has his gun and Boyd tells him he’s on easy street. Boyd pulls over and says he’s got to take a pee. He tells Jimmy to give Elmont his money. Jimmy garottes Elmont who struggles a little and then breathes his last. Boyd calls Rowena and tells her it’s done.

Kendal asks Wendy why they are there and she says they are almost done. Daryl comes in and tells them that no matter where you are it’s the same dumb cops asking the same dumb questions. Daryl opens the drawer looking for cards and Kendal tells him to stop. He finds the envelope of cash and asks where he got it. He tells Daryl that he earned it and Wendy tells him to answer. He says he stole it from johns that came in. Daryl says he’s keeping it and Kendal stomps out. Wendy tells her that she and Daryl want out. He tells her not to be stupid and says he’s fixing to kill three people and take over all the heroin business in Kentucky. She says she wants her cut and then she’s gone. She stomps out too.

Ava comes to the infirmary for her shot. The nurse tells her to sit and Rowena tells her she did. She asks Ava if that skinny boy satisfies all her needs and Ava asks if he satisfied her. Rowena tells her she needs one more thing and Ava protests but she tells her she’s got no leverage because she’s a convict. Rowena tells her it’s no big thing and says she has to kill Judith if she wants her shit. Ava flinches from the shot and the notion.

Raylan comes into the office and hangs his hat. Art asks if he’s really there or if it’s early onset dementia. He says he got a tip and Art says that he got a thank you call from the DEA. Art tells him he can’t work on a report on vacation and Raylan says he can’t take vacation. Art admit that the DEA asked for his help on the Wynn and Boyd issue. Art tells him that he hasn’t changed and always does what the hell he wants but still get what he wants out of it. He tells him he doesn’t know why he loses sleep over Raylan. Raylan asks for them to work through it but Art refuses and says he’s not there as far as he’s concerned.

Alex see the tow truck and u-turns to follow it. Dewey and Danny are chatting about cocaine when they notice the headlights zooming up on them. Alex pulls up beside them and ahead of them and then cut them off. Danny is furious. Alex gets out and announces himself as DEA and tells them to put their hands up. Danny asks how far he thinks the car is. Dewey asks what he’s doing. Danny gets out and shows his knife and tells Alex that he knows about the 21 foot rule. Alex says it’s bullshit. Danny tells him he’s going to be the second asshole he shoots today. Dewey slide over and cranks the truck. He runs over Danny and Alex shoots at the windshield. He make it past him unscathed and screams as he drives off. Danny stands up, bloody but okay and glares at the truck leaving him behind.

The END!!