Justified RECAP 3/4/14: Season 5 Episode 8 “Whistle Past the Graveyard”

Justified RECAP 3/4/14: Season 5 Episode 8 “Whistle Past the Graveyard”

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns to the FX with a whole new episode called, “Whistle Past the Graveyard.” On tonight’s episode Raylan pursues a missing member of the Crowe family.  Did you watch last week’s season 5 episode 7?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode the title was apt because many people got a raw deal in the episode.   Boyd and the Crowes flew South for a crucial drug score, while Raylan pursued a small time grifter with big time enemies.  The shock of last week’s episode was Boyd shot Johnny down. Not a big surprise but a shock nevertheless.

On tonight’s episode Raylan chases a missing Crowe, while Boyd and his new partners fight their way back across the border.

Tonight’s Season 5 episode 8  looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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Dewey complains that he’s hungry while Alberto tells Boyd that their deal is off with Yun because they spilled blood in Mexico. Boyd says they will take the bodies with them. Alberto says if they take the bodies, it’s all good. Boyd tells Jimmy and the Crowes to load them up but Jimmy is worried. Danny wants to call a guy they know who can help smuggle them across but Daryl isn’t happy. Boyd tells the Crowes that they’re responsible for getting the dope across the border since they did the shooting.

Kendal walks on the side of the road when a guy pulls up and offers him candy and a puppy. He tells Kendal to get in and he does because the would-be perv is his Uncle Jack. He tells him they should grab his sister and get breakfast. Kendal and Jack eat with Wendy and he tells them he’s been gambling with miners and taking advantage. (BTWs Uncle Jack is played by the hilarious Kyle Borheimer who is usually in funny roles). He insists he’s doing well.

She asks why he’s there and he says he’s there because Kendal called him a few times. He asks how Danny is and he says he still wants to cut off his dick. Jack offers to take them out for a nice time that weekend but Wendy says they have to go. She goes to the restroom while Kendal tells Jack that he hates it there. She comes back out and finds them gone. Kendal finally calls her and Wendy is in full freak-out mode. She tells him to bring Kendal back and he says they’ll call from Ohio.

Wendy comes into the brothel and finds a guy waiting who demands to know who she’s on the phone with. She tells him she’s not a working girl and that they’ll be in later. He says his name is Michael and he’s looking for Jack Anderson (uh-oh, is that Uncle Jack). She plays dumb and says they have a regular named Jack. She offers him a drink and he says no. She asks if he’s a cop. He says he’s not and then tells her he’ll take a rum and coke. She grabs a bag of trash she’s hidden a shotgun in and goes out and shoots out the guy’s tires and then takes off in her car.

Raylan brings Allison a Victoria’s Secret treat to make up for her paying for his drinks. He shows her an envelope of money he says he won as caller number seven. He tells her he’s going to Miami to see his ex and baby and wants her to come along and hang out by the pool. He gets a couple of calls from “no caller ID” but doesn’t take them. She isn’t sure it’s a good idea to take along a girl when he goes to visit his semi-estranged family. She reluctantly agrees. He tells her to pack. His phone rings again and she tells him to get it.

It’s Wendy and she tells him she needs help because Kendal was taken. He tells her to call the police and she says his Uncle Jack has him and that someone is after Jack. She offers him information on her brothers but won’t offer anything detailed. She offers to get Allison’s suspension lifted. That intrigues him and they agree to meet her.

The Crowes and Boyd are headed across the border and Daryl talks up how the Crowes can help him move his drugs. Daryl says he wants Boyd to think of them as family. Boyd reminds him he just executed his last blood relative. They hear a ruckus in the back of the truck and pull over. They open the back and find Dewey bitching about the heat and corpse stink. The Crowes are brawling with Jimmy and Dewey says they need a car with A/C.

Jack gets a call about credit card problems and Kendal asks what’s going on. He says the manager called and accused him of charging a bunch of stuff he didn’t. Jack tells Kendal they should head to Six Flags in Texas. Kendal tells him to tell the truth. Jack tells a cock and bull story about saving a girl from being raped by bashing a guy’s head in and says the guy is out of his coma and chasing him down. Jack says Kendal needs to go home and he tells Jack he thinks he can handle him.
[10:38:08 PM] Rachel Rowan: Penny and Ava go into the bathroom and Penny dislocates Ava’s shoulder then calls for help. Wendy pulls up and Raylan meets her. He knows what basic direction Jack is heading in, but not much more. He thinks she provoked Michael by shooting up his car. She says he’s obsessed with the Crowes and he tells her they’re like a cancer and he’s working on a cure. She tells him they need to go.

Jack tries to get Kendal to help him steal a car and Kendal calls him a liar. Jack tells him to tell him when he’s lied and Kendal says he knows Wendy is his mom and he’s his Dad. He asks if Wendy told him but doesn’t deny it. Kendal tells him to tell the truth and Jack admits he was skimming from poker games and Michael is the guy he stole from. Then Michael shows up and Jack runs off leaving his son there. Michael looks at Kendal and calls Jack a p&%%y.

Ava comes into the infirmary to get her arm reset. The nurse pops it back in and offers her some aspirin. Ava tells her she heard she might be able to get more powerful pain killers. The nurse tells her if she dislocated her shoulder to get drugs that she’s an idiot. She walks away. Ava is in real pain.

Raylan asks her what the Crowes are doing in Mexico. Wendy tells him that Kendal is her son and that Jack is his dad. She tells him the sad story of getting knocked up at 22 and that Jack was a loser. Raylan wants to talk about Daryl and she says not until he gets Kendal back. Jack calls and she asks where he is. He tells her that they need one of her brothers because he messed up bad and Michael has Kendal.

Raylan tells her that shooting out tires isn’t always enough ifhe had a second car or a partner. She wants to know how Michael caught up with Jack before they did. He says that’s not his problem and they need to focus on getting Kendal back so she can give him the info he wants.

Judith asks Ava if she went to church as a child. She says it didn’t take for her. They sit together and Judith tells her that she and the girls have a prayer program and that they are all in there because of a man. She asks Ava if that’s her story as well. Judith asks Ava if she was a cheerleader in school and then ended up divorced. Ava says they didn’t get divorced, she shot her husband. She asks Judith who she prays to and she says God – for guidance and strength. She says they don’t need a man’s help. Judith tells her she has to find a way to get the drugs in.

Michael calls Jack and he tells him he has his money if he brings Kendal to him. He says he’s not wanting to be bait and asks Wendy why she brought along a “bad guy” and Raylan tells him that’s not how to see him. Jack says Michael will be mad because he only has 20k of the 35k he stole. Jack and Wendy snipe at each other and Raylan tells them to show up. He says he’ll make Michael accept the 20k and they’ll get Kendal back and then Jack needs to crawl back under his rock. Wendy asks if they need backup and Raylan says he can handle it. Jack tells him he doesn’t care and Raylan says he does, to a point. He says he’s only in it for information about Daryl and Danny and Jack likes that since he doesn’t like her brothers.

There are blue lights in the desert and Daryl panics. Boyd tells him not to shoot unless he has to. The cops get out with guns drawn. The guys get out of the truck and the car with hands up. Jimmy translates and asks what they want. The cops ask what they are carrying and Boyd tells him they’ve got bibles. Daryl asks if they’ve accepted Jesus as their lord and savior. The cops lower their guns and remind them that most Mexicans are Catholic.

Daryl says they have found the Lord and they do mission work. The cop tells them they can protect them on their journey, but it won’t come cheap. Boyd asks if he’s extorting the Lord’s servants. The cop says white men only come there for margaritas and drugs. He wants two grand and Daryl says hell no. Boyd gives them the money but then they want the truck and the guns come out again. Boyd says it’s not for sale and the cop tells them that everything is for sale in Mexico. Boyd hands over the keys and they drive off with it and away.

Michael pulls up and Raylan tells him not to escalate the situation. He hands Michael the bag of money and says they just want Kendal. Michael says he doesn’t just want the money he wants revenge for his son. He says Jack hit his son in the head with a brick when he caught him cheating. Raylan says he’s arresting them both and then Michael lunges at Jack and starts to beat him. He tells them to both stay down and Kendal is disgusted with his Dad.

The cops come to collect Jack and Michael. Wendy tries to comfort Kendal and tells him that she’s been a bad person and a bad mother. She says he probably suspected it but wanted him to hear it from her. She says she knows it’s messed up and he asks compared to what? She says that’s true. She also tells him it’s a comfort that he only has half Crowe DNA and he tells her Jack is no better. She says she thought he was at one point. She asks Kendal what he wants next and calls her Sis. He tells her he doesn’t care.

Ava comes out of the shower and finds the nurse and a guard there. She says she’s there to check her shoulder and the nurse says she shouldn’t talk to her in public. She says she will help if she doesn’t tell Judith she’s the one helping. She says that her man on the outside has to do something for her. Ava says she’s in and tells her that the shoulder looks good and to stay out of trouble.

Raylan asks Kendal how he’s doing and he says no one gives a shit. Raylan tells him once he’s 18 he can join the Navy and leave or backpack around Europe. He tells Kendal it gets better and the kid tells him he’s not gay. Raylan tells him he knows enough about growing up in shit. He tells him that some of his friends gave into the insanity they grew up in and some of them are dead. Raylan gives him the envelope of two grand and Kendal asks if he’s a pervert. Raylan says he doesn’t want anything and he should just save it for the future.

Raylan asks Wendy for the promised info and she says they’re in Mexico but she doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing. She says she was stringing him along to get help. He tells her he could have been in Florida now. She thanks him. He drives away.

Ava tells Judith she’s got it coming and Judith wants to know how but Ava won’t tell her how. She says she might try to cut her out. Judith asks if she trusts her and Ava says she doesn’t know her and her whole God story doesn’t add up. Judith says she’s disappointed.

The Crowes and Boyd are happy because they had the heroin in the car and the dirty cops drove off with the truck full of dead bodies. Boyd says they’re not in the clear yet but Daryl is very optimistic. He says their guy is on the way and it will all be good soon. They drink tequila as a truck pulls up. Daryl waves the guy over and tells them to wait but Boyd says he’s coming along. The men get out of the truck and Daryl offers them a brick of heroin for their trouble.

The guys seem amenable but Boyd doesn’t buy it – he says if they had double teamed his sister he wouldn’t be so understanding. The guy says if he went after every gringo that went after his sister his gun hand would be calloused. Jimmy hears the guys whispering and then calls Boyd over – he says that he heard them whispering and Daryl is plotting against them. They hop in the car with the Crowes and Boyd calls shotgun. That means that Daryl shot Hot Rod’s guys on purpose so they would have to call in his contact and he could steal the heroin…

Raylan comes to Allison’s and she asks if they got Kendal back. He says they did. He asks if he can come in and she relents and lets him in. He asks if she wants some wine and he goes for a beer. He tells her he’s sorry about leaving and says Wendy will call her boss. He tells her they can still go away to Florida but need to do it cheaply since he gave the money to Kendal. She says she can’t go because she’s got to get back to work. She tells him they’re not going to Florida and dumps him. He’s stunned.