Justified RECAP 3/18/14: Season 5 Episode 10 “Weight”

Justified RECAP 3/18/14: Season 5 Episode 10 “Weight”

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns to the FX with a whole new episode called, “Weight.” On tonight’s episode Raylan and Boyd collide while hunting for Dewey Crowe.

Justified is based on the works of crime novelist Elmore Leonard, including Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole.”  In Season 3, Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens (Olyphant) faced off against dirty politics, hidden fortunes, a mysterious criminal ringleader named Limehouse, and Quarles, an ambitious gangster from the underbelly of Motor City.

On last week’s episode Raylan partners with a maverick DEA agent whose bad behavior feels uncomfortably familiar, while Boyd makes a hard choice to protect Ava. Did you watch last week’s season 5 episode 9?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Raylan and Boyd collide on the hunt for Dewey Crowe, while bad blood simmering in the Crowe family finally boils over.

Tonight’s Season 5 episode 10  looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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Kendal takes Chelsea outside and tells the dog to hurry up. She takes off after a cat and is struck by a speeding truck that then races off. Dewey talks on the phone and unloaded the Pinto while he talks big. The Pinto heads down the road because he didn’t have the breaks on. He chases it down the hill and then grabs up heroin that fell out of it. He tells the person on the phone it’s going to be golden times for Dewey Crowe.

Wendy chews Daryl out because Kendal took the Chevette and ran off. Danny staggers in and tells Daryl they have a serious situation. Raylan and a cop find the tow truck that Dewey abandoned. He tells Raylan that some campers saw an idiot chasing the car down the hill. Raylan asks what the idiot is going to do with a carload of Mexican Brown.

Ava stares at Judith and is called to come talk to a visitor. She heads out and Judith watches her. Boyd tells her has an eye on the guard who put her in there. He says he’s going to get the guy to recant and says it will all be over. She says that all this time waiting on him to save her isn’t right and she can’t expect it. She says her situation is intolerable. She says there are things she has to do in there to survive. She tells him she’s saying good-bye to him and doesn’t want him coming back. Boyd asks her if she has any idea what he’s done for her and she says she does. He says if he she knew she wouldn’t be having this conversation. She tells him she loves him and always will. She hangs up the phone and walks away as he screams her name.

Boyd tells Jimmy he needs him to take a ride with him. Before they can talk more, Daryl comes in and tells him they have a situation. Boyd blows up and then gets a call. He answers – it’s Dewey. He asks where he is and Dewey says he’s on the cat bird seat. Dewey tells him he has all the shit – then says he has half, but it’s the whole half. He threatens to run off with it to Canada. He asks what his copilot has to stay and Dewey says he ditched Danny outside of Parkersville. Boyd puts him on speaker and Dewey tells them to bring $250k which is his money for the whorehouse and he’s going to leave town.

Boyd asks where and when and says that’s a lot of money on short notice. Dewey tells him to find a way and tells him to call back when he has the money. Dewey says he’ll be waiting on his call and thanks him. Daryl says he came to tell him that Dewey went rogue and that’s why they have a problem. Boyd tells him that he has a problem, not him. He and Jimmy walk out. Daryl spits on the floor.

Wynn gets a call and Picker tells him that Boyd is a problem since they’re having to wait longer. He tells Wynn he’s a liability. Wynn reminds him that Boyd is their local distribution outlet and Picker says he doesn’t get the fascination and asks if he just likes Boyd’s hair. Picker tells him that Boyd will get him killed and that he could make him rich.

Danny and Daryl put some money in a briefcase they’re hoping Dewey won’t count. They even borrowed money from their whores. Kendal is still missing and Wendy is texting him. Raylan comes in and tells them it looks like business is down. He asks where Dewey is and compliments the briefcase and asks what’s in it. Daryl says there are used condoms in there and they wash them out for reuse since they’re a green whorehouse.

Daryl refuses to show it to him and Raylan smacks him in the head with the briefcase and it pops open and he sees the cash. Raylan tells them he’s confiscating it until they prove where it came from. He asks again about Dewey and they insist he’s not there. He tells them he’s going to look around and sees two of the hookers packing. He asks if they’re going to meet Dewey and they say they haven’t seen him. They tell Raylan that Dewey is fair and doesn’t hit them.

He opens the briefcase and offers them some of the money if they offer up some info. The girls share a look and then hand him a cell phone and tell him that Dewey’s number is on speed dial. He hands them a stack of cash and he takes the phone. They are upset when they see it was mostly newsprint.

Raylan tells Dewey that he’s about to get handed a ringer from the Crowes and not the money he was expecting. He tells Dewey that he’s his only friend in the world. Dewey tells him that his dream won’t die so easily and he cracks his phone and throws it out the window. Raylan hands the hookers the briefcase of money and gives them her phone back too.

Allison comes home and hears a noise. She panics a little but then sees it’s Kendal making himself at home in her kitchen. He holds up his hands and tells her he gives up. He says he had to get out of Harlan.

Judith sits reading and Ava watches her. She grabs a shiv from under her pillow and follows her into the bathroom where Judith is nabbing a smoke. She approaches her and Judith tells her she likes her hair shorter. She tells her it wasn’t her choice and she says Penny told her what happened. She asks Ava if she dumped her man and Judith tells her good for her. She tells her she can only count on the holy mother, her sisters and herself. She gives Ava her cigarette and heads to the toilet. Ava pulls out the shiv and Penny comes in and says the hacks are coming to check dorms. She tells Ava to come with her now. Ava takes a puff off the smoke and walks out reluctantly.

Allison fixes Kendal some food and he tells her he can smell pot in her house and asks if she has more. She asks how he got there and he tells her he drove. He says Danny is going to have his ass because of Chelsea. He asks Allison to run off with him and says he can tend bar. She tells him he belongs with his kin. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Wendy. He’s furious that she called his mom. Wendy asks if he got lost and Allison tells him to go on with her.

Dewey comes to see Dickey at the jail. They laugh at each other. Dickey laughs because he used the name Parker Stevenson. They giggle like morons. Dewey tells him even in the chair, he’s a sight for sore eyes. He asks Dewey how he can help.

Katherine comes to see Wynn and he tells her he needs help. She tells him he definitely does and she says he’s caught between Detroit shit and rednecks. She asks if he just got greedy and he tells her he wants her there to assess the situation and help him pick Detroit or shitkicker. She says she would need to meet them both and at the same time. She tells him $50k up front and he says he’s missed her.

There’s a car by car search for Dewey. Raylan gets an update on the dragnet and they figure out he’s either holed up or hoping for a jet pack. He gets a collect call from Dickey.

Raylan comes to see Dickey at the jail and Dickey asks what has become of them and Raylan says they each ended up what they deserved. Raylan reminds him he strung him up and beat him and tried to murder a young girl. Dickey says he can admit he’s made mistakes. Raylan asks where Dewey is and Dickey says to slow his roll because he’s about to betray his best friend. Dickey asks what he has for the information and Raylan tells him jack and shit.

Dickey pushes back and says he knows where Dewey will be in 45 minutes. Raylan asks what he wants and Dickey says he wants a transfer to long term hospital care. Raylan asks if he wants to go by helicopter and Dickey laughs and says he needs to arrange some rehab for his leg that Raylan destroyed. Raylan tells him he’s an asshole that got what he deserved but if the info is good he’ll discuss a better circumstance for him.

Dickey tells him to take Route 9 south until he sees his asshole and then to cram it up inside. Raylan stares at him amused. Raylan tells him Dewey came to him looking for a home for the heroin so he assumes he sent him to one of the Bennets who will give it back to the Crowes and he can just wait on them to show back up with it. He tells Dickey thanks and Dickey flips him off.

Dewey shows up to Dickey’s contact who tells him he doesn’t have enough cash on him for this amount. The guy says he’s got to call him money people and goes off with his phone.

Boyd watches the prison guard get hit on by a hot chick.

Daryl gets a call from Cyrus while Danny screams for his dog. Daryl tells him to chill out and that Chelsea is off taking it from a big black mastiff. Wendy and Kendal come back in and Danny asks where Chelsea is and Kendal snaps and tells him she chased an animal and got run over. He tells him that’s why he ran because he knew he’d go crazy.

Danny lunges at him and says he’ll kill him and Kendal asks if he’ll him like he did the Haitian. Daryl blows up at this revelation. He orders Danny to go get the heroin and says they’ll give Chelsea a proper burial. He tells Kendal to get Chelsea’s body. He tells Danny to get his mind right and punches him for lying about the Haitian. He say when it’s all done, they’re going to have a family conference.

Ava and Penny walk in the yard and Penny asks her what’s up. She says she saw the shiv but won’t tell because she wants Judith dead. She offers Ava a better weapon and asks if Rowena put her up to it. She says Rowena is doing it for her. She says that Judith forced her to sleep with guards and they got her pregnant and then Judith made her abort the babies. She tells her Judith prays in the chapel every night and the cameras are off. She tells her that’s the best place to do it.

Dewey waits with Cyrus on the money guy but it’s Danny that shows up. The Crowes pull guns on each other and they yell at each other. Cyrus tells Dewey to give Danny the bag and tells Danny to give him his three bricks as payment. Danny tosses him the bricks and takes the bag. He tells Dewey to come with him and get what’s coming to him. Cyrus tells Dewey he can have a three second head start and he goes off.

Danny cries over his dead dog and tells her he’s sorry. Raylan comes up and tells him he’s sorry for his loss. Danny tells him to show some respect. Raylan tells him he doesn’t miss the dog and Danny tells him where he got Chelsea. He says he found a litter of dead puppies but there was one the was barely alive and he raised her up. Raylan tells him he’s inclined to do him a favor. Danny tells him to go away and let him grieve in peace. Raylan tells him if he takes the duffel up to the whorehouse, he’ll take in Wendy and Kendal as accessories but if he owns up to it, he’ll be the only Crowe he takes in. Danny stands and tells him he appreciates it and says he’s not done mourning. Raylan tells him that if he touches the gun he’s going to be with his dead dog soon.

Danny tries to pull the 21 foot rule stunt again. Raylan asks him how good a shot he is and Danny drops his gun. He charges Raylan with his knife but then falls head first into Chelsea’s grave and stabs himself in the neck. Raylan tells him he would have warned him but he didn’t see it either. Danny bleeds out while he watches.

Raylan tells Art about the drugs and Art says Raylan is deep in the shit again. The boss says he’ll take care of it.

Judith sits in the chapel when Ava comes in and Judith tells her she prays one hour each week without distractions. She tells Ava she knows why she’s there and thought it would be Penny. Judith says she knows it’s Rowena’s doing to get her dead. Ava tells Judith that she heard they’re justified. Judith says she knows she has sinned, but did it to survive. Ava sits across from her and tells her she won’t do it anyway.

Ava says she doesn’t like Rowena’s game because she keeps changing the rules and adding one more hurdle. Ava asks Judith if there’s a work around. Judith attacks her and Ava goes down but then throws the woman off her. Judith beats her down with a chair. Ava screams at her and Judith strangles her. Ava grabs the shiv and stabs the woman repeatedly in the side. She slides away from Judith and pulls off her bloody shirt. She leaves Judith on the floor bleeding out.

The smarmy little guard Albert begs Boyd not to do what he’s thinking about doing. Boyd asks what he thinks he’s going to do for him. Boyd tells him he’s in the business of selling lies as a drug dealer but as a law enforcement man, he should be telling the truth. Albert tells him he has a condition and Boyd says everyone has one. Boyd tells him he has a woman doing a long stretch because of his lie. Albert says he’s sorry but he can’t fix it.

Boyd pulls out a knife and asks him how many time he stabbed himself to make it look like Ava did it. Albert says two times. Boyd says it must have taken a lot of nerve to do that. He asks Albert if he cried out in pain and says that he’s going to make it cry out in pain now. Albert screams out that he loves Ava and would never hurt her. He says he loves her but doesn’t have the power to make her his own. He cries and says he loves her. Boyd cuts his ropes and tells him to go before he changes his mind.

Wendy tells Daryl he must see that they need to leave because there’s nothing left for them there. Daryl says Danny isn’t even cold and she wants to run. He wants to know why she’s not crying and asks if she doesn’t give a shit. She tells him if she didn’t care, she would have been long gone. She tells him the one good thing about their Dad was that he knew when to call it quits. He says it’s his job now to keep the family together and Wendy tells him that he’s not worthy to stand in their Daddy’s shadow. He tells her she’s so ashamed of her son she won’t even acknowledge him.

She slaps Daryl and he punches her in the stomach. She busts him in the head with a bottle and they brawl. He beats her down to the ground and calls her a bitch. He leaves her there and goes to find Kendal. He asks him to decide right now if he’s a Crowe or not. He tells Kendal that he loves him and pulls out a knife. He cuts his hand and offers Kendal a blood bond. He cuts the boy’s hand and slaps their hands together. He says starting now there’s a clean slate between them. He promises no more secrets between them and tells Kendal he’s a man now and men have to take care of business.