Justified RECAP 3/25/14: Season 5 Episode 11 “The Toll”

Justified RECAP 3/25/14: Season 5 Episode 11 “The Toll”

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns to the FX with a whole new episode called, “The Toll.”  On tonight’s episode a shooting prompts Raylan and Boyd to question their moral boundaries.

On last week’s episode  Raylan and Boyd collided on the hunt for Dewey Crowe, while bad blood simmering in the Crowe family finally boiled over.  Ava faced a dilemma behind bars and Wynn Duffy reached out for help with his drug trade.

On tonight’s episode a shooting close to home forces Raylan and Boyd to decide which lines they’re willing to cross. Written by Benjamin Cavell; directed by John Avnet.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, don’t worry we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here.

Justified stars Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Nick Searcy, Jacob Pitts, Erica Tazel, Joelle Carter, Natalie Zea.

Tonight’s Season 5 episode 11  looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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Art Ava scrubs the blood off her hands in the bathroom. She rinses out the sink carefully as Penny comes in with a towel for her. She dries off and they leave the bathroom together. They creep back to the bunks. Ava has a wound on the side of her face. The alarms sound and all the women drop down to the floor in a prone position as required. Penny tells Ava she’s got a blood spot on her arm and she wipes it off on a blanket. The guards comes through in full riot gear and Penny asks what’s going on. The guard tells them the next one that talks get a week in the hole. Ava looks at Penny tensely.

Boyd counts money out to the hooker that had tempted the guard away for him. She asks if he got what he needed and Boyd says no. She tells him it’s a shame that he didn’t get anything for his money and offers him a little something more. Boyd looks her up and down and then walks away to take a call from Wynn. He agrees they need to get together to talk. Boyd hangs up and tells Teri that he has to call it a night and she takes his hand and offers him her services again. He tells her he appreciates it but does take a cigarette she offers.

Art guards Allison at her home and tells her to get moving on her packing. He says they can’t give official protection since there is no credible threat but it’s just a precaution. She asks if Raylan is okay and Art tells her that he is. She asks if Raylan is worried the Crowes will come after her again and asks if it will help to tell the Crowes they broke up.

Allison tells Art that Raylan mentioned he punched him in the eye but wouldn’t tell him why. He asks if he admitted to hitting Raylan, could she consider it child abuse and take custody of Raylan from him. He takes her suitcase and heads out into the hall. Someone takes a shot at him and then Art returns fire. He shoves Allison back into the apartment and throws his body over hers. He sees blood on her and thinks she was shot but she tells him it was him. He’s gutshot. She calls 911.

Raylan is with Art’s wife Leslie and she tells him West Palm is a good place since there are beaches. She says it will be good for the cabin fever. She says the first six months are hard. Raylan says he didn’t think of it but it makes sense. He says her mother is nearby. She tells Raylan he’s not where he’s needed and can do the most good. She asks him why Art was alone with no backup. She asks why he wasn’t there with Art. She says she wants to know why he wasn’t there.

They go into the hospital. There are cops everywhere. Leslie hugs Rachel. She asks if he’s alive and the doctor says he’s extremely critical. Dr. Patel takes Leslie to his office. Tim tells Raylan that Art lost a lot of blood and had to be revived. Raylan asks if Allison saw anything to help and Tim says she’s shaken up and Art knocked her to the floor before she could see anything.

The three Marshals step down the hall to discuss who it was. They think it could be Daryl looking for payback or Theo Toni since Art shot him. They’re looking for Darly but the whorehouse is shut down. Rachel says he’s on the run and Raylan asks why he’d even know to be on the run. Tim says they still need to consider it may not be Daryl but Raylan isn’t having it.

Rachel tells Raylan that Ed Kirkland from Detroit is coming in to run the office and she thinks he’ll go after Theo first since they’re from the same city. Tim tells him Kirkland will be there in an hour and he wants to head out with Raylan to hunt down Daryl while they still can. Raylan asks if that’s what Art would want and tells Tim he doesn’t think he knows Art as well as Raylan does.

Boyd tells Jimmy that he has to explain to Wynn how they lost half the shipment. Boyd tells his sidekicks to hide the drugs where he doesn’t know so he can use it as a bargaining chip in case they don’t want to let Boyd walk out alive. They offer to go with him but he refuses and he says if it goes South they need to take care of Ava by giving the nurse at the prison the heroin she wants. They promise. He tells them to hide the heroin where God himself couldn’t find it and they agree and head out.

Raylan comes into the Marshal’s office and heads into Art’s office. He sees Allison asleep on Art’s sofa. He rustles some papers on Art’s desk and offers her something to help her sleep. She says the EMTs gave her something but it didn’t work. He tells her they didn’t know about her “tolerance.” She asks how long she needs to be there and he sits down to explain that in the morning they will send her to a hotel under guard where she will stay until the find the shooter or she’s no longer a target.

Allison cries and tells Raylan she’s sorry about Art but he tells her she has nothing to be sorry for. He leaves and tells her to get some sleep. Raylan asks Kirkland to let him join the manhunt but he says he needs Raylan there as his right hand. He tells him he wants to go after Tonin. Raylan tells him that the first priority for a new chief is to reign in the office problem child by keeping an eye on him and he knows that he’s the problem child.

Kirkland says he can’t have him compromising the investigation and Raylan says keeping him off the job will stop him from finding the guy. The attorney comes in and tells them that Tonin confessed to ordering the hit as revenge and even says he’ll finger the shooter for them. He even signed an affidavit. Raylan is incredulous.

Boyd comes to see Wynn and Picker and Mike checks him for weapons. He’s clean but Picker says to check him again. Boyd says Picker must be calling the shots and Boyd says he left all his weaponry at home. Katherine comes in and Boyd stares openly. Mike finds smokes on him and Wynn says he didn’t know he smoked and Boyd explains he’s got a lot of stress on him. Boyd sits and Picker asks how Raylan ended up with half the shipment. Boyd says that’s a question for Daryl. He thinks that Daryl also likely shot the Marshal. Boyd tells Picker that he only explains things to his mama, and he’s not his mama.

Boyd’s answer is that “shit happens” and they ask about the other half. He tells them he doesn’t know where it is. They ask what that means and he says if they kill him it’s like they buried the dope with him. Katherine asks him to tell her about him and she introduces herself. Her husband was a famous dead guy. He tells her he’s seen her photo and she explains that Wynn brought her there to meet him. You can hear faint sirens in the distance.

She says she’s there to tell Wynn if there’s a reason he shouldn’t kill Boyd. Boyd says he’s going to have a cigarette while they chat. Wynn tells him it’s a non-smoking room but just then all hell breaks loose as the US Marshals kick in the door and order them all to the ground. Laying on the floor, Boyd tells Wynn they must take that non-smoking policy pretty seriously.

Back at the office, Raylan tells Kirkland he has to know this is bullshit. Kirkland takes a call and Tim shows the attorney a file on Katherine Hale that was caught up with Wynn and Picker. They go off to talk about it. Raylan heads into talk to Picker and tells him he wants a name. Picker has no clue and tells him they have a special relationship. Raylan says that’s done and Picker offers his condolences.

Raylan tells him that Theo fingered him as the shooter and they have all the proof they need. Picker asks what proof they have and Raylan says he’ll see it in court. He says he’ll get 40 if Art lives and the death penalty if he died. Picker reminds him he played ball. Raylan tells him to give him a name and Picker says he’s not a snitch. Raylan says he has an affidavit that says different. Picker tells him he heard it was Daryl Crowe. Kirkland comes in and tells Picker to find Daryl for them. He offers Picker future prizes to be named later.

They show Kirkland security footage that clears Picker but then another guy tells Raylan he has an important call. It’s Wendy and she wants him to know that Daryl will surrender but only to Raylan. Rachel brings Katherine in to see David. They seem to know each other. She sits and he says he didn’t ask her to. She calls him a smug little Hobbit who told the jury that her late husband was a savage and she was worse. He asks Rachel if she told her why she was with Wynn and Katherine says she was visiting an old friend. Katherine tells David she’s just a little old country grandma now and he says it doesn’t look that way. She tells him her lawyer is on the way and threatens a harassment suit. David tells her he just wanted to see her for old times sake. Katherine tells him he’s disappointed that she’s still alive and he says a little bit.

Raylan comes to Wendy’s and sees that her face is all beat up. She asks if he came alone and he didn’t. He asks where Daryl is and she tells him she had no choice because he has Kendal. He tells her to sit on the bed. She arranged the meeting but he’s not there. Wendy says that Daryl is afraid he’ll shoot him on sight. She tells him Daryl is the only brother she has left and he demands to know where he is.

Daryl steps off the elevator at the Marshal’s office and holds up his hands and calls out his name. Guess he didn’t think Raylan would let him come quietly… He’s got Kendal with him and Tim tells someone to get the kid away from him. Daryl’s got about 10 guns on him and drops down to his knees meekly.

Kendal is with Wendy in the conference room. Kirkland and David come out of interrogation. Wendy tells them she wants to see her brother and starts talking lawyer stuff. David tells Kendal that Daryl told them he had something to tell them. Kendal says he didn’t mean to hurt Art but it happened so fast. Raylan isn’t happy with this development.

Penny and Ava chat at a meal and she tells Ava that the search came up with nothing. She says their best hope is that other people also wanted Judith taken out. Ava says if it’s her last meal, she should enjoy her ice cream. A handful of other chicks comes over to their table and Ava freezes up. One by one they drop their ice creams by Ava’s tray. Hmm… Turns out now Ava’s got some street cred of her own.

Kendal tells them he drove himself to Allison’s and David asks where he go the gun. He says it was Danny’s and he just came to talk to Allison. They ask why he took the gun with them and he says the law has been hounding them for years and they put his Uncle Danny down like a dog. He says he went to the door but when he reached for the doorbell the door opened and he saw the same star as the man that killed Danny and he thought he was there to hurt him. He says the guy drew on him and he wasn’t sure who fired first. Wendy is crying full on. Kendal says he didn’t want to hurt anyone but just didn’t want his mom to die alone.

Back at the hotel, the meeting between Boyd, Wynn, Picker and Katherine resumes. Boyd says it’s a conversation they need to have. Katherine asks him to resume explaining why he should live. Boyd says that reminds him he was about to have a cigarette. He lights up and says he doesn’t owe her an explanation. He tells Wynn that he apologizes for the failures of their business endeavors and offers him half of his half. Wynn says that won’t make him whole. Picker says the Mexicans are furious and Wynn loses his patience with Picker who wants to mail Boyd’s head in a bag South of the Border.

Boyd offers Picker a cigarette. He presses a button and tosses the pack to Picker who looks at it. It goes off and Picker’s chest is shredded and he’s dead. He tosses Mike to the floor and grabs his gun then turns it on Wynn and Katherine and explains that the ringing in their ears was from the emulex on a time. He tells them he may not know a lot but he knows how to blow shit up. He tells Wynn the offer of half of his half still stands. He walks out. Katherine orders Mike to lock the door.

Rachel comes to find Kirkland packing up and asks her to keep him in the loop. She agrees. She asks who will be sent to take his place. He tells her that Art had already selected someone to serve as interim chief if he couldn’t serve. Kirkland hands her a paper and congratulates her.

Raylan comes to talk to Daryl who says he’s grieving and he shouldn’t be bothering him. Raylan tells him that he believes he went to Allison’s to use her to draw him out. Then he says he got chicken shit after he saw who he shot and then convinced Kendal to sacrifice himself to save him. Daryl says Kendal will be out of juvie in a few years but Raylan says it will change him. Daryl asks if he’s going to kill him and Raylan says he wants to but won’t.

Raylan tells him that the web of BS he spun is going to be used to destroy him. Raylan tells him that when he’s done with him he’s going to wish he had put a bullet in his head. Daryl says that it’s a case of only time will tell and then asks Raylan how much time he thinks he’s got left.

Raylan comes to the hospital to see Art. He sees that Art is still out. He stares through the glass at him. He turns back around and takes a seat and gives the other Marshal guarding the room a break. He looks pensive and distraught.